Is Cheating on Your Girlfriend a Good Idea?

By JT Tran

So you decided to commit to a monogamous relationship, and now you’re having second thoughts about dating exclusively… Maybe you really thought you could be loyal at first, but now your will is being tested. After all, it seems like its only once you get involved dating exclusively that random women start throwing themselves at you and you start thinking of how to cheat on your girlfriend. Or, perhaps you went into your relationship all along knowing that you would be cheating on your girlfriend, but you liked her so much that you wanted to try to make it work anyway.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured that at least two people have been in your exact position before – one who learned how to cheat on your girlfriend, and one who chose not to – and guess what? Both of them turned out PERFECTLY FINE.

I’m not here to pass judgement on whether or not cheating on your girlfriend is acceptable, speculate on your specific situation, or even advise you on whether you should be cheating on your girlfriend. Rather, I plan on simply informing you about the pros and cons of cheating on your girlfriend, ways to prevent the need to “cheat,” and providing you with tips on how to cheat on your girlfriend effectively if that is your decision.

No moral high-horses allowed beyond this point; it’s time to walk on your own two feet.

What is cheating? The term can actually be very hard to define, and men and women often have different perceptions of what cheating really is. Depending on the person defining the word, cheating could mean doing any of the following with someone other than the partner:

  • Flirting
  • Dancing
  • Creating an emotional connection
  • Exchanging flirty texts
  • Fantasizing about
  • Having sex OUT of the context of a threesome
  • Going to a movie

As you can see, the list varies from the glaringly obvious to the more seemingly innocuous. The bottom line is, it is up to each individual couple to define exactly what cheating is to them. Which brings us to our first method of sex OUTSIDE of the relationship…

Having Your Cake and Eating it, Too!

The first solution, and often the one that will cause you the least grief, is to NOT INITIATE A MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE! Open relationships have all of the benefit and none of the guilt because SHE KNOWS.

That’s right… You can have a girlfriend who knows that you have sex with other girls, as long as you set up the open relationship like that from jump.

How do you do this?

Setting up an open relationship is actually a lot easier than it sounds. It requires a lot of honesty, even before the relationship is built. From the time that you meet her, you need to make it clear that you love socializing with women, and that you wouldn’t let anything hold you back from that. Or, if that’s a bit too honest for you, you need to at least make sure that you don’t actively mislead her into thinking that you are looking for monogamy.

When the topic of dating exclusively comes up after you guys have been seeing each other for a while (she WILL bring it up, trust me), tell her that you’ll talk to her about it a bit later.

During your next sex-session, give her MIND BLOWING orgasms. When you are both satisfied and lying in post-coital bliss, let her know how special she is to you, but that you’re “just not ready to settle down just yet”. If she is adequately invested in you at this time, she is more than likely to agree to seeing you on a non-exclusive basis. Open relationship, voila!



  • Multiple girls! Fuck yeah!
  • No trying to lie and get time away from her to see other girls
  • No guilt



  • With most non-exclusive set-ups, she can see other people too
  • Emotional connection often won’t be as deep
  • You can’t be 100% sure your girlfriend is using protection

If knowing that your girl is enjoying the *cough, cough* company of another man is too much for you to bear, then maybe there is another, slightly more devious option for you…


The second solution to wanting sex with other girls is simple: cheating on your girlfriend!

How do you cheat on your girlfriend?

I’m not exactly sure how to teach this… Put your long-johnson into another hidey-hole when your girlfriend isn’t looking? That’s about it. Just make sure you’re not doing anything too risky, and remember: Your girlfriend (especially if she’s a social butterfly) is more than likely connected to EVERYBODY that you cheat on her with by less than 3 or 4 degrees of separation. Use discretion.


  • You’re seeing other people, but she *theoretically* isn’t



  • Having to lie
  • Guilt
  • Potential of her finding out, and the associate repercussions

Although these may seem like the only two ways of dealing with the situation, there is a third option…

The Compromise

 Legend tells of an alternative relationship style, a style so sought after and revered that it was known only as… Closed+.

Closed + relationships mean that the relationship is closed and monogamous for the most part, but that partners can JOIN the duo on occasion to spice things up, if you catch my drift.

This works especially well for bisexual girls. Try and imagine why.

How do you do this?

This is a lot about selecting the right girl, and qualifying her. You have to make sure she’d be open to such a thing. Advanced techniques like this can really only be taught in an ABC’s Bootcamp or 1-on-1.


  • Best of both worlds
  • No jealousy or wondering what she’s up to



  •  Can be difficult to set up
  •  Semi-restricting
  • Selecting the 3rd party can lead to disagreements


How Do You Pick?

 There are at LEAST these three options to choose from, if not more, when deciding what relationship style to have. As you can tell, cheating on your girlfriend is no longer a necessary fallback, as the modern Renaissance man has other, more cultured ways of getting what he wants. If cheating on your girlfriend is what you want, that’s fine, no judgment here. But a lot of guys have a tough time justifying the effect it will have on their girlfriend, and now… now you have other options.

Enjoy, experiment, and come to an ABC’s bootcamp to acquire the materials that will help you set up any relationship style.