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Who is the Asian Playboy?

Our leader and founder, JT Tran (better known as JT the Asian Playboy), is universally regarded as the World’s Best Asian Pickup Artist, and the toughest instructor in the industry. He is the ORIGINATOR of the often-imitated, but never duplicated “Holistic” method of Pick-Up, and the first dating guru to EVER have a uniform curriculum. He has arguably taught more minority students than ANY OTHER instructor in the world and is the UNDISPUTED master of interracial dating.

Once unable to even breathe around women, Tran is now worshipped for his unmatchable and versatile master of both DIRECT and INDIRECT Game, Social Circle Game and unprecedented Kino Escalation & Dominance. Moreover, he possesses the SUPERNATURAL ability to train even the most the hopeless students that most other pickup companies turn away.

Likened to Tom Cruise in the pages of the Nichi Bei Times, Tran’s specializes in taking Asian men with absolutely NO social skills – men who have rarely left their computers, let alone spoken to a women -and helping them romantically connect with beautiful women.

His methods to winning over women can be broken down into easy-to-understand steps that have allowed thousands of men to reach the sexual freedom of choice they have always desired. The ABCs of Attraction will destroy any anxiety that comes from talking to a woman, while building a man’s self-confidence and natural charisma.

The ABCs concepts are flexible to any situation or method of pickup, and are pre-packaged as a simple mnemonic starting at A and ending at F.

His methods are so powerful that he is able to take these students and surgically remove the “geek” from the man.

His clientele ranges from TV stars to college students, and multimillionaire industry titans have flown him around the planet for private consultation.

Tran’s ABCs of Attraction has long been considered the top independent pickup company for minority men, outlasting the competition simply because his students’ results are in an ELITE league of their own.

Pickup masters from around the globe consider his method of teaching as the wave of the future. Tran has single-handedly ushered in a new era of pickup instruction.

He recently landed the cover of AsianWeek Newspaper, where he was lauded as a “master pick-up artist and entrepreneur”, and Tran has also graced the pages of D Magazine, Banana Living, and the infamous Cliff’s List, referred to in The Game.

But less than 10 years ago, he was clueless on how to meet women.

As a 5-foot-6 Vietnamese teenager, he focused all his time on his studies, harboring romantic dreams of dating the “out of his league cheerleaders” in his classes.

A typical Asian-American social reject, Tran literally drug himself out of the dirty Texas streets, battling unstoppable racism while trying to date white (and other) women.

He finally managed to gain the heart of a beautiful Southern Belle in college, only to lose her when he moved to California to begin his career as a rocket scientist and NASA subcontractor. Downtrodden and alone, Tran set out to find the “secret” to successfully meeting women.

In education, he was an all-star. But in the dating world he was still a rookie.

With only his determination and a dream to romantically connect with the most beautiful of models, he poured over everything there was to know about pickup, becoming one of the original students of legendary pickup artist Mystery.

Tran spent years of trial and error in the field, winging with pickup legends, before developing his own breakthrough methods of attraction designed specifically from the ground up to turn a zero into a hero by addressing ALL facets of pick-up and lifestyle, otherwise known as the Holistic Way.

An average-looking guy, Tran knew he would have to work harder than the next man to get the results he dreamed of. Instead of taking the easy route, he chose to pursue only the women that he thought were perfect 10’s. When he got good at that, he pushed it further by befriending male models and competing with them to woo women.

In 2009, he is more active in the community than ever, and his students dominate in nightclubs around the world.

His small-average-guy-gets-the-hot-girl method is airtight, as hundreds of his students can attest to, and his personal instructors are some of the best in the business.

While many pickup artists rely on gimmicks or flashy clothes to get the girls, Tran continues to push the idea that pickup must be taught through a “Holistic” process, that focuses on changing every facet of a person’s being. This has become the pillar of his instruction. His methods have been taught around the world and have become a staple for men of all races.

In the words of APB:

“If you want to get the girl of your dreams, you have to become the man of hers!”

What's the difference between a Premium Bootcamp versus a Certified Bootcamp?

The primary difference between a Premium or Certified Bootcamp is who the instructor will be. Premium bootcamps are taught by the world famous JT Tran, “USA’s #1 Asian Dating Coach.”

Certified Bootcamps will still teach the holistic ABCDEF System by an instructor who has apprenticed under JT Tran himself. Each coach brings a different facet of their own personality and expertise to the already life changing ABCDEF curriculum. For example, Jeff Khan is a former ABCs client who was mentored by JT Tran personally and now excels at threesome, multiple relationships, and polyamory game in addition to being an expert at the holistic style of the ABCDEF System.

You will also find that the Premium bootcamps are a more intimate experience with higher personalization, but also has a higher tuition. While Certified Bootcamps are for the more budget minded and are very much worth the experience.

What other (media) proof do you have? Are you guys for real?

We’ve been on  various television networks and have been invited to speak at Ivy League University events.  JT Tran has spoken at Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, and Wharton School of Business.  The ABCs of Attraction has also been featured on Nightline, Her Campus, NBC, LA Weekly, and New York Magazine.

See for yourself!







Do you have a glossary or definition list of all the ABCs of Attraction and Terminology?

Here is just a partial list of common ABCs terms.

AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy or douchebag) – Another male who rudely intrudes any interaction.

Approach Anxiety – A physiological response to the discomfort an individual experiences in anticipation to interacting with another individual.

