Do You Want To Have More Sex, Have Meaningful Relationships, And Find Love?

The Academy offers you an easy solution to achieve the fullness of your romantic and sexual destiny. Our virtual classroom of higher learning imbues you with the power you need to become a more confident, attractive and desirable person in the dating scene.

Are you tired of swiping through dating apps without finding a real connection? Do you want to understand what it takes to attract the right partner and achieve your dating goals?

Then you need the Academy, a subscription-based that program gives you with revolutionary, expert dating education, personalized coaching, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals to help you achieve your dating goals

Led by JT Tran, USA’s #1 Asian Dating Coach™, the Academy is higher classroom of virtual learning, a premier online dating university for high achieving, successful men. JT is widely recognized as a relationship, confidence, and dating expert and has been featured in mainstream media outlets such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, as well as Playboy, Huffington Post, and Al Jazeera. He is the only dating coach regularly invited to speak and teach at prestigious Ivy League institutions such as Harvard University, Yale University, and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

JT’s primary goal is to empower men and help them achieve success in all areas of life, including dating and intimacy with women. He developed the ABCs of Attraction system as a holistic dating system based on your thoughts, actions, and words. With his step-by-step system, thousands of his students around the world are now dating all the women they desire and are finding their romantic happiness.

And now you can too.  It’s time to take control of your dating life: Get smart by dating smart.

When you enroll into the Academy, you’ll access a powerful, revolutionary, curriculum that will increase your emotional intelligence. You’ll be taught in a practical, results oriented manner, using applied psychological principles that have seen clients get one night stands with beautiful women, have crazy threesomes, enter into monogamous relationships with girlfriends, get married to high quality women, and even start a family together.

With the Academy literally at your fingertips, you can achieve all of this privately, at home, and at your own pace on your laptop or smartphone.

Join now and start your journey towards finding the woman (or women) of your dreams.

Academy Testimonial - William and wife 02

“The wedding was an absolute blast, and it was an honor to have you [JT Tran] there to officiate it.”
– William L. (Actual Client Testimonial)


Watch new educational videos every week on the privacy of your phone

Watch new, educational videos every week on the privacy of your phone

Our program is like getting a college education and Bachelor’s of Science in Social Skills by watching lecture videos, dissecting demonstration footage, working on class assignments, doing your homework, and competing with your fellow Academy members.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • How to be more sexually attractive to women and exude confidence and masculinity
  • Converse eloquently and with intent to initiate conversations naturally
  • Socialize comfortably and become the life of the party
  • Conquer your anxiety and approach women of any race without qualms
  • Invite women on dates confidently and form emotional connections with them
  • Decipher what attracts women and develop your own unique dating style

In the process, you’ll walkthrough the holistic system called the ABCs of Attraction, a tried-and-tested gameplan, that has helped thousands of men like you around the world achieve elite levels of romantic success like one night stands, threesomes, girlfriends, and even marriage and start a family:

  • ABCs Of Attraction System

    ABCs Of Attraction System

    Attitude, Attract and Approach: In this module, you will learn how to develop the right attitude, attract women with your energy and body language, and approach them with confidence and ease. You will also learn how to overcome approach anxiety and rejection, and how to make a strong first impression.

  • Be Present, Banter, and Buying Temperature: In this module, you will learn how to be present in the moment, engage in playful and engaging banter, and increase a woman’s buying temperature or level of interest in you. You will also learn how to use humor and storytelling to keep a conversation going and build a connection with a woman.
  • Compliance, Comfort, and Connect: In this module, you will learn how to get a woman to gain a woman’s consent and build her compliance, how to appropriately escalate physically and emotionally, and how to close the deal and move towards a consensual sexual or romantic relationship. You will also learn how to handle common objections and roadblocks, and how to transition smoothly from one stage of dating to the next.
  • Dominance, Direct Intent, and Disqualify: In this module, you will learn how to project dominance and assertiveness in your body language, tonality, and energy. Understand the concept of direct intent and how to communicate it effectively to women. Use disqualification as a tool to build attraction, challenge a woman, and make her chase you.
  • Evaluate, Extract, and Escalate: In this module, you will learn how to develop the skill of evaluating a woman’s level of sexual attraction and interest in going home with her. Extract the woman from the initial meeting or date location home in a respectful and non-creepy way. Escalate physically, emotionally, and logistically towards a sexual or romantic relationship.
  • Future, Fun Up Artist, or Fake Pickup Artist: In this module, you will learn how to create a vision of the future with a woman and build your future lifestyle and social circle. Differentiate between a fun up artist, who uses humor, authenticity and playfulness to build attraction, and a fake pickup artist, who uses manipulations and deception to trick women. Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can sabotage your success with women, such as being too nice, too aggressive, or too fake.

In addition to the core modules, the ABCs of Attraction Academy also offers a variety of bonus material and resources, including:

Watch interactive video lessons and practical real life demonstrations on the privacy of your laptop or phone

Watch practical real life demonstration videos that walk you step-by-step of a successful approach all the way to romance… All on the privacy of your laptop or phone

  • Real-life demonstration footage and case studies to illustrate the concepts and techniques taught in the program.
  • Interactive class assignments and homework to help you apply what you’ve learned and measure your progress.
  • A private online forum and community where you can connect with other Academy members and receive support, feedback, and guidance from JT and his team of coaches.
  • Live Q&A sessions with JT and special guest instructors where you can ask questions and get personalized advice.
  • A library of bonus videos, audio recordings, and written material on a variety of dating and relationship topics, including inner game, outer game, communication, confidence, masculinity, and more.
  • Access to Discord for Weekly Group Discussion
  • 1-to-1 Coaching Session with Expert Dating Coaches Personalized Feedback to Work on Individually

With the ABCs of Attraction Academy, you can learn at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. You can watch the videos, do the assignments, and participate in the forum whenever it’s convenient for you. You can also review the material as many times as you want and apply it to your own dating life.

The ABCs of Attraction Academy is not just a program – it’s a life-changing experience that will help you become the confident, successful, and desirable man you were meant to be. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your dating life and start attracting the women


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Actual Client Testimonials

Academy Testimonial - William and wife
William L. (Married)

“By following the ABCs of Attraction principles and lessons I eventually found a girl that I had an instant attraction with, and was able to have an awesome dating adventure, relationship, engagement, and now, a loving marriage with.”

Academy Testimonial - Captain Daniel Hyun and Girlfriend 01
Daniel H. (Dating)

“Accept that as an Asian Brother you will go through harder challenges that your other Caucasian bros. Because it is going to be worth it so much more. JT grinds  to help his Asian brothers out. Because he believes in you. He believes in you stepping up to help a bigger cause.”

Academy Review - Chez and wife 01
Chez (Married)

“I’ve always been the romantic kind, sure one night stands are fun, but, in order for sex to be really good,  very intimate between you and your partner, it’s a relationship. You have that intimate, and spiritual, and physical connection as well.”