Asian Men’s Anthem of 2017: It’s Time You Started Dating Strong, Independent, Powerful Women

By JT Tran

Today I want to talk to you guys about something very important to us as Asian men.  It’s about your responsibility as a man to date strong, independent, and powerful women instead of settling for low hanging fruit or the first girl who deigns to date you.

Let me tell you why…

Strong, Successful, Alpha Asian Men Should Be Dating Strong, Successful Alpha Women

Dating strong women shows the whole world that you have what it takes to ‘hang’ with the best, highest status women: whether she’s Ivy League educated, a globe trotting philanthropist, or a Victoria’s Secret model. It’s an indirect reflection of your own status, but also a direct reflection of your own confidence in your own manhood to be able to handle and be with an equally strong woman.

And I’m not talking about dating “strong women” who wave their hand in your face with earrings dangling on their ear lobes, talking a mountain of trash about how “they don’t no need man” in their lives.  I’m talking about truly strong women who accept men in their lives, but know that they are high-value enough that they don’t have to put up with crap from them either.

Women like this (and dating them) sends a direct message to those who are ‘on top’ (the Powers That Be), but are shitting bricks because they are actually weak.  They aren’t worthy, in other words, and know that they’re only sitting on top of the heap because of social ‘systems’ that have been put in place hundreds of years ago – the same social systems that have been harming men of color (like us, as Asian men) and harming women as well.

Weaker women of any race will naturally want to align themselves with the White male status quo, brainwashed by the media’s definition of masculinity and power, because they have no desire to forge their own path or identity.

In contrast, a strong, powerful woman will have every intention of defining her own path and identity, and will refuse to be a man’s arm-piece. These are the women that you need to date and become allies with, as they’re truly our “sisters-in-arms”.

Let me flesh this out a bit more, first by talking about the American notion of “masculinity”.

What Is Asian Masculinity?

Like many people, I’ve been watching the curious case of Donald J. Trump’s ascendancy to the Presidency.  It’s interesting to me because not only is it a circus freak show, it’s really a barometer of the notion of ‘masculinity’ in this country (read: White Masculinity which is not the same as a healthy Asian Masculinity).  And he is the embodiment of how an archaic, forced social construct comes falling apart once more democratic rules are put in place instead.

America is a majority white country with its roots in a European tradition.  And as such the prevailing notions of masculinity (essentially, what it means to “be a man”) has been dictated by white men.

It is noteworthy that traditionally, white masculinity has suffered from a persecution complex.  The power base of white males was always predicated upon the premise of domination over other groups, whether it was (white) women or people of a different creed or color.

And with the advent of the Suffragette Movement and the Civil Rights Movement in the 20th Century, the hegemonic control began to slip away for the better part of the last century.

Because of this, a growing number of white men are up in arms.  Many feel cornered and feel that their ‘rights’ are being encroached upon.  That they aren’t calling it ‘power’ but ‘RIGHTS’ says a lot – they aren’t able to understand what’s going on, but they “feel” it instead.  Call it a gut reaction that’s devoid of logic.

It does not concern some of these guys that the institutionalized power that they were basically born into and have enjoyed their whole lives is unjust and firmly rooted in white privilege.  All they know (and care about) is that they don’t want to lose it.  (Hence the gut-reaction aspect.)

That is what the MRA (Men’s Rights Activists) and men who support the ‘Alt-Right’ care about.  The preservation of the status quo before it’s ‘too late’ for them to retain their power.

I want to analyze the mindset of these white men, and explain to you how ‘beta’ this mentality is.  A mentality that’s symptomatic of Donald Trump’s “small hands syndrome”, maybe.

True Asian Masculinity Is Not Motivated By Fear Or Loss, But Rather Strength And Plenty

Men like this are perpetually motivated by fear.  The fear that they are losing their power.  The fear that there might be someone bigger and badder than them, and that those guys might take what they feel belongs to them.  This might include real, live, breathing human beings – like women, for example.

