Super Seducer 2 Review: Walkthrough For The Asian Dating Level With Michael (Plus “Infield” Analysis)

By JT Tran

Ready to take your skills with women to the NEXT next level?

That’s what Richard LaRuina wants to know in his latest installment of his PUA video game and dating simulator, Super Seducer 2: Advanced Seduction Tactics.

Here’s my Super Seducer 2 review as well as “Behind The Scenes” and indepth interracial dating analysis. Now I usually don’t go around recommending you play video games… like, EVER.

But Super Seducer 2 is there to supposedly teach you pickup skills as a “dating simulator”, but this case may be a bit different, considering LaRuina reached out to me consult on the interracial dating level: What’s it like to date and pickup Western women as an Asian man?

That’s right — a dating game featuring fainting grannies and a man driving a tank to brunch strove for a little bit of realism and decided to ask for my expert opinion on what it’s like for the Asian man in the dating arena. So after a Skype session or two and months of hard work, the game is finally out, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the titillating title.

WARNING: Super Seducer 2 is meant to be a fun, sometimes silly, game with a sprinkle of dating and pickup education with a tongue in cheek attitude. I intend to present here an actual indepth analysis and guide for dating from the Asian man’s perspective. And, honestly, there’s only so much nuance I could convey to Richard LaRuina without actually being on set or helping write the script itself. But I applaud Richard for making the attempt to integrate the minority experience into dating as opposed to other Caucasian pickup trainers who just assume that their experience is completely universal.

So how does my advice in the game stack up to what I teach in real life? Allow me to give you a walkthrough and game guide for the Asian dating level (level three for those of you following along at home with your own copy) to find out.

Our story begins with LaRuina and his Chinese tutor, Michael, enjoying a couple of drinks at a Chinese-themed establishment. One shot of vodka quickly turns to five, and soon LaRuina is slurring his speech and drunkenly dishing out sloppy sentences in Mandarin.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman sits next to the duo, and Michael finds himself looking longingly at her table. LaRuina notices this and encourages him to go chat her up, to which he replies that Western women typically don’t go for Asian men.

ANALYSIS: This is an unfortunate and common sentiment among Asian men. There’s the assumption that Western women don’t date Asian men, so Asian men don’t bother. But on the other hand, Western women (especially those living in China) believe Chinese men ONLY date Chinese women, so why bother flirting with the cute Chinese man? So it becomes one great big vortex of misunderstanding and the interracial dating imbalance continues. Thus it behooves ALL Asian men to get out there, like Michael here, and take the first step to being a super seducer and approach her!

Now, at this point, the choose-your-own adventure dating game offers the following:

“Western women don’t like Asian men.”

Their Answer: “Most Asian guys think the same thing and won’t approach so you have a better chance.”

Our Answer: This is actually pretty spot-on! An Asian man who has the confidence to approach a Western woman, be she white, black, Latina, or whatever, has a higher chance of success because you’ll be one of the few that has ever asked her out. You’re unique and you can use that to your advantage.

It’s also very much expected in the Western world that men will approach women. If you can’t approach her, then you’re not really a man in her eyes. So approach!

Wayne Gretzky once said “you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take,” and while he meant that in terms of hockey or life in general, it definitely applies to the dating arena. Let the woman tell you “no” — don’t do it for her when her answer could have been a “yes”.

Shaken, but not stirred, Michael decides to approach the beautiful woman — but not before a bit of advice from the incapacitated dating instructor.

                                                                                                             “I think I’m gonna go talk to her.”

Their Answer: “Tell him to be expressive because Western girls think Asian guys are too poker-faced.”

Our Answer: We’re two for two so far! While it’s true that you want to be yourself, you can do so with a little more expression. We Asian men have something called the Asian Poker Face and our lack of facial expressions in comparison to other cultures makes it difficult for women to get a good, comfortable feeling with us. This also means that people usually think we’re mad, bored, or unimpressed. You don’t have to make weird, exaggerated faces all night, but at least smile like you mean it from time to time during the conversation. Remember — in this game, having a good poker face is a bad thing.

