ABCs of Attraction Secrets Revealed: How ABCDEF Will Get You More Girls

By JT Tran

Hey noob! That’s right, I’m talking to YOU!

Who says that, as a new PUA, you shouldn’t pick up more girls and have success with women right away?

You should!

Now, I’m certainly not saying that this ABCs of Attraction primer is going to having you bringing home more girls and turn you into a total PUA pussy-slayer overnight, because that’s a bold-faced lie (besides, would you even want that image for yourself anyways?)

But, while the road to success as a PUA will be fraught with difficult nights as well as the good ones, why not start off with a little boost to your dating skills from the ABCs of Attraction to get you going? While we can’t have all our secrets to relationship skills revealed, we can point you in the right direction with this little primer.

A lot of guys’ biggest problem as beginning PUAs, besides the fear of approaching, is that they simply don’t know what to do after that. They have no idea what to do with their dating skills beyond “hello.” Many “naturals” don’t even have a structure for their meetings and seductions. The FASTEST way that you can get ahead of the game and truly master your relationship skills is by simply HAVING A GAME PLAN.

This is taught by the ABCs of Attraction in the form the ABCs structure, which is a simple, holistic approach to meeting and attracting women. It is structured off of the first six letters of the alphabet – A, B, C, D, E, & F – and can lead you, quite literally from, opening to CLOSING.

Now, I obviously can’t give away every ABCs of Attraction secret on how to develop your dating skills in this article, since guys pay good bootcamp money for it, and if EVERYONE knew all of our secrets and methods, they would actually become LESS powerful, because literally everyone would be doing them.

However, I think it’s more than fair to provide your relationship skills with a little overview or road-map, if you will, to help you navigate the treacherous precipices of seduction.

Why Structure?

I answered this question a little bit in the intro, but allow me to go a bit more in depth.

Why do you need structure?

Isn’t that weird or un-natural?

Why is it important to learn?

Structure is the ENTIRE FOUNDATION for your seductions.

Any natural who actually has a high level of consistency has a structure. They may not even consciously realize it, but they do.

Any NBA player going into a playoff game has a game structure. They have it because it will help them win. Having a conscious understanding of what their approach will be to different circumstances WILL make a difference in the consistency of their performance.

Would you like consistency with women?

Of course you would!

Having a structure does NOT come across as weird or unnatural, when done correctly.

Rather, it provides you a FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION on which to convey your own personality, in the most efficient and logistically sound way possible.

Let’s take a brief glimpse at the most simple and ruthlessly efficient of all structures, the ABCs of Attraction ABCDEF structure.

