Do Asian Men Have Small Penises? The Stereotypes and How to Fight Them

By JT Tran

You’re a guy so you’re allowed to be a little obsessed with your penis and what it wants. Why else would you be here? You want to learn how you can get smoking hot women into your life today. What isn’t cool though is when you spend more time worrying about your penis than enjoying it!

If you’ve ever asked yourself: “Am I BIG enough? Is my penis NORMAL?” Then you need to get some facts straight about your penis size and (most importantly) how it affects how attractive you are to women. As you guys know I am a scientist: I dig facts, figures and logical methods.

So first of all I’m going to hit you with the facts, before I tell you the TRUTH about what women want and expect from you and your penis in bed. Plus a few tips on how you can DESTROY any douches who intentionally try to offset your game by pulling out that tired old stereotype of Asian men having small penises… yawn!

But first the facts: Time to put those porno stereotypes out of your head! Here are real stats for penis size.

These measurements are based on when your penis is erect, and measured from where the base of your penis joins to your lower torso, to the tip of the penis. I’ve also listed circumferences: as I know this is another area guys are concerned about.

Read with caution though! Always remember that whatever your penis size there will be women that are the perfect fit for you.

  • Small – length: less than 5″, circumference: less than 4 3/4″
  • Average- length:  5″ – 7″ 4, circumference: 3/4″ – 5 1/2″
  • Large- length:  7″ – 9″,  circumference: 5 1/2″ – 6 1/2″
  • Huge- length:  9″+ over, circumference: 6 1/2″

So where does your penis fall on the scale? Knowing this isn’t a reason to be rejoice or feel despair but rather to realize the true potential of what your penis size can bring you.

Now that you know where you are on the size scale are you ready to know the TRUTH about your penis and what women want? What penis size a woman would never consider? Then I’m going to have to disappoint you.

Fact: The vast majority of women don’t care about your penis size: they just want to know you’re CONFIDENT about what you’ve got and know how to use your penis well! The thing with your physical appearance (whether that’s height, weight or penis size!) is to remember the golden rule:

If you know that part of your physical appearance is something you can improve: go for it! If you know you can’t change part of your physical appearance, don’t worry about it!

With penis size it is a million times smarter to work with what you’ve got than to try and change it. Now there are a lot of con artists out there who will tell you that their pills, or penis pumps, can enlarge your penis. This is largely:

Not true!

A total waste of money!

Harmful to your health!

Yep, some penis pumps can cause you to damage your penis so badly they can leave you impotent: and some unregulated penis enhancement pills can be cut with all other kinds of crazy drugs.

The best thing to enhance your penis is to make the quality of your erections better through diet and exercise; and to really make the most of what you’ve got through sexual technique. So how do you start making the most of your penis size? If you have a ‘small’ penis:

  • Have great anal sex. Whilst some girls will be put off the ‘physics’ of trying anal with a large cock, your penis can provide the right amount of stimulation.
  • Thrust harder as your penis size is less likely to damage a woman’s vagina and cervix.
  • Enjoy being deep throated, as your penis size makes this a lot easier on a woman.

If you have a ‘large’ penis:

  • It can be better for vaginal stimulation and hitting her G-spot. Though you’ll have to be a little more gentle with your lover.
  • Easier for a woman to stimulate with a hand job.
  • Visually more arousing.

So like most things in life there are pros and cons to both scenarios!

What it is so important for you to understand though is that what women want to know is what you can do with your penis, not how big it is. So get fit and healthy; read up on sexual techniques, and be positive about your own abilities. So remember, if you can’t change it- get over it!

Sometimes that is easier said than done though, especially if you get an unhelpful AMOG (Alpha Male Other Group) bullying you using an old, untrue stereotype about Asian men’s penis size. Just because he has a real problem with you making out with the willowy blonde at his local bar.

Now I’m not saying going out looking for confrontation: that would make you the bully. BUT if a guy makes an intentional effort to destroy your chances with a girl because he is jealous of you but then, Hey let battle commence!

I’ve gotten good at dealing with AMOGs NOT because I enjoy conflict: I got great at making other guys look like tools because I HAD to, because they bought trouble my way. So let’s just get one of the biggest tactics both PUAs and Alpha Males Other Groups will use against Asians: the “small penis” AMOG Asian destroyer.

If a guy wants to get that smoking hot girl’s attention away from you, then the AMOG will often “subtly” bring up the topic of the small penis stereotype. At this stage he’s slung the first insult and you have every right to call him out on it and make him look like a douche. Here are two great ‘come backs’ you can save for such occasions:

  1. “Dude, Club Gay? It’s is over THERE!”
  2. “When a guy speaks of another man’s penis, it doesn’t make HIM look like an idiot.”

This makes the guy trying to AMOG you look dumb (which he is) for bringing penis size into things to try and throw you off your game.

Now, if it isn’t a guy giving you grief but a woman bringing it up, then this is a SHIT TEST. Good news is, that a woman wouldn’t be shit testing you unless she was feeling some attraction. So your job is to flip the script and use her shit test as a means to bring SEXUAL innuendo into your conversation.

So next time she makes a joke about your penis size just look at her, smile and playfully say: So… You’re THINKING about it, huh? Whatever your ‘size’ this works because it gives a woman something that really turns her on: the knowledge that she’s speaking to an attractive, confident guy who knows how to please a woman sexually.

So quit worrying about your penis size and start knowing that what women really want is a guy who is confident that he knows how to use whatever he’s got!

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