B.I.T. AMOG Tactics – An acronym used to describe a series of actions with the intention of displaying dominance over individuals who knowingly or unknowingly attempt to sabotage an interaction. B.I.T. AMOGing also takes into account how to properly overcome someone’s superior size and height.

BLP (Body Language Positioning) – It incorporates the science of proxemics, situational awareness, masculine dominance, kinesthetics, compliance testing, proper male & female flirting behavior and natural intuition into a highly advanced form of Body Language that eliminates the need for Group Method or entertaining the crowd or friends.

Boomerang – A Compliance Test re-opener using Direct.

Booty Slide – A playful yet forceful sway of one individual’s hips/buttocks against another individual’s hip/buttocks with the intention of BT spiking for a positive effect.

Brothers – Men who have taken the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp who we proudly refer to as alumni.

BT (Buying Temperature) – An acronym used to describe the emotional level of energy an individual has.

BT Spike – A verbally or non-verbally communicated action that raises the emotional level of energy an individual has.

Canned Opener – A canned opener is a field-tested statement or question with a background story that does not necessarily pertain to the individual when approaching a set. The statement or question of a canned opener presents a topic that leads the interaction to a certain direction.

Compliance Testing (CT) – A verbal or non-verbal request made by one individual with the intent to gauge the receptivity of another individual.

DHV (Displaying Higher Value) – An acronym used to describe the verbal communication of one or many attractive qualities of an individual.

Douchebag (ie AMOG) – “A douchebag is not defined as simply a series of hand gestures, facial expressions, overly gelled hair or a giant Jesus bling around the neck. A douchebag is a state of mind. It is a place where men go to become scrote. Where machismo mixes with testosterone to form a foul cocktail of rank sewage that smells vaguely of cheap cologne.” [Courtesy of Hotchicks with Douchebags]

Emotional Intelligence – The ability to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups.

Extraction Excuse – The reasoning created and verbally communicated to a woman by a man to jointly leave to another physical location.

Extract “Options” – Two questions asked of an individual by another individual in which the answer ultimately has no bearing to the result of the actual question itself.

Fractionation – Going back and forth between each of the steps of the ABC structure.

General Attraction – The attractiveness quality of a man. How entertaining, how interesting, how fun, he is. Not to be confused with how turned on (ie horny) you’re making her (ie Sexual Attraction). GA can be generated both via Passive Value and Active Value during the A-B-C phases.

Gentleman’s Grace – The act of taking a woman’s hand and kissing the top part. Also includes the handshake to handhold manuever.

Holistic Game – The total mind & body synthesis of the Pick-Up Arts with Self-Improvement.

I.A.BT./CT. (Input, Acknowledge, Banter or BT Spike / Compliance Test) – An acronym used to describe a series of actions with the intention of establishing interpersonal communication.

Inner Strength – One’s ability to draw upon internal, replenishable resevoirs of confidence, perseverance, and character versus being dependent upon external confidence stimuli.

Intimacy Initiator – A verbally communicated story with the intent to establish a deep emotional connection with another individual.

Fluff – Conversation without a purpose.

Kamikaze – A sexually Direct, balls to the wall, opener.

Kickstart – The act of opening up the night and warming up with low-investment opens. Includes both verbal and non-verbal opening.

Kino – The act of touching done by one individual to another individual..

Kino Open – The initial act of touching done by one individual to another individual when approaching to engage in an interaction.

Kino Turn – The act of physically but comfortably moving a target to face you.

Natural Opener – A natural opener is a statement or question with a background story that pertains specifically to the individual and is used when approaching a set. The statement or question of a natural opener presents a topic that leads the interaction to a certain direction.

Ninjitsu – A situational, but structured Indirect opener invented by Johnny Wolf.

Outer Confidence – The display of Confidence through the use of Passive Value, Body Language and Subcommunication.

Paradigm Shifts – A paradigm shift is the change of beliefs within an individual that is triggered by a sub-communicated idea. The idea that triggers the paradigm shift is done through a verbally communicated statement, question, or story.

Pick-Up Artist – A pick up artist, by definition, is a man who has chosen to improve his romance and dating options despite having been born with less than the best looks, less than the tallest body, less than the best physique, and less than the best natural ability to charm women. He has decided to take responsibility for his own life, man up, and strive to improve himself.

Rubber Necking – The voluntary or involuntary act of following an attractive woman’s body through an individual’s head movement.

Sexual Anxiety – A physiological response to the discomfort an individual experiences in anticipation to sexual kino.

Sexual Attraction – Your sexual viability as a mate. Is she turned on by you? Commonly induced through fashion, muscles, height, hair, dance, etc. Also induced via sexual banter. Initiated during the D-E-F phases.

Silencer – Invented in 2005, it is the Ultimate BLP (Body Language Positioning) Manuever. Designed to overcome loud music, lock the woman into a conversation, and intiate the first stages of creating Sexual Attraction. Like Tae-Kwon Do, it uses the woman’s compliance and initial attraction and momentum to your advantage as opposed to the use of force or aggression.

Shit Test – A verbally or non-verbally communicated statement by a woman to a man that appears to be negative but sub-communicates the question, “Are you really this confident?”

T-Rex – The unintentional movement of one individual’s arms in response to a physiological feeling of nervousness. The appearance of this action resembles a prehistoric reptile whose scientific name is tyrannosaurus rex.

Verbal Attraction – The ability to engage in witty banter, flirting, and storytelling. To reveal one’s attractive traits and personality by the act of verbal communication.

Vulture – The act of hesitation in approaching an individual due to approach anxiety.