A decent second answer would also be “Tell him to be quite sexual because often Asian guys are not sexual.” I caveat this that while the statement is generally true, it can be quite creepy if your direct style of approaching is not calibrated. Remember, you want to be James Bond, not Stifler.

Michael stops thinking long enough to actually make a move. He gets up, goes directly to her table, and looks her right in the eyes. She looks up, and he…

What’s your opener?

Their Answer: “Give her a direct compliment.”

Our Answer: Again, they’re right on the money. Plenty of my students speak English as a second language, so this answer goes even doubly so for those struggling with their non-native tongue. The indirect style of conversation openers is absolutely HORRIBLE for Asian men who don’t speak English as their first language.

So, for the majority of Asian men, one of the easiest and most effective openers PERIOD is to simply cut to the chase and tell her “you are so fucking adorable/gorgeous/beautiful/etc.” because it lets her know why you’re there, it’s to the point, and it’s easy enough to master if English isn’t your strong suit. This is known as a direct style opener and one that I require ALL of my Asian students learn during our dating and pickup bootcamp.

But as Ms. LaRuina warns, make sure you have something to follow afterwards, as there’s nothing more cringe-inducing than the awkward pause after dropping such an obvious comment.

Michael finds out that the radiant redhead, Anna, is waiting on a friend, and he asks if he can keep her company while she waits. She agrees, and the chitchat naturally turns to what both do for a living. Michael has several options he can choose from:

“What do you do for a living?”

Their Answer: “Chinese (true).”

Our Answer: Here, Richard followed my literal advice that Asian men should always embrace their culture and historical identity. As I always say, “Be successful BECAUSE you’re an Asian man and not in spite of it!” And so Michael just tells her the literal truth instead of potentially turning it into a potential attraction building moment. But that’s fine.

You obviously need to be truthful about these things, but it doesn’t hurt to joke about what you do. In the first level, LaRuina joked that he was a mumble rapper and even managed to spit a few bars before coming clean and saying he worked in pharmaceuticals.

The same tactic could work here, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple either. The key is to be natural and do what you feel most comfortable with — but if you’re going to do it, do it with confidence so that the joke will be more likely to land.

After a few formalities are discussed, the discussion circles back to Michael’s profession. Anna wonders if he could teach her a word or two in Chinese, to which Michael responds…

What will you teach her?

Their Answer: “Teach her to say ‘I like you.'”

Our Answer: Not only are you embracing your Chinese culture, you’re also setting it so that the white woman is intrigued with learning more about the Chinese language. This definitely works (as teaching her your Asian language is one of our Asian Attraction Routines), and especially in this particular situation where you’re still gauging her interest.

If she’s coming onto you a bit more strongly, you can use your discretion and teach her maybe some more playful phrases, but this one is safe enough that she won’t feel embarrassed to say it — and may even repeat it back once or twice to let on that she means it as well!

As the conversation ebbs and flows, there’s a dreaded lull. Since you’re the one that came over and interrupted her precious alone time before a friend showed up, you should keep the pace going so she doesn’t have a chance to dismiss you. You get the bright idea to talk about…

What are you going to talk about?


Their Answer: “Travel”

Our Answer: Ding ding ding! Travel is a great thing to talk about. As Ms. LaRuina so eloquently said, “you never regret travel.” If someone is well-travelled, they love to gush about the places they’ve been; if they’ve never set foot outside the country, it’s a chance to ask them where their dream vacation would be. It’s also a really good way to gauge her open mindedness as the more well traveled she is, the more open to cultures she is as well.

Either way, it’s a question that everyone has a prepared answer for so you know you’ll get some mileage out of it and really get to know the other person. Protip: they say not to talk religion and politics at work, and within the first five minutes of knowing a potential date, this is also pretty solid advice. No Trump talk, please!

The chitchat wanes a bit, and Michael brings up the inevitable question that, for some reason, often pops up with Asian men: “Have you ever dated an Asian man?” to which she replies she hasn’t. Michael continues with…

When she says she hasn’t dated Asian men…

Their Answer: “Tell her that Asian guys think Western women are not so feminine or ladylike.”

Our Answer: I’m not really a fan of asking a girl, “Has she ever dated an Asian man before?” With the exception if you know how to set up the frame and response correctly. My correct answer would be, “Because once you go Asian, you can’t go Caucasian! And once you go yellow… HELLO!” Just some flirty banter.

