Walk of Khan: Approach Sexually Attractive Women with Confidence

By JT Tran


There’s one small change that you can make in your game that will allow you to successfully and cleanly open way more sets.

It will allow you to exude more confidence and appear super-heroic, as well as bolster your internal zeal and reduce any extraneous thoughts.  This is one of ABCs of Attraction’s fabled PUA techniques.

It will literally trigger interest from women, causing their attraction circuits to fire due to your gorgeous golden ratios.

(Oh, those sexy golden ratios!)

 So why on Earth aren’t you doing it!?

If you’ve never heard of it, then you get a free pass this time.

If, however, you were a student on a bootcamp, I KNOW that you learned this PUA technique. REMEMBER IT this time. It is seriously the closest thing to a “magic pill” (hate that term so much) that you will ever find in the seduction community.

Homies, we be talkin’ bout the Walk of Khan PUA technique.

Don’t trip, don’t front, don’t be crip walkin’.

Just let me break it down this PUA technique for you.

The Walk of Khan

 Boom. Read that headline again. It’s so fancy, shit’s in bold! There’s a reason I’m emphasizing how awesome the Walk of Khan is. It’s because, if you actually incorporate this PUA technique into your game (nay, your life!), then you will see INSTANT results. Why note make meeting women that much easier for yourself?

I think you deserve it 🙂

So, what exactly is the Walk of Khan?

The Walk of Khan is a way of approaching a women that results in more ATTRACTION and COMPLIANCE than other approaches. It also will cause you to actually FEEL more confident and masculine, which definitely helps as well.

The reason it increases attraction and compliance is because it gives your chest a golden ratio (more on that later), it is extremely direct and alpha, and it includes a kino-turn (or just a kino, if she’s already facing you).

The reason it makes you feel more confident is because it creates a physical feedback loop that encourages confidence, and it also eliminates that moment where you’re like “Should I go? What if she has a boyfriend? Blah blah blah! WAHH!”

The Mechanics of The Walk of Khan

 Now, all of those applications sound nice and fancy, but how does one actually perform the fabled Walk?

Good question. I guess I should probably tell you now…

  1.  Posture – Posture is the foundation of the Walk of Khan. Without good posture, you are more likely to exude the urgency of a hunchback running to reclaim the escaping princess as she flees the ghostly castle, rather than the charming hero coming to your fair maiden’s rescue.
  2. Stand up. That’s right, stand up.  Lengthen your spine to as long and tall as possible.
  3. Take a deep breath, allowing your chest to expand.
  4. Roll your shoulders UP and BACK…
  5. Now let them relax, right there.
  6. Nice! Starting to look good… But you’re not done quite yet.
  7. Firmly plant your feet so that they’re slightly more than shoulder width apart.
  8. Allow your arms to hang, relaxed, by your sides.
  9. Puuuurfect 🙂
  10. Spotting the fair maiden – Step to is simple: when you see your fair maiden, GO! Don’t wait. Don’t look back. Look straight at her, SMILE (even if she can’t see you yet), and go
  11. The walk – Walk toward your fair maiden in the SHORTEST SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE PATH. Meaning, if there is a chair in your way, MOVE IT! But, if there is an elderly woman, certainly don’t push her out of the way. As you walk, allow your shoulders to sway. You know how you love it when girls’ hips sway when they walk? Yeah, girls feel the same way about guys’ shoulders. Having broad shoulders that sway when you walk is a sign of health and virility.Walking in such a direct fashion and emphasizing your shoulder movements will both help to spike attraction.
  12. Kino Turn– BOOM. Touch thy fair maiden lightly but firmly. If she is facing away from you, gently turn her toward you using her shoulder. If, however, she is facing toward you, you can simply touch the outside of her arm.Why touch? Because, again, it is dominant. Also, it shows that you are a touchy-feely guy (which is GOOD), and it shows that you are comfortable being physical with hot women.Lastly, studies show that people are more likely to comply with a request when they are touched first.As far as we’re concerned, this means that she is more likely to start conversing with you if you touch her first.Not on her special place, mind you… Just on her arm will do the trick just fine!


What we’re doing is here is tricking ourselves and the girl into feeling like we are dominant, badass superheros who have our shit together.

This is why the Walk of Khan is NOT a replacement for having solid inner and outer game. Rather, it is a supplement that will merely increase your success rate. If you walk in like a boss, and then proceed to flounder over your words and let your body language go to shit, she will instantly recognize that your walk-up was a load of hooey. If, however, you proceed to be genuinely confident and charming, then you’re good to go.

The Walk of Khan simply opens the door to display your personality.

So don’t be the Fake Pick-Up Artist… Be the REAL Fun-Up Artist instead!


What next? We’ll you just opened and attracted her (A-Phase)… Time to move forward to B PHASE! If you have no idea how to go about doing this, definitely check out all of our free articles on the topic starting here:


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Be alpha, approach hot girls, and if I EVER see you walking up to a girl without doing the Walk of Khan, I will personally glare at you menacingly 🙂