Wolf Trap – A kiss close tactic invented by Johnny Wolf that includes all the elements of sexual progression including sexual tension, direct interest, disqualification, push/pull, triangular eye gazing, eskimo kisses, and the actual kiss itself. In other words, CHA CHING!!!

Will you be teaching in my City /State/Country?

Short answer: Depends.

Longer answer: We can only travel to the major cities and countries. While we would love to teach in your particular location, there are only so many weekends in the month and traveling too much takes a toll on the instructor which would degrade YOUR experience as a student. Instead, we put all our efforts into making the bootcamps in the major cities an eventful, educational and hopefully wonderful experience.

If you would like to inquire if we are coming to your location, fill out our contact form. It can’t hurt to at least ask!

It is 100% private, anonymous, and confidential so let your voice be heard!

About Bootcamps Programs

What Happened To The Different Bootcamp Tickets (ie Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.)?


Different pass tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium) are no longer being offered in 2016 (although we will honor anyone’s ticket who locked in their prices in 2015). Ultimately, the most popular ticket by a huge margin was the Platinum pass with it’s personal attention and VIP service. Only a few clients ever chose the other tiers and so we have phased them out going into 2016.

All tickets purchased in 2016 at a Premium Bootcamp will get all the benefits and features of the Platinum Pass including extensive lectures, critiques, and infield time (both night and day). The schedule will remain the same for all bootcamp clients. We have also increased tuition in 2016, but also given you flexibility in your budget. Normally, you would have to go through PayPal Credit in order to get your application approved, but we are now offering you the following options:

OPTION #1 –  6 Investment Option at $666.50 per month: This is a total of $3999, but also gives you the ability to manage your monthly payments for a low investment of only $666.50 per month before you even start your bootcamp. Note: You will need to provide a valid ID, two credit cards, and post-dated checks if your balance is not paid up by the start of your event.

OPTION #2 – 1 Lump Investment at $2999 (Save $1000): If you want to get an Early Bird Discount and save $1000, pay in full before the start of the event. You’ll get your Prebootcamp Homestudy Course AND save money immediately.

Add a Guest for Only 6 Payments. of $333: For only $1999, you can invite a guest and get $2000 in savings! Split the cost of your ticket and your friends and save $2000 in total by referring a friend. You’ll not only be doing HIM a favor by attending the bootcamp, but you’ll be doing YOURSELF a favor by saving more money.

We offer four types of bootcamp tickets for each program. You will still attend the bootcamp on the same weekend as everyone else, but your schedule will vary depending on which ticket option you choose.

– Platinum Bootcamp – The total Platinum bootcamp price is $2999. By selecting the Platinum ticket, you get the full three day, intense and life transforming bootcamp experience! Spare no expenses on giving yourself literally the BEST in dating education and sexual lifestyle mastery! Build yourself completely from the ground up and work on the 3 main components of confidence: Inner game, Outer Game, and Verbal Game. By the time you’re done with the bootcamp, I will have poured my 10 years worth of knowledge and experience directly into your brain. You will be so much better prepared, more confident, and getting more results than any of your other friends, that they’ll be wondering what happened to the old, shy, less successful YOU! The Platinum Bootcamp is the way to go when you have the schedule, the budget, and 110% desire to be the BEST MAN YOU CAN BE. The schedule is as follows:   You also get the pre-bootcamp home study course, a 130 page bootcamp workbook, and as a bonus worth over $600 our products Text to Sex, Practical Daygame and the Modern Asian Man ebook which includes the PUA Radio tracks. PLUS all Platinum Pass holders* will be automatically signed up to our Limited Bootcamp Warranty Program: a lifetime of post-bootcamp customer support for your long-term sustainable confidence! * Conditions apply.

– Gold Bootcamp – The total Gold bootcamp price is $1999 for those who still want an amazing bootcamp experience at a more affordable price: concentrate on real world application with infield social interactions without burdening yourself with all the theory! All the field work you want observed, analyzed and critiqued by a trained professional with over 10,000 hours of certified training. This ticket is for those gentlemen who don’t want to stint on their practical learning, but just don’t need to pay extra for the abstract lecture. Get your hands dirty learning directly in the field (both nightgame AND daygame) approaching the hottest women in the world with some of the best pickup artists in the world by your side! By selecting the Gold ticket, you get the following schedule: Friday Schedule 630pm – 9pm: Day One Lecture (Rejection Free Approaching and Bantering Skills) 10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame Plus Debrief Saturday Schedule 730pm – 9pm: Day Two Accelerated Lecture (Crash Course in Advanced Tactics Only) 10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame (Flexi-Pass Optional-you choose another nightgame session on Saturday OR Daygame Session on Sunday) Plus Debrief Sunday Schedule 6pm-89m: Daygame Infield Plus Debrief (Flexi Pass Optional-you choose another nightgame session on Saturday OR Daygame Session on Sunday)You also get the pre-bootcamp home study course, a 130 page bootcamp workbook.