Anyways, white people in general don’t think about race if they don’t have to (part of the package deal they got when they received White privilege) so when you bring race into the fray, it makes them super uncomfortable. There’s a way to navigate that she falls into your Asian world, but it needs to be done with skill and nuance (which isn’t really what Super Seducer 2 is about).

And that’s just for White women — can you imagine telling a Black woman she isn’t feminine or a Latina that she isn’t ladylike? No. This is not going to go over well.

ANALYSIS: In the social and racial sense, yes, there is a stereotype among Asians that Western women don’t embrace the old world, traditional forms of femininity. But you don’t actually SAY that. No, it’s important that YOU as the Asian man embrace that in the 21st century, there are new and modern forms of femininity. What works in the old motherland of China, Korea, Japan, etc isn’t going to work in the United Kingdom, the USA and generally the Western world.

Also, once you go Asian your life is amaz’n. You can quote me on that.

Anyway — the conversation is flowing nicely, and eventually leads to personal interests as the two get to know each other better. Anna mentions she has a passion for Philosophy, and Michael responds thusly:

“Philosophy is rad.”

Their Answer: “Demonstrate some value by talking about Buddhism.”

Our Answer: Here’s where we need to clear things up a bit. You see, as an Asian person, you may have a different philosophical background than your average Western mind. Let’s say you’re familiar with Buddhism. Maybe Zen teachings speak to you. Perhaps you know a thing or two about Shintoism. This is all assuming that you’re in touch with your Asian roots or even have a general interest in them. Fine. That’s awesome, and you can do that, but the point isn’t necessarily to talk about what makes you Asian — the point is to demonstrate value. So what if you’re Chinese, if you’re not feeling Zuangzhi but Plato is your guy, talk about what you know. The point is to connect. You can succeed with your Asianness, but don’t force it either.

So everything’s going well and Anna decides to show you one of her hidden talents: a party trick of sorts with a napkin. Suddenly, her friend appears, and it’s possibly curtains on this convo. Michael looks a bit unsure of what to do, but our tipsy tag-along LaRuina wakes up long enough to see several options available to him:

oh noooooo

Their Answer: “Go to help him.”

Our Answer: Did you really need an explanation for this one? A good friend would turn into a wingman for his mate looking for a date. LaRuina does what any buddy should do — gets up and drunkenly doles out whatever phrases he can in Mandarin. He then walks off screen, only to come back with a microphone and, now singing sloppy sentences, leads the friend away to the bar. LaRuina, you the real MVP!

Of course, this doesn’t solve Michael’s problems — merely buys him some time. The arrival of Anna’s friend still signals the natural close of the conversation, and Michael senses that the end is near. They agree that they’ve had a lovely time speaking to each other, and Anna brings up the dreaded F-Word = Friends.

F is for Friends who do stuff together…

Their Answer: “I’m not interested in being friends with you. I have too many friends already.”

Our Answer: Yup. Although it sounds kind of harsh, the truth is, you just met this woman. Your life was fine five minutes ago without her friendship, it’ll be fine five minutes from now without it. You went in specifically to look for a romantic partner — don’t accept anything less simply because she’s too polite to give you a straight yes or no answer on whether or not she wants to further this relationship with you.

Perhaps re-invigorated by the previous answer, she asks what Michael does for a living (as he’s clarified that ha’s only teaching Mandarin to his buddy). He explains he’s a scientist studying Chaos Theory, to which she responds that’s super boring. Well then…

Science? Boring? NEVER

Their Answer: “Show her how interesting it is and touch her.”

Our Answer: It sounds weird — and even a little creepy — when written out like that, but in this explanation, you’re going to ask for consent. A great way to be acceptably flirty (with her permission, of course) is to ask for her hand in a way that naturally flows with the conversation.

Michael was able to explain Chaos Theory using water droplets falling on Anna’s hand — a subtle way to explain something stuffy in a scintillating manner while arousing slight sexual tension. It’ll convey passion for your profession and build chemistry all in one go. Nice!

