ABCs of Attraction Secrets Revealed: How ABCDEF Will Get You More Girls

Hey noob! Yeah, you! Organic chemistry and physics might get you the job, but looking like this guy WON’T get you the girl! Keep reading to find out how the ABCDEF system can work for you!

Hey noob! That’s right, I’m talking to YOU!

Who says that, as a new PUA, you shouldn’t pick up more girls and have success with women right away? Continue reading

Relationship Skills: How to Use ABCs of Attraction for Long Term Relationships

Different people sign up for the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp for different reasons.  In my case, I really just wanted to get a girlfriend. But even after you’ve used the ABCs structure to successfully find the girlfriend that you want, what … Continue reading

Creating a Future of Positive Male Asian Role Models at Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania

It’s become a time honored tradition for me that on each Valentine’s Day that I’m an invited feature speaker at an Ivy League Unviersity. First it was Harvard University, then Yale University, and later the University of Chicago. This year, … Continue reading