– Silver Bootcamp – Total Silver bootcamp price is $999 for those who already have a solid foundation in approaching, conversation and attraction and just need help infield from the trained eagle eye of an instructor. Concentrate on just the practical application of infield work at top tier night venues approaching beautiful women. By selecting the Silver ticket, you get the following schedule: Friday Schedule 7pm – 9pm: Day One Lecture (Rejection Free Approaching and Bantering Skills) 10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame Plus Debrief Saturday Schedule 730pm – 9pm: Day Two Partial Lecture (Crash Course in Advanced Tactics Only)  You also get the pre-bootcamp home study course and a 130 page bootcamp workbook

– Bronze Bootcamp – The total Bronze bootcamp price is $499. This bootcamp includes the lecture portion only and great for those gentlemen who don’t like going out at night, or still in the process of learning the theory and just need help practicing their exercises and drills, or too young to get into the night venues. Get your feet wet without having to commit the entire weekend or budget! By selecting the Bronze ticket, you get the following schedule: Friday Schedule 7pm – 9pm Day One Lecture (Rejection Free Approaching and Bantering Skills) Saturday Schedule 730pm – 9pm Day Two Lecture (Conversation, Dominance, Sexual Confidence & Body Language Positioning) Sunday Schedule 6pm – 8pm Day Day Three (Logistics, Sexual Escalation, Dating, Phone & Text Game, Relationships, Long-term Term Results and Lifestyle Homework) PLUS the pre-bootcamp home study course and a 130 page bootcamp workbook.

Does This Stuff Really Work?

We’ll let the reviews of our students worldwide speak for themselves.  All testimonials are unedited and not paid endorsements.  All written reviews of our programs are done by student and were done without any sort of compensation (monetary or goods) whatsoever.

“The real feelings of gratitude came once I got back to my own life after BC. It’s been two weeks, and man my life has CHANGED!” Phuc

“I came into Bootcamp a skeptic. Why did I need someone to teach me how to attract women, I thought, when I’d been having successful social interactions with people my whole life?  Fast-forward three nights, and I’m confiding to Sarah: “I haven’t had a chance to say thank you; what you guys do for guys like me is amazing. It’s nice to know someone recognizes that we weren’t all born with the ability to pick up girls.” Dave C

“Gentlemen…I will make it plain. My experience has set me on a different path. The test came after… I was talking to people ever where now. At LAX I was chatting with this playboy bunny type blond in front of me in security. In Cleveland, I arrived famished, and approached a single lady at the IHOP and had dinner with her. I never had done anything so bold as this before… For the first time in my life I am confident that I eventually will meet that special someone.”  Malibu51

Still don’t believe us?  Check out our reviews from Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York.

Can I Talk to an ABCs of Attraction Alumni for Proof?

We take privacy very seriously here at ABCs of Attraction.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide you contact information from any ABCs of Attraction Alumni, as this would be a breach of privacy on our end, and the individual’s end.

However, we do have some video testimonials from previous students:




Can you really learn everything you need in just one weekend?

It really depends on how much work the student chooses to put into the program.  Students who take the bull by the horns, work hard, and follow directions often times get laid during, or shortly after the bootcamp.  Students who make excuses, choose not to follow directions, and don’t dress to their very best will find themselves flailing and constantly being pushed by our instructors.

The majority of our students need to take only one program.  However, our biggest complaint from students is, “there’s too much information!”  This is why it is important to take notes, as the instructor and staff will be ready to go when the bootcamp begins, to the very bitter end of the program.  It’s up to the student to learn and absorb as much information as possible and take good notes for future reference.

Some students find it helpful to take a second program, or get phone coaching as a quick “tune up” to check in and see if they’re doing things write.  Although not 100% necessary, we love seeing the progress of our students post bootcamp, and offer a 25% discount to any alumni who choose to take another bootcamp or phone coaching.  We also offer the 4th bootcamp for FREE if a student chooses to take 3 bootcamps (1 full price, 2 at a 25% discount).

Also, alumni-gatherings and hangouts with coaches after the bootcamp are always, and forever will be 100% FREE.

Can I take the Bootcamp Even if I’m Married?

Absolutely! The ABCs of Attraction is more than just picking up attractive women. We’ve had students in the past who were married that took the program to better communicate with their wives and children.

Will What I Learn be Useful Outside of Picking Up Women?


We’ve had students use the ABCDEF structure to ace job interviews, negotiate higher salaries, and even use it to help maintain their long term relationships.  We’ve also had students who were married use the ABCDEF structure to better communicate with their wives and children.

Some students have opened up to us and have told us that we helped them break out of drug/party addiction, or even repair broken relationships with families.

How is the ABCs of Attraction different from other companies?

Like most companies, our job is to teach you how to get better with women. We’re different from other companies because we teach an easy, step by step process that can be learned and implemented within three days. We don’t have unrealistic expectations of what we think you can learn in one weekend. Making false promises would be a disservice to our clients. Also making promises that sound too good to be true probably are. While we are a results driven company, we know that everyone will learn at his own pace but that doesn’t mean you won’t be pushed.

The ABCs of Attraction also teaches the most relatable and realistic system in pick up. Our company history comes from JT Tran and his struggles in pick up. He as learned to use what others see as a disadvantage to his advantage. Characteristics like race and height are now necessary to his pick up infrastructure and it is his pleasure to share this knowledge with as many men as possible. Where before there was no niche for minorities in pick up, JT has created a place for men from all walks of life to learn and grow not just in pick up, but in life. Our students range in age, race, and income-but the ABCs structure can be tailored to anyone as long as they are willing to commit to the steps.

Our goal is to give you the framework and skillset so that you may leave any of our programs feeling prepared. We like to maintain long term friendships with all of our alums and students via our online forum, facebook, and meet ups. It is our pleasure to see you grow to your fullest potential. We also offer a large variety of first hand reviews for the public to view. We want guys to make informed decisions about what company they choose when seeking instruction.

What’s the difference between Day Game workshops and Bootcamps?

