Where to Pick Up Girls in: Boston, Massachusetts!

By Gareth Jones

Ah, yes. I can remember, as clear as day, our last Boston bootcamp. I had just completed my 500 hours of in-field certification under Asian Playboy’s critical training in order to become a world class ABCs coach when I asked him when our next bootcamp in Boston was, because I really wanted an excuse to go see my family.

He sat back and said, “You know, we haven’t been to Boston in ages. I’ll throw it up on the calendar and we’ll see what bites.”

Four months later, I was in Boston doing one of the most memorable bootcamps we’ve ever done, the Boston Halloween bootcamp.

I, of course, grew up outside of Boston and went to school in Boston itself, so I have a bit more experience than just that of the bootcamp, so here are my tips for the next Where To Pick Up Girls article.

WEATHER TIPS: In the winter, people stay in as much as possible, but this doesn’t stop people from having a good time. Friday and Saturday are always ragers, so the crowd will make the best of the weekend, but Sundays are the night that winter makes people say, “Let’s just stay inside tonight.”

Friday Night:


Wonderbar (186 Harvard Ave): Out in Allston, one of the nicer bars in the area. 21+. No cover if you’re dressed nicely (when I went). Mid to late 20s crowd with lots of 7s, 8s, and 9s. Dress nicely, but not showy. Boston is a tough crowd and hard to open in. Regional sarcasm and lack of smiling makes calibrating very different. Parking is tough, so get there early.

Allston is a college area, so it can be populated as early as 9pm. Get there early if you’re worried about the line. The bar itself is small (as most Boston bars are) and comprises a large bar on the left side of the room, with standing area, and tables on a raised level on the right, as you enter.

Very, VERY loud, so it’s better for high-energy approaching and BT spiking, but not so much for comfort. Sometimes bands play; avoid it like the plague when that happens. Moderate drinks.

Saturday Night:


Bond (250 Franklin St): In the Langham. 21+. Large, cathedral-like place with mainly bottle-service tables and a large fairway for being seen. Some other high-top tables around the edge of the room and a bar all the way at the back. Good for comfort and plays top 40 club music, but crowd is very uptight and opening is tough.

Expensive drinks and you must look sharp if you want to get in. Like all hotel bars, it starts quietly and goes nuts at about midnight. Expect an older crowd (early 30s) of professionals. Parking is tough, so get a cab from Fanueil Hall area.

Foundation Lounge (500 Commonwealth Avenue): One of my old haunts and a great place for, not only Saturday, the weekdays as well. A very fun crowd that’s brought in by good DJs. 21+. No cover. Top 40 and electro with eclectic mixes. Check the schedule because they do promo nights sometimes and you don’t want to be caught unawares. Like with Bond, dress nicely and you’ll get in, but expect a line after 10:30.

The crowd is the fresh-out-of-college professionals that still live a block from their dorms, but are now earning more money for clothes and drinks. Drinks are ultra-lounge priced and parking is non-existant. Plan to walk from Comm. Ave. Known for it’s patio right on Kennmore Sq. the bar is small inside with some bench tables, a few bottle service booths, and a bar extending almost the length of the back wall with scattered tables.

Lots of standing and great situational openers. Aside from rock shows and college kids, this is the best crowd in terms of approaching and opening.

Sunday Night:


Bill’s Bar (5 Lansdowne Street) or The Paradise (967-969 Commonwealth Avenue): I hate to be a Debbie downer, but I don’t recommend going out in Boston on a Sunday. Find a band to see at Bill’s Bar or The Paradise (lounge or the rock club) and go meet people there.

I generally don’t recommend gaming with bands because of the sheer sound level, but in this case, it’s better than nothing. Skip the bars and don’t even try clubs or ultra-lounges. Unless you’re hip to some college parties, the sidewalks roll up on Sunday night, so go where the activities are.

Honorable Mentions:

Sunset Cantina (916 Commonwealth Avenue) or Sunset Grille & Tap (130 Brighton Avenue): Any night of the week, you can find people at pubs like Sunset Cantina or Sunset Bar & Grille because they’re near Boston University, so aim for throwing a Thursday onto your gaming schedule and be tired Friday, rather than Monday.

Take care of my city!

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