The ABCDEF Structure

  1.  A is for Attitude, Attract, and Approach– This phase is probably the LEAST IMPORTANT, but at the same time, if you’re not REALLY GOOD at this, then you can NEVER get past it. It is your first impression and entry point; the rest of your dating skills aren’t going to matter if you have a bad approach. You can either enter in very high standing, or very low, depending on how well-versed you are in the A-Phase. Attraction begins before you even open your mouth. It starts in your physical presence and attitude. An attractive physical presence is that of someone who is confident and comfortable in their surroundings. They are emotionally healthy (aka SMILE!) and virulent (Walk of Khan!), two of the founding characteristics of good relationship skills. Once you make sure that your body language is on-point (we call this passive value), then it’s time to do your walk up, Kino-Turn, smile, and make WARM EYE CONTACT as you open her verbally. You can say pretty much anything that you want, within reason.
  2. B is for Be In The Moment, Banter, and Buying Temperature– All “A” did was buy you some time to win her over with your dating skills. Hopefully, she is physically attracted or at least intrigued by your presence. The B phase is all about spiking her attraction for you and creating interesting conversation. You MUST be in the moment for this to work. If she can sense that you are distracted, distant, or otherwise in-congruent, then no matter how good your words are, they will not spark an emotional reaction from her. Banter and buying temperature are all about getting her into an emotional or hot state. For those of you who don’t know what buying temperature, or BT is, think of it as an EMOTIONAL SPIKE. Like LAUGHTER. If she’s laughing, it means that you just spiked her BT. Banter and buying temperature can be accomplished through a variety of means, such as teasing, storytelling, social proof, and much more; interestingly enough, these same tactics can also be used as important relationship skills when sustaining a long-term relationship. I would LOVE to go into the details of exactly how to do this now, but, as I said earlier, I have to save that material for the bootcamps
  3. C is for Compliance, Comfort, and Connect– If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! But, all that being able to do “A” and “B” means is that you are a REGULAR, FUN DUDE. So how do you get past that? The best place to start is the C-Phase. If you did the A and B-Phases correctly, then she’s attracted to you. Unfortunately, the attraction created by B-Phase is actually extremely short-lived and only a minute part of dating skills. Create comfort and building commonalities and compliance serves to solidify this budding attraction. The game is played in comfort. Simple as that. Sure, you can get random club lays from running really solid B-Phase, but those are going to be few and far between, and the caliber of girl will NOT be as high as you deserve, and certainly will NOT be one you’ll want to test your relationship skills on. Instead, learn how to build comfort and compliance. This is the phase that, if done correctly, can get girls chasing YOU.
  4. D is for Dominant, Direct Intent, and Disqualify– The D-Phase is, as we like to say, the phase that separates the boys from the men. If you’ve made it this far, then it means that you can approach, have light-hearted conversation, and then build a deeper connection. Congratulations. You have the founding relationship skills. But, when it comes time to let her know that you’re sexually interested in her, do you have the finesse to pull the trigger? Women don’t respect men who aren’t clear about what they want and aren’t willing to put their dating skills on the table. They don’t respect men who tip-toe around their desires or take the easy way out. In order to avoid getting friend-zoned, you’ve got to state your direct intent. Disqualifying is a technique used to disable the woman’s anti-slut defense, as well as to get her more invested in you. It is the act of disqualifying yourself as a potential suitor (“You’re so much fun, too bad you’re totally not my type…”) so that she feels comfortable around you, knowing that you don’t have an agenda. Not only that, but I’ve seen girls actively pursue men that they were interested in AS SOON AS he disqualified. Powerful stuff.
  5. E is for Evaluate, Extract, and Escalate– This phase is all about the logistics in your dating skills. If you’ve used the structure correctly up until this point, then she’s attracted to you and she wants you. Now, you just have to make it happen… IF you so choose, which is what the first “E” – Evaluate – is all about. Do you want to take her home that night? Do you want to make her a girlfriend and bring relationship skills out on the table? Or was it just a nice conversation, and you want to leave it at that? Extract is purely logistical as well. How are you going to get her the EFF out of there so you two can do dirty, dirty things? Escalate is about going sexual and overcoming any last-minute reservations that she might have. Easier said than done.
  6. F is for Future: Fun or Fake?– This is THE MOST IMPORTANT PHASE. It has nothing to do with “game,” nothing to do with “tactics,” and nothing to do with “picking up chicks.” This phase is all about the most important part of your game: YOU. This asks the question: Are you a FAKE pick-up artist? Or a REAL fun-up artist? Are you full of routines, tactics, and banter, or are you genuinely a cool guy? Furthermore, what does your lifestyle look like? Are you well-paid, independent, and doing what you want to do with your life? Or are you working minimum wage and still living at your mom’s, smoking weed every night instead of going on epic adventures? F-Phase is all about lifestyle, and all about YOU.

Oops, I Forgot…

Due to the fact that this was an article and not a massive book (or, more realistically, a an ABCs of Attraction weekend bootcamp), I had to leave tons of info out. You didn’t get the meat, you got the skeleton, the framework of how attraction operates.

Take what you can from this brief ABCs of Attraction guide and implement it. I guarantee that, if you apply the methods correctly, you will see results. Now are you ready to make the change you want to see in your life? Are you ready to become a better man? Then what are you waiting for?

If this sounds interesting to you, and you want to flesh it out with the actual how-to, I seriously suggest taking an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp.