Become a Professional Pickup Artist and Coach in 5 “Easy” Steps!

By JT Tran

If you’re reading this, chances are you told one of ABCs of Attraction crew that you want to be a part of the team. You want that dream job that will finally allow you to escape your humdrum, dreary life: becoming a professional pickup artist and coach!

Now, you may have straight up asked them for a pickup position in the company. The chances are also pretty good that you’ve only been thinking about what a cool career it is and haven’t really considered why we at the ABCs should invest our time and money into you.

This is why you’ve been directed to this article, it’s a little bit of down-to-earth information and dropping some knowledge on the masses.

First and foremost, however, is because you’re reading this article, you asked the WRONG question. You asked what can the ABCs of Attraction do for ME when the real question you should have asked, if you want to even have any kind of hope of ever being a professional pickup artist and coach (whether for me or any other pickup artist company for that matter), is…

Ask not what the ABCs of Attraction can do for you- ask what you can do for the ABCs of Attraction!

Let me start by saying that this job of being a professional pickup artist, coach, and instructor is, without a doubt, one of the best jobs in the world. There’s no mistaking it.

On the surface, it is a lot of partying with attractive women at the top clubs all across the globe, meeting hundreds of new people a year, and representing one of the most fascinating industries to emerge in the past 60 years, all while jetting from state to state and country to country. The surface impression is not untrue at all!

The perks of being a professional pickup artist are fantastic but, like any other job, there is a whole lot of legwork to be done. And when I say a lot, I mean some serious backbreaking work on both the physical and emotional level.

If you have stars in your eyes already, then you’re probably not suited for this job.

The women, travel, and fun are just perks of the job. Helping men in need and creating social change for my Asian brothers is my primary motivation, so ask yourself, what’s YOUR motivation asking for being a professional coach? Is it for yourself? or do you actually want to accomplish something profound and significant in the world?

The most underrated fact of the matter is that our company has to compete with not only every existing pickup company out there, but all the new and emerging ones as well, no matter how cheesy or half-baked they may be (what I call Two Wingmen and an Idea, yes, from that disgusting meme).

We have to be constantly publishing new articles with new tips and tricks, as well as answering the mail from guys that take the time to write to us, personally, as well as following up with all of the students that we’ve had for the past 5+ years! From their Facebook messages, text messages, emails, and phone calls. Yeah, it’s seriously hardcore stuff. And that’s just daily maintenance, not even new work.

Take that, multiply it by seven every week, and then try to fit in the bootcamps, the international trips, the in-field practice (we gotta stay sharp!) and your own personal life. Every professional pickup artist, instructor, coach, and trainer reading this right now is saying, “Personal life? What personal life?” Exactly.

At the end of my 2010 “Instituting Social Change” Tour around the world, I did 8 straight weeks of bootcamps including international ones like Toronto and Sydney. Oh, and then throw in public speaking at a 3 day International Summit for good measure with the requisite media interviews.

Factoring in office work, writing, sales, travel time, and- oh yeah- bootcamp time, I’m easily looking at 80 hours of work. EACH WEEK.

For example, the schedule shows that today, our ABCs Certified PUA Instructor Gareth Jones has 5 hours of article writing, several pieces of fanmail from past and prospective students, plus a meeting about our new iGame: From Text to Sex DVDs, on top of that, there are two follow-up calls with clients and he has to pack for his December 1on1 bootcamps! Today is going to be a crazy day for him, but luckily tomorrow will be…. Oh yeah, it’ll be exactly the same.

This job, while it is amazing, is something that you must work dearly to keep. If you slack for one second, that more devoted, more persistent, and hungrier less professional pickup artist company will eat you alive and you’ll be looking around, wondering what happened to the amazing life that you had to work so hard for.

If you still want this job after all of that, you have one thing left to do:

“Ask yourself what you can do for the ABCs, not what the ABCs can do for you.”

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Outliers, he talks about the Rule of 10,000.

This states that, essentially, it takes a person 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any given field. Whether it be Bill Gates’ experience with computers or Michael Jordan’s practice schedule, Gladwell found that the 10,000 hours of practice separated the experts from the average.

I bring this up because it is the first step in asking you to devote your efforts to our company. So here is my attempt to simplify a hugely complex interview and weeding out process:

The 5 Steps to Becoming a Professional Pick Up Artist & Coach.

STEP #1: Take a Bootcamp

Take a bootcamp. This is absolutely necessary. There are no exceptions. Don’t bother asking for one either. It’ll just mean I strike out your name that much faster if you do.

This isn’t a trumped-up sales scheme; it is a step necessary to show that you want to learn from the best. Do you trust a salesperson that has never tried his product or doesn’t even believe in it? Exactly.

We need to know that you have been through the same experience that these new students will be going through so that you can effectively guide them through it as patiently and firmly with as much leadership as possible.

If you want to be a part of the ABCs of Attraction, it means that you believe in our system of holistic game. It also means that you believe in our instructors and our abilities as teachers to help people increase the quality of their lives. For your devotion, we thank you, but we don’t want you to tell us, we want you to SHOW US.

Bottom line: If you even bother to ask about asking to be one of our instructors WITHOUT having taken a bootcamp, then I automatically take you off the list of potential job applicants. If you put in the work, you’ll get asked. If you don’t and you do ask, then you’re off my list. It’s as simple as that.

STEP #2: Get Good (500 Hour Certification Process)

The  next step to becoming part of our team once you have taken our bootcamp is to get good at what it is that we do. You need to be doing this WEEKLY:

  1. Go out (night, day, weekends, etc)
  2. Practice (have fun with both your successes and failures)
  3. Write 125 field reports (got to log 500 hours worth of sarging somewhere)
  4. Repeat (a lot)

In order to even become a Certified ABCs Coach, you must have 500 hours of in-field experience. That’s right. FIVE HOUNDED (500) HOURS OF INFIELD TRAINING.