This is actually a variation on our Asian Tattoos Kino Routine where you talk about getting a tattoo based off the legend of the koi fish turning into a dragon while you gently (and non-creepily) draw it the images on her arm.

Michael’s time is a tickin’ and he knows it, so he starts to wind things down. Anna still hasn’t let on whether or not she’s single, so he puts on his detective hat and asks the following:

Can I holla atchu? Y/N

Their Answer: “As a single girl, I was wondering whether you are into dating apps or mainly meet people in real life?”

Our Answer: In my opinion, this question is pretty unnecessary. A Western woman might have a different idea of what “boyfriend” means than an Eastern man. Some believe in monogamy ’til the end, while others may enjoy open relationships. Meanwhile I’ve had students who thought holding hands meant the relationship was getting serious, whereas men like our very own Jeff Khan enjoy picking up women with his girlfriend. As far as whether or not she’s single is kind of irrelevant — it’s whether or not she’s interested in continuing seeing you is what you want to know, and being attached does not preclude her from going further.

The way I feel about the prior question notwithstanding, Anna is single, and Michael plucks up the courage to ask for a second encounter. He does this by…

You gotta be kidding me…

Their Answer: “Suggest meeting for a meal sometime just the two of them.”

Our Answer: We get that the game is supposed to be campy and that you obviously don’t want to skyrocket that escalation to the point of a premature explosion, but the cheesy Feng Shui joke? My principle of always embracing your Asian identity is in play here, and I get it, but the joke’s a little cheesy. You don’t need to drive that home every waking moment. The correct answer is, of course, asking her out to dinner later when she’s not there meeting her friend.

She practically squeals with excitement and offers her phone to Michael so that he may input his number. They smile at each other, and the scene fades.

So what have we learned?

Super Seducer? Pfft, of course.

My compliments to Richard LaRuina for recognizing that the game had been missing a level set with an Asian man and that the gameplay would be a bit different with this in mind. Sometimes white coaches just don’t realize how dramatically different dating is for Asian men so I appreciate him approaching me to consult on his game and give him the Asian male perspective on picking up Western women.

Of course, it doesn’t always happen that the Asian man is casually tutoring his student Mandarin in a dimly lit Asian-ish restaurant when he meets the possible love of his life, but the game needed to drive home the fact that he was Asian, I suppose, and it ensured the audience would never forget it.

Like ever.

But the game isn’t really trying to take itself seriously — it’s supposed to be fun and silly. Campy. Cheesy. Whatever you want to call it. It’s honestly just for laughs with a little bit of education sprinkled in there, like the hidden veggies inside a delicious pork dumpling (OK, see what I did there? Silly Asian foodie joke :).

I know some girls who would prefer the game or the raccoon over yoga tbh…

Still, regardless of its tongue-in-cheek nature, it presents some real educational material for those seeking advice on pickup — so long as you keep in mind that it has an English spin on it that reeks of uber-politeness.

Assuming you’re choosing the right answers, that is.

Honestly, who knows — maybe choosing the “wrong” answer will result in you finding your true love.

You could actually choose all of these answers in one fell swoop. Get creative.

So what can Super Seducer 2 do for you and your dating education and sexual lifestyle mastery?

If you need to hear rejection but want to ease into it, this isn’t such a bad way to start, actually. By purposefully choosing the wrong answers to learn how to hear the word “no” in a safe space, you can acclimate yourself to being rejected (it’ll happen) and learn how to deal with it. After a few playthroughs, you’ll learn that life goes on and there are always other fish in the sea — some who are looking for someone exactly like you.

But if you’re looking for all the answers wrapped up into one inexpensive, digital package, there’s some valuable nuggets of wisdom, but it’s wrapped in a lot of (silly) fun. These scenarios are scripted to go in a few different directions, but in real life, each woman will present an infinite amount of variables, meaning literally anything could happen and you need real life experience and calibration. Something only real world coaching and infield experience actually approaching women can give you.

You can’t rely on your tank or a falling granny to win you any points in the real world, but if you want to have some fun and not take pickup too seriously while getting some dating education along the way, Super Seducer 2 might just be up your alley.

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t number close!

You can purchase Super Seducer 2 on Steam here.

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