Day Game Workshops are 2 day programs with a total of 10 hours of training.  2 hours of lecture and 8 hours in-field.  These are more laid back and relaxed workshops and can be flexible with your schedule.

Bootcamps are the flagship products and education of ABCs of Attraction.  A bootcamp is a highly intensive course of 3 days and 2 nights totaling approximately 30 hours.  Scheduling for bootcamps are set in stone and cannot be easily altered.  Friday and Saturday focus primarily on night game while Sunday afternoon consists of a short and thorough day game session with coaches/instructors.

What programs do you have besides bootcamps and day game workshops?

We offer multiple long term coaching options, skype/phone coaching, residential coaching, and single night sessions.

Skype/Phone coaching sessions: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/phone-skype/

Long Term Training-12 Weeks of Fury: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/12-weeks-fury/

Apprenticeship Program: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/apprenticeship-program/

Individual sarging sessions (day or night game): http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/individual-sessions/

Residential Training: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/abcs-residential-bootcamp/

For more information or questions regarding these programs, contact the main office at support@abcofattraction.com

OR call 1-888-689-4263

Is there an age limit to your bootcamps?

No-but with some limitations

We teach men of all ages! You are never too old or young to start taking control of your dating life.

We’ve taught men all the way up to age 65 and we couldn’t be happier to do so. This is because our system works for every type of age and background.

However, if you are under 21, most of our Domestic bootcamp night portions takes place in a club or bar with age restrictions. If you’re under 21, we may not be able to accommodate you. There are different age restrictions for International clubs and bars so please ask.

We will be happy to have any underage gentlemen attend the daytime lecture portion only. The cost of bootcamp will be half of the normal cost because you will only be attending half. If you want an all-inclusive experience, we recommend taking one of our Daygame courses which has no age restrictions.

Do you teach only Asian men?

Far from it.

While it is true that the majority of our clients are Asian and other ethnicities(including black, Latino, Indian, etc), a good 25% of our students are Caucasian. On one hand, JT (The Asian Playboy) is famous for teaching Asian men how to realistically deal with and cope with racism and prejudice in the dating arena whether it comes from men or women.

On the other hand, the ABCs of Attraction itself is a revolutionary new and holistic mode of Natural Attraction that is effective for EVERYONE.

In fact, there’s a testimonial from one of our non-Asian students to the right.

Now read this article “Can a Non-Asian PUA Take An ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp?”

Pre Bootcamp

What Comes With the Deposit?

After you’ve placed your deposit, you’ll gain access to the pre-bootcamp homework. This includes videos, handouts, and audio to help you get ready for the bootcamp weekend. You should make sure to study this material thoroughly so you do’t get left behind.

You also have the ability to call or email staff with questions regarding your homework prior to the bootcamp. You don’t have to be confused! We are here to help!

Why should I even take an ABCs bootcamp?

“This is Johnny Wolf (Founder of the SoCal Lair and Co-Founder of the PUA Summit) and I’m here to give you the unbiased truth.

I want to talk to you a little bit about why- to me- the ABCs is about being HOLISTIC… it’s fundamentals, order, structure and most importantly GROWTH!

See, my game grew like ten fold after discovering the ABCs of Attraction.

It finally gave me structure and a method that dispelled all the PICK UP MADNESS I had been learning. I felt like I had bits and pieces of really good game, but I had no idea how to put it all together and have a perfect set or interaction with a girl.

Reading tons of ebooks, watching dvds and attending seminars gave me plenty of pick up knowledge, and sometimes I would do really well with girls but it was still “getting lucky.” The parts of my game that were really good was opening, I was good at building comfort, and if I got the girl to kiss me, I was good at everything after that.

But the problem was, I had no idea how, when or what to do to transition between the steps. That’s what the ABC’s taught me.

It filled holes in my game, and taught me how to properly move every interaction forward. It’s what we like to call HOLISTIC GAME, which incorporates the three most important elements of pickup and self improvement into one “plug and play” structure – the famous ABCs Model.

And those elements, that you find in EVERY phase of the ABCs model from A to F, are:

Inner Strength
Outer Confidence
Verbal Attraction
I didn’t realize that between opening and comfort I needed to make sure she was out of her logical mind and her buying temperature was high, I didn’t realize I needed smaller sexual complacence tests before going for a kiss. I didn’t know what went wrong or how to learn from my sets because I wasn’t following a game plan anyways.

The ABCs of Attraction is a structure that works really freaking well.

So well that after using it I realized how much time I was wasting not moving forward, and the best thing is, that it is in an easy to follow order. If I had taken the bootcamp years before I did, I would have saved myself a lot of distress, headache, lonely nights, and unlearning.

Because I was trying to learn it on my own, I had picked up a lot of bad habits and learned a lot of contradictory information.

Now that I think about it, if I wanted to learn how to cook, I would take a course or find someone who is knowledgeable and willing to teach me. It would have been stupid to read a hundred recipes on line without ever going into the kitchen.

Having a proper foundation, and learning the fundamentals are extremely important, yet it seems that most PUAs are built on a pieced together, make-shift foundation. I used to logically think that people should wait a year and have 3,000 sets under their belt before taking a bootcamp.

But then I realized that the students that come in with tons of knowledge, also tend to come in with tons of bad habits, crutches they rely on, and it takes a lot of time to help them unlearn it all. We often have to break someone before rebuilding them back up again.

So if you’re just starting out, I want to stress how important it is to learn proper structure, and the fundamentals first before trying to learn more advanced things.