At 4 hours a night, this is 125 nights. Have you managed 6 months of 5-nights-a-week sarging? We have. All of us.

“Well no,” I can hear you protest, “Asian Playboy, you’re supposed to train ME to be pick up artist!”

No I am not.

First you have to be a good pickup artist (or at least have the potential and discipline to achieve that level with my guidance) before you even consider approaching me. What I actually train you to do, once you officially join the ABCs of Attraction team, is HOW TO BE A PROFESSIONAL COACH AND TEACHER.

There’s a huge difference between someone being good with women and someone who’s a good teacher. THESE ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SKILLSETS. Very rarely do the twain meet.

Only because of my obsessive dedication to quality control are my guys both good seducers and good teachers. Why else do you think we have literally hundreds of reviews and the highest ratio of positive reviews to programs held in the entire industry? We’re that good and we’re that dedicated.

You have to come to me with one of those skillsets handled as the responsibilities in safeguarding fragile egos into the future ownership of their destiny is a sacred responsibility I take deathly seriously.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to teach you how to do both.

STEP #3: Get Even Better (1000 Hour Certification Process)

On top of that, to become an instructor is double the requirements: another 500 hours for 250 nights or 5 nights a week for more than a year.

Yes, you read that right, to be a Certified ABCs Instructor, you have to have ONE THOUSAND (1000) HOURS OF INFIELD TRAINING!

If you can’t do that, plus write a field report at least once a week, do not bother asking us for a job. Ever. The ABCs of Attraction isn’t simply the best. We are the ELITE.

We have all done it and, when people are spending their hard-earned money on your skills in order to CHANGE THEIR LIVES, you have to be willing to go to hell and back for them.

And ‘going out and talking to girls’ is no hell at all.

So beyond just sarging for yourself, now you should be helping a few of your buddies in your local area as well as beginning to specialize in certain areas of game whether it’s college, social circle, or phone seduction.

STEP #4: Lend a Hand


The penultimate step to getting involved with us is to lend a hand to a brother (or two) in need!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys out there that have really solid game. Add to that the fact that most of them would KILL to work for a Pickup company as reputable as the ABCs of Attraction and you’ve got a tough list of competitors for the job that we’re not even offering yet!

Since there are so many guys out there that want what you want, you’ve gotta separate yourself by getting noticed and showing that not only are you a solid pickup artist, but also an empathic, albeit tough, teacher. Do incredible things and post reports about it. Design incredible tactics and skills and tell people about them. Field reports, pictures. You need a “pickup artist resume“:

  1. Where are your field reports?
  2. How well written are they?
  3. How about pictures?
  4. How many guys have you helped and have they reviewed you?
  5. Where are your tactics and dating advice that you’ve posted online to help your fellow brothers?

In other words, what on your pickup resume differentiates you from the other 12 guys that are asking me the same question you just did.

STEP #5: Get Noticed


The final step in joining our rarified, angelic, elite ranks is getting noticed!

Most of us developed a huge circle in Hollywood, meeting or sarging with Mystery, Matador, Neil Strauss, Mehow, Adam Lyons and Ross Jeffries before even charging for our services, because we wanted to learn from the best. You need to have that same drive and determination and bring the same value to the plate.

Anyhow, now that you’ve gotten good, prove to us that you support the ABCs by sharing us with the world and getting noticed. Promote the articles that you like, review the instructors that you admire, and hang out with us!

This all comes under the category of giving value (see the corollary of being a fun maker, not a fun taker!). Build your street credentials and then add to our company so that we can all benefit, thus making the relationship mutually beneficial.

Put succinctly then, you need the recommendation of at least ONE of the ABCs training team.

This relationship is typically formed at your first bootcamp when you meet your ABCs instructor or coach. This doesn’t include me. So actually at the end of the day, you need two (2) “letters of recommendation.”

One from me and one from a trainer. I have the final say. I don’t have to like you per se (although that helps), but I do need to respect you and be duly impressed by your:

  1. Drive
  2. Motivation
  3. Discipline
  4. Character
  5. Integrity
  6. Commitment
  7. Writing
  8. Results

I have “rain makers” on my team. Men who can make it rain and do the impossible night in and night out, every single weekend, for months on end. Do you have what it takes to be a rain maker?


It is not impossible to join the ranks of some of the most incredible Pick Up Artists in the world. Examples:

  1. I took Gareth Jones from literally nothing and an unknown in 2009 to becoming the Best New Pickup Artist in the World in 2010 and will soon be releasing iGame: From Text to Sex (everything you need to know about Smart Phone Seduction).
  2. Johnny Wolf now travels the world living an incredible lifestyle after having started up the SoCal Lair and creating the internationally renown, annual PUA Summit in Hollywood.
  3. William the Better Asian Man once ran the most popular Asian American activist podcast before transferring into the world of helping me save the dating lives of Asian men and now their actual lives as a weekend FDNY volunteer.

Just to name a few. What will you become under the ABCs of Attraction banner? Until you put in the work, we won’t know. But I know what my team and I are right now.

We aren’t simply the best. We’re the elite.

However, much like The Beatles playing their 14-hour days in Hamburg, you’ve got to pay the dues if you want to play the blues.

So if you’ve made it to the end of this 2000 word article, then congratulations. I was originally going to post this as a two parter, but honestly, if someone who wants to be a professional pickup artist and coach so badly he can’t be bothered to make it to the end of this article, then I wouldn’t want him on my team anyways.

Thanks for reading!