Is Indirect Game Dead? How to Find a Woman With an Indirect Approach

By JT Tran

The Game has changed drastically, and the rules about how to find a woman are much different now than even a few years ago. Because of this change, there’s a great amount of confusion when it comes to studying pick up techniques online. You’ve probably heard of all the new “sub-genres” of game – from text and phone to online and even stripper or hired gun game… The seduction community has turned into a full-blown industry where there’s tons of different products for just about any kind of game teaching you how to find a woman in any way you can imagine.

But what the hell ever happened to indirect game? You don’t hear anyone out there asking girls, “Hey, who lies more, men or women?” If anyone ever does, it typically ends in a string of fails, or sometimes girls even calling out guys for running game on them…

What about those good ol’ indirect approach openers from back in The Game? Whatever happened to those indirect approach openers that worked like magic back then? No one ever uses that stuff anymore when trying to figure out how to find a woman, and it doesn’t even work, so I guess INDIRECT GAME IS DEAD.

Or is it?

Like the seduction community from 2006 has evolved to the full-blown seduction industry we know today, so have the social norms we’re bound by. In short, the social norms of the human race have changed. Everyone has a smart phone, texting is more common than calling, people are telecommuting to work, and even more than that has changed.

Think seduction has merely stayed the same since the information and technological revolution? Think again.

Seduction and the art of how to find a woman has changed drastically in the last six years. We used to use indirect game and indirect approach openers, and it worked, but now it seems like it’s a thing of the past.

So here’s the burning question, is indirect game dead? No way!

It’s just evolved to a completely new beast that works even better than before. Today, we use a style of indirect approach that’s more natural, free-flowing, and in fact, much more realistic when it comes to initiating conversations with a beautiful woman.

Now you’ve probably read The Game by Neil Strauss and maybe tried one or two of the indirect approach tricks in there from the “who lies more” opener to “the cube” routine, and maybe even something fancy like “strawberry fields,” but has it ever worked? Probably not. Hell, you may have even been CALLED OUT by your target for running game!

Our cardinal rule when it comes to material from The Game is not to use it. Since a large portion of the indirect game material and probably 90% of the information in that book is used in the hit VH1 TV show, The Pickup Artist, the knowledge is mainstream and everyone has either heard it before or seen the show. So how can you use indirect game without using any stupid gimmick from the book or TV show?

It’s called “situational openers.”

Situational openers are like the chameleon of openers, they can change colors and shape shift in order to work with what was given to them. These types of openers work fantastically during day and night game, and often times can be paired up with a buying temperature spike that accomplishes the first and second steps of the ABCDEF system in one fell swoop!

These openers are used by merely observing something on or around your target in which you can compliment or draw attention to. This tactic can be used on just about any girl, and it works especially effectively for strippers, ADD party girls, and tanorexics, as these women KNOW they’re hot, and using a direct approach on them would just be a train wreck.

In order to use indirect game and go situational, you need to have some improvisation skills and some situational awareness of what is happening around you.

If you are having trouble with improvising conversation, consider taking improvisational comedy classes at a local community college for dirt-cheap. If you are unfamiliar with observational humor and situational awareness, try watching Demitri Martin, a stand up comic whose comedy and jokes are almost purely observational.

Basically, any decoration, object, or anything else you see and observe can be used to aid your approach.

For instance, you’re at the supermarket and you see 2 types of tomatoes.

Hey, do you know the difference between these two types of tomatoes?

This would be the basic version of this particular situation. You can phrase it as a question or a statement.

You know, those tomatoes over there are delicious, but I hate the other kind.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to kick it up a notch, add in a funny or witty buying temperature spike.

“Those tomatoes are pretty good, but be careful of the other ones, they’ll make you fart really bad.”

Funny, silly, and a great way to open up a conversation!

Comparisons always work well, but what if there’s nothing to compare it with?

Let’s say we’re looking at a picture of a unicorn in a bar. In a question format, we can use:

What do you think about this unicorn picture?

Of course, we can always rephrase it, and use a statement, “This unicorn picture is awesome/cool/silly/dumb.”

We can also incorporate a BT spike into the mix, “This unicorn picture is totally what makes this bar awesome! Unicorns are the shit!

On the technical side, situational opening is indeed a form of an indirect approach opener, but for those of you who enjoy direct openers, you can use it in a way that conveys interest right off the bat.

Hey, I LOVE the dress you’re wearing tonight.

A general rule of thumb to follow is QUALIFY her immediately after the statement, “Hey, I LOVE the dress you’re wearing tonight. Are you in the fashion industry?

This is one of our most popular openers we teach at our boot camps. All of us on the ABCs team have seen student after student saying this line and sitting down with beautiful blonde bombshells and brunette babes. The nice part about going direct, even when used situationally, is that you can immediately skip spiking buying temperature and go directly into comfort and compliance. From that point on, it’s easy to escalate and push forward

In essence, a situational opener is not a line, routine, or gambit. It is a natural and free-flowing way of initiating conversation. Situational openers are versatile and can be used in the form of a question, phrase, or even a buying temperature spike, and can even be modified to create a direct approach. I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s a chameleon of an opener and can shape shift to meet the needs of your target.

Throw out the old openers and gimmicky tactics you’ve used in the past, because you’ve got a brand new weapon you can use TONIGHT when you go out and teach yourself how to find a woman!

So is indirect game dead? Yes and no. While you’re not going to easily get away with using some over-played line out of a book or television show without being called out, those lines are NOT the ceiling to indirect game potential. Take some of the ideas I’ve given you, play around with them a little bit, and see if you can get indirect game to work for you.

You won’t be disappointed.

But if you’re SO addicted to the thought of direct game that you can’t stand the thought of an indirect opener, we’re coming out with an article on becoming the king of direct game, so keep your eyes peeled.

And if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about or how to pursue the girl of your dreams, then check out one of our world-famous bootcamps. We’ll make you the king of BOTH indirect game and direct game, all while teaching you how to find a woman who is beautiful, worthy, and high-quality. Interested? Don’t wait!