The other thing that I love about the ABCs of Attraction is that even though it is really simple and perfect for beginners, it also left me a lot of room for growth. Because the ABCs incorporates direct game, indirect, natural, and allows for social circle and other lifestyle based game, it was perfect for my journey from beginner/aspiring pick up artist to becoming good enough to be an instructor.

So wherever you are in your pick up career, and journey in self improvement, to be good with women or otherwise, be glad you found the ABCs of Attraction!”

– Johnny Wolf (former ABCs student-turned-Certified Instructor)

Do I have to do the Pre-Bootcamp Homework?

If you want to get the most out of your bootcamp experience, we highly recommend you complete the pre-bootcamp homework package.  However, if you signed up last minute, we aren’t expecting you to complete it.  It is merely a bonus package intended to cut down on the learning curve.

In short, if you do not have the time or inclination to complete it – it’s no big deal, but don’t let it hold you back or intimidate you

Can I gift a bootcamp to a friend in need?

Yes! Many of our bootcamp attendees come as referrals from guys who have taken our program before. Occasionally, a bootcamp graduate will purchase a future program for a friend, family member, or co-worker. We are more than happy to accommodate. We only ask that the person receiving the bootcamp as a gift schedule directly with the main office which program they will be attending. Also, they can only attend a bootcamp on our existing schedule within six months of purchase unless prior office approval is granted.

During Bootcamp

What should I wear for the infield portion of the bootcamp?

Come dressed and ready to go out each day during the bootcamp.

HAIR, GLASSES & ODOR CONTROL: If you have contacts, bring them. Don’t use gel in your hair. Go with hair products like pomade. Good brands are DiFi, Sculpte and Gatsby. Lowest acceptable brand end would be Axe. Wear body deodorant like Old Spice or Axe. If you have dry lips or dry skin, use chapstick and/or lotion. Wear cologne like Christian Dior Fahrenheit. Bring sugarless gum or other breath control. Use whitening strips like Crest White Strips if you have naturally yellowed teeth.

GENERAL FASHION: If you do NOT have good fashion sense, then follow these general guidelines:

Black dress shoes or nice boots, no tennis shoes/hiking boots.

Designer jeans are good with no rips or tears. You can get a half way decent pair at H&M and other outlets without breaking the bank.

Bring a black/grey/similar blazer if you have one. Go for a fitted look (not too baggy), can be black or grey. Vests will also work.

Wear a long sleeved white, blue, or red collared shirt.

Avoid, at least on the first day, ALL blacks, greys, plaids, and sweats.

A colorful accoutrement is nice but optional (red tie, blue handkerchief, silver jewelry, etc).

Who’s going to be at the bootcamp?

Besides yourself and your fellow students, we have a variety of special guests and assistants that come to help on bootcamps. We try to keep the student to instructor ratio 3 to 1. To accommodate this, we will bring along certified approach coaches to assist. These aren’t just any guys off of the street. These are former alums with years of experience and hundreds of hours with the ABCs structure and in field results. These coaches are not substitutions for the main instructor but rather supplemental coaches and wingmen to help you in field during the day game drills and night portion.

How do you handle privacy? Am I going to be photographed or quoted from the bootcamp?

We take privacy very seriously as we know this can be a delicate matter for a lot of men. While we do like to take photos during a bootcamp for fun, if you do not wish to be photographed, we will respect your decision. The down side is that you won’t have any memories of the weekend with your new friends and you also won’t have any photos for social proof (like that picture you could have where your kiss closing that blonde 10).

We like to ask for reviews from students who have completed our bootcamps to be posted on our online forum. The forum is a safe place to discuss pick up related topics and all members can choose an avatar so that anything they write would not be associated to them personally. While we appreciate this gesture from students and believe the forum is a great place to learn, it is up to you whether or not you participate in the forum.

We like to maintain contact with alums on facebook, we would never post anything incriminating on your wall or publicly discuss you. The bottom line is, whatever privacy you wish to maintain, we will be happy and willing to oblige and work with you so you will have the best bootcamp experience possible.

Post Bootcamp

I paid for my bootcamp with the Early Bird Discount. When do I get access to the bonus products?

At ABCs of Attraction, we believe in a core foundation first before supplementing with additional educational resources such as our products.  If you used the early bird discount when signing up for your bootcamp and were offered Modern Asian Man, Text to Sex, and/or Practical Daygame, you will gain access to the bonus products after you complete your bootcamp.

We do offer access to the products prior to the bootcamp, but you waive the ability to get a refund for the first day of the bootcamp.

If you have completed your bootcamp and were offered products from the Early Bird discount, please allow 24-72 hours for us to send you an email with your username and password to access the products.

Interns and Employement

Can I Work for the ABCs of Attraction or get an Internship?

We do on occasion accept interns into the ABCs of Attraction. Internship qualifications include:

1. ABCs bootcamp alumni status-have you taken a bootcamp with us?

2. Online involvement in our forum and on Facebook

3. Must show promise as a strong instructor following the ABCs methodology

For more information on how to get started, please read this article

Media Relations/ Inquiries

I would like to book JT Tran/an ABCs Coach for a TV/College Lecture/Media Organization

For all media inquiries, please send an email to support@abcofattraction.com

We will reply to your inquiry within 1 business day.

Payments / Finance

Does the ABCs support or donate to any charities?

