The 6 Differences Between Dating Latina Girls Versus White Girls

By Ozzie Latino Gentleman

What’s the difference between dating Latina Girls versus White Girls?

As it turns out, Latinas and white girls tend to be very different from each other when it comes to dating and relationships. And as an Asian man who wants to date either or both, you’ll want to know what to expect before you even tried.

When you know the differences between Latina girls and white girls, you’ll know how to calibrate your approaches to each. That way, your interactions will be much more enjoyable, both for you and for them, and you’ll be able to tell when a Latina girl is attracted to Asian men.

Here are the six major differences between Latinas and white girls:

Difference #1: Their Personalities

White girls tend to be bubblier and more open to socializing than their Latina counterparts. That means if you’re worried about being liked and not being rejected, you’ll do just fine with white girls – they tend to be really interested in meeting new people, including charming Asian men like yourself.

On the other hand, Latina Girs tend to be more reserved and private. They’re not quite as sociable and open as white girls tend to be, and that means you may need to work a bit harder to make them open up. My advice: If you’re interacting with a Latina girl, spend a little time getting to know her better, finding common ground, and warming her up.

Difference #2: Cultural Differences

The second major difference between Hispanic women and white girls are their cultural backgrounds. White girls tend to come from families who are vocal. They tend to be opinionated, but at the same time, they’re respectful of other people’s opinions. So, expect a kind of “anything goes” vibe when dating a white girl.

Meanwhile, Latinas tend to come from more conservative backgrounds. Many Latin American families have strong Catholic roots, which means Hispanic women tend to have Catholic habits and traits. So when you’re dating a Latina, it might be a good idea to stay on your “better behavior” until she warms up and lets her hair down around you.

Difference #3: Their Expectations of You

When you date a Hispanic woman, she’ll likely expect you to lead the relationship – you know, like how men used to in days of yore. So be ready to make most of the big decisions in your relationship. Insisting on a “co-equal” relationship with her just might turn her off.

On the other hand, white girls tend to be more accepting of “co-equal” setups, and if a relationship doesn’t work out, they’re more accepting of it, too. This is likely because white girls tend to come from more liberal backgrounds than Latinas do.

Difference #4: Views Towards Interracial Dating

Interracial dating is a hot, sometimes touchy topic in America, and Latinas and white girls tend to have different opinions about it. For the most part, Hispanic women are more open to dating men of other races owing to their strong sense of family.

On the other hand, there are some “subsets” of white girls who only date white guys. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily – after all, everyone can choose who they want to date – so don’t take it personally if a white girl puts you in her friend-zone a bit too quickly.

Difference #5: Views Towards Dominance and Gender Roles

This is another area where Latinas and white girls tend to have considerable differences. Latinas are more conservative in their ways, and as a result they tend to expect you to be more dominant. It’s the traditional gender roles at play – the guy leads, the girl supports.

White girls, on the other hand, are more easygoing. They “go with the flow.” If you’re the strong, dominant type, she’ll like that. If you’re a more “egalitarian” kind of guy, she’ll adjust to that too. Just don’t expect her to stick around in a relationship she doesn’t like for long.

And speaking of relationships…

Difference #6: How Relationships Tend to Go

When you’re dating a Latina girl, be prepared to meet her family early on. Like most Asian-Americans, Latin Americans tend to have a strong sense of family, and so you’ll have to expect a lot of family events (weddings, birthdays, weekend dinners, etc.), reunions, and parties.

Meanwhile, when you’re dating a white girl, you can expect fewer “family obligations.” White women tend to be more independent, and who they go out with is nobody’s business, including her family’s. If she does introduce you to her family, it’ll be later in the relationship, when she’s sure they’ll like you.

Latina Girls or White Girls?

And there you have it – the 6 major differences between Latinas and white girls in the dating scene.

Again, these are just meant to temper your expectations. There are always exceptions to the rule when it comes to women and relationships.

But when you know what you’re getting into, you’re much more likely to get what you want out of it.

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