Yes, we do. We proudly donate 10% of all proceeds which go to support An Orphan’s Prayer Foundation. This charity has established relationships with global missions to help restore children’s lives through orphan care. Currently AOP is sustaining a village of 60 orphan children in La Hatte, Haiti and your dollars are going there to help. AOP is providing food, clothing, medical care, and education for the children in La Hatte. Our financial support also provides placement of Christian ‘mommas’ to love and care for the children. For more information about An Orphan’s Prayer Foundation or to donate directly to the cause, check out their website. http://www.anorphansprayer.org/

What is the Refund Policy?

Our refund policy is designed to give you peace of mind to sign up early for our bootcamps without worry. Also we are so confident that you will enjoy the bootcamp experience and find it worth every penny if not more, just as hundreds of our previous students have, we offer a full, prorated refund policy.

The full prorated refund means if you stay 1/3 of the bootcamp, you’ll just pay 1/3 of the price minus the event and credit card transaction fee.*

Bootcamp is 3 days, 3 nights, so if you stay 1 day, 1 night, you’ll only be charged for 1/3 of the full price. (Example, if a bootcamp’s total cost is $1,500, and you stay one day and one night, you’ll be charged $500 only)

* Refunds have to be requested IN PERSON during the bootcamp to one of your trainers. You must speak with your trainer laying out your concerns and obstacles that you’re currently facing and give him full faith effort to rectify and address any grievances. If you still want a refund after discussing your situation with your trainer in person, then we will process your refund 48-72 business hours after the end of bootcamp. Simply not showing up to class will not be cause for a refund and your payment will be forfeit.

FOR DOMESTIC PROGRAMS: There is no fee or penalty to cancel if more than 30 days notice is given-you’ll receive a 100% refund.* The penalty for cancellation with less than 30 days notice, or after pre-bootcamp homework has been accessed or after plane tickets and travel arrangements have been purchased, is the first day deposit.

FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Due to the high cost of international airline tickets, the penalty for cancellation before 30 days notice is $300. If airline tickets have already been purchased or notice is given with less than 30 days, the full payment is forfeit. Again, this has to do with the high cost of traveling overseas and the prohibitive price of flying trainers to another country.

FOR 1-ON-1s AND LONG TERM TRAINING: The nature of 1-on-1s and long term training programs (like, but not limited to, our 12 Weeks Of Fury) means that your trainer has to shift his schedule a significant amount in order to accommodate you. This means rearranging his personal, family, romantic life as well as professional life in order to accommodate you. This is especially true if he has to fly to your location. Because of the huge commitment in time and resources that the instructor and and company have to commit to you, no refund is possible once your deposit has been made. This supersedes any other refund policy.

If you simply don’t show up, and make us wait around trying to figure out what happened to you, the entire deposit will be forfeited or you can have a full credit towards another bootcamp with a $300 penalty. You can also receive full credit towards a rescheduled bootcamp if you inform us before the 30 day time limit.

Rescheduling is limited to one time only and is at the discretion of the lead instructor. Excessive rescheduling requests will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. This is to prohibit bootcamp spots form being taken up by cancellations.

So please let us know ahead of time if you can’t make it.

ACT OF GOD CLAUSE: If a cancellation is requested within seven days of a program, all deposits and payments will be considered forfeit except in the event of extreme circumstances limited to acts of God, or family death. In the case of these extreme circumstances, the bootcamp attendee will be scheduled for the next program in or near the event city within six months. If the attendee is unable to reschedule, the deposit and/or payments will be considered forfeit. All other cancellation requests will be denied and the deposit/payments forfeit.

PRE-BOOTCAMP HOME STUDY COURSE: Each bootcamp purchase comes with a free bonus home study product in order to get you in on the ground floor running and to supercharge your results even before the start of the bootcamp. It includes a package of audio, video, and written guides aimed at getting you the most bang for your buck. However, it is entirely optional. If you choose to access your home study course, you waive the right to request a full refund before the program begins. Our standard prorated refund policy to ensure your peace of mind then applies.

* DISCOUNT RATES VOID REFUND POLICY: If you qualified for a discount and accepted it (this also includes discounts on products), then the refund policy is void. For example, in 2013 we offered Early Bird Discounts, which meant clients who paid in full early received a discount. And in the majority of cases, our bootcamps are sold out. However, by asking for a refund at the last minute or for whatever excuse, you denied someone else the opportunity to attend that bootcamp seat. Thus, you have two options: either accept the discount (only if one has been offered you and you qualify) and waive the right to a refund OR pay the full price of the ticket and be covered by our “Peace Of Mind” Refund Policy. This is a very similar and reasonable policy that major hotels and airlines have when it comes to selling their tickets at discounted prices in advance or selling them at full price.

But we hope that you never have to use our “Peace Of Mind” Refund Policy and join the ranks of the tens-of-thousands of ABCs Of Attraction students around the world who have joined the elite rank of bootcamp graduates and been satisfied by the elite level of instruction and personalization that we provide. We hope to work with you soon!

What other expenses (Hotel, Flight, etc) can I expect?

Students are responsible for their own individual hotel, flight, food and drinks.

HOTEL: We recommend getting a hotel a week in advance of the program and making sure it’s refundable with 24 hour notice in case the seminar location changes for whatever reason. Get a hotel near the seminar location or the downtown area of the city. You can also split a hotel room if you want to save on expenses or stay at a hostel.
FLIGHT: For flights, we recommend flying in either a day early if it’s a long flight or flying in that morning/afternoon. Generally (look at your individual event page for specific, up-to-date details), weekend programs start on Friday at 4pm. Give yourself time to get to your accomodations from the airport, freshen up, and relax.
You can book an inexpensive hotel and flight at either Kayak.com or Priceline.com.
MISC EXPENSES: The students are responsible for the club entrance of both themselves and only one trainer at a time, so expect to spend $50-$100 per night or- in other words- a normal night of going out expenses anyways. This will obviously depend on how much you drink (if you choose to drink) and other misc random expenses, but can range from very little if you are frugal to more.
TRANSPORTATION & TAXI: The students are responsible for both their own and their instructor/coach/intern/winggirl’s transportation during the infield portion of the bootcamp. Each individual is responsible for getting to the seminar and then to venue with whomever and whatever form it takes. This may be your own vehicle, a shared ride, or splitting a taxi. BE ON TIME!

IN SUMMARY: Basic rule of thumb for all of the above expenses is to bring at least $100 cash each night. This should cover everything explained above and more of a “worse case scenario.” We do not actually expect you to spend that much, but it’s better to err on the safe side. You don’t want to get stuck at night without taxi money after all…
Saturday may be more expensive so plan for that, possibly $150. For Sunday fashion, if you plan on shopping, budget $400-$600 for a new wardrobe (this option is generally only for Los Angeles and New York City). Paying for your instructor/coach’s food or drinks is not required, but always highly appreciated.

Do You Offer any Discounts or Payment Plans?

A 6 month, interest free payment plan offered through Paypal’s Credit (previously Bill Me Later) program which is subject to credit approval. This is a great option to get free financing. Paypal offers six months same as cash (that means 0% interest and no finance charges) on purchases over $99 so a bootcamp qualifies!

Here are some quick instructions on how to sign up for a botcamp and pay using Paypal’s Credit. Please note, you must have an existing Paypal account in order to apply for this service.

For more detailed instructions, go directly to Paypal Credit itself here.

-Go to the bootcamp city page you’d like to take your program in and select your ticket. Click “Order Now” and proceed through the prompts (choosing both deposit and paying the remaining balance, or which portions of the balance you want to apply for Paypal Credit).

-After you’ve filled out your personal information, at the bottom of the page click the “Check out with Paypal” button. You will be redirected to Paypal. You can now log in to your existing Paypal account.  Select Paypal Credit (previously Bill Me Later) as your payment method. A window will appear on your screen asking for your birth date and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Once you accept the terms, approval takes just seconds; Bill Me Later will then be added to your PayPal account automatically.

-You will then be able to complete the bootcamp payment transaction and receive an email receipt from Paypal with the terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The payment plan does not go through the ABCs Of Attraction. If you do not receive approval from Paypal, you are still responsible for paying the remaining balance before the start of your program.

It’s that easy! If for some reason you do not get approved for the line of credit, contact the main office at support@abcofattraction.com or call +1-323-317-2431.

Alumni Discounts

We offer alumni 25% off of future bootcamp programs. Simply contact the main office to redeem this discount

Alumni are also eligible for a “buy three get one free” program. If you buy one full-price bootcamp and two additional bootcamps at the 25% off alumni price, you earn a free bootcamp!*

*Some restrictions apply. The free bootcamp is based on space availability. We may not be able to accommodate you if a bootcamp is sold out or when staffing for additional students is not available.

How will charges to ABCs of Attraction appear on my bank statement?

We always take your privacy into consideration. If you purchase any of our products through Clickbank, the charge will show up as Clickbank on your statement. If you purchase a ticket through Eventbrite, the charge will display as APB Productions. We don’t post anything as being charged to ABCs of Attraction.

Product Questions (Text 2 Sex, Modern Asian Man, Practical Day Game)

I just purchased a product and when I tried to download, it tells me I have to register the product to my account. When I try to do that, it says that I have a “duplicate account.”

If you are a new user, you will need to create an account and register the product that you purchased in order to download it. If you are already a member you will need to login to your account first and then register each new product so that you can access and download them. Every time you purchase a new product you will have to go through the process of registering the product when you are logged into the members area. If you have forgotten you login name or password, please click the ‘forgot login’ or ‘forgot password’ in order to retrieve or change your information. If you do not see an email immediately, please check your junk and/or spam box for the reset link and instructions. If the problems persist, please contact the ABCs Support Desk for assistance.

Will My Products Be Mailed To Me?

No. All of our products are digital. After you make your payment, you will receive a unique password which will give you unlimited access to our online product portal. Everything associated with the product you purchased will be located there. Your product access will never expire.

For Modern Asian Man, you will have the option to upload the ebook to a digital reader such as a Kindle or just read the PDF straight from your computer.

I’m having trouble accessing my products, (MAM, T2S, PDG)

Our product log in information is automated but sometimes an error can occur. Please refer to the possible issues below for help. Please note that products purchased at the alumni price require manual set up. Please allow 24-48 hours after purchase for an email containing your username and password.

My log in information doesn’t work.

If your username or password do not work, first try resetting your password. If you are still experiencing difficulties. emailsupport@abcofattraction.com. make sure to include the email and name in which you purchased the product(s) under.

For all other product questions or access issues, please email support@abcofattraction.com and include a detailed description of your technical problem, the purchase email, and name.

I never received an email with log in information

If you never received your log in information, make sure to check your spam folder. If you still can’t find your log in information, emailsupport@abcofattraction.com

Please include the purchase name, email, and date of purchase. A representative will respond to you within 24 hours.

SPEND time getting your questions answered in our FAQ!