Sometimes, their paranoia and insecurity goes so far as treating women as enemies too.  They despise women with an opinion.  They fear the independence of women, as it fundamentally bothers them that women cannot exist outside of their traditionally-ascribed role as a ‘function’ of a man.  The ‘girlfriend/wife of such-and-such’, for example.

This fear of strong, powerful women might be the reason so many white men (subconsciously?) gravitate toward Asian women.  It’s not because Asian women are necessarily weak – it’s the perception that they are.  Docile.  Pliant.  It’s the idea that gives some guys hard-ons over Asian girls.

No, really. This exists. Is this really a self-hating, ‘white supremacist’/Confederate Asian woman? Or is it some fat, pale white guy sitting in a dank basement, posing as an Asian woman who hates Asian guys? Either way, it’s pretty demented!


Some of these guys like their women poor, un-empowered, and under control.To them, white women these days are just too empowered for their liking.  They’re used to having people kissing their asses because they’re white and male.

Toxic Asian Femininity Looks At Their Own Asian Men As Undateable Due To Internalized Racism And A Desire For Higher Status

Of course from the other side, call it the Toxic Asian Femininity, more than a few Asian women see dating white men as advantageous and desirable.  Some are quite content to occupy this “privileged” position within a white patriarchal framework, and actively fight to protect white male dominance – specifically, they do this by rebuking and slapping down any attempts at dismantling this racist status quo.

Generally speaking, they tend to be highly critical of anything that Asian men say/do, while being very protective and even enabling toward things that white guys say/do to the point that they start websites like IHateAsianMen.

These Asian women are a minority, but are by no means a tiny one.  This group is sadly quite substantial in size, and are very vocal about their hypocritical and auto-racist views.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?  But it’s true – these Asian women exist, and in disturbingly large numbers.  They’re kind of like Nazi collaborators, and an invisible Fifth Column in the fight for social justice for Asian-Americans.

Healthy Asian Masculinity Is Not In Opposition To Asian Women, But Embraces All Women Of Quality Through An Informed And Self-Aware Choice

A fairly recent example I can think of is some Asian women’s reactions to Leela Rose’s YouTube video. Rose uploaded a video of her randomly kissing Japanese men on the streets of Tokyo.  Many criticized her for her video, and the biggest critics were Asian women.  They claimed that she was not respecting the personal space of the men she kissed, and was thus committing assault.

This could be true, but we never heard from those Japanese men how they felt about being kissed by a blonde foreign woman.  And in calling this ‘assault’, their voice presumes that Asian men are ‘victims’: too weak and helpless to make decisions on their own behalf.

The other side of the coin is that Leela Rose’s mere act of showing a white woman being physical and amorous with Asian men showed that Asian men can also be objects of desire (let’s not pretend for a minute that white guys complain when Asian girls fawn all over them – so why would Japanese men complain?).

Asian Men ARE Sexual And Women DO Find Asian Men Objects Of Desire

Another example was the uproar about a racist segment on the Steve Harvey Show.  Harvey featured a book written for Asian men on how to date white women, and poked fun at all Asian men, asking his audience if anyone found Asian men attractive.

Some audience members were genuinely appalled (ironically, they were all non-Asian females), but there was one Asian female audience member who was just guffawing her ass off, and having a whale of a time at Asian men’s expense.

Asian women like this suit these white guys just fine – their fawning over them helps maintain the illusion that they are “Alpha” males. All in all, it’s a mutually satisfying (if not icky) symbiotic relationship of convenience and mutual racial exploitation.

Next, consider the flip-side of these white men seeking out “docile” Asian girls.  If you think about it, it undercuts the social and reproductive success of Asian guys.

So what Asian guys must do to counter this move is to seek out powerful women.  Women that these white men secretly loathe and fear.

Powerful women of all races, whether she’s white, black, Latina, or Asian. Power, strength, and independence knows no race, but is rather shaped by character, integrity, and intestinal fortitude.

What this does is raise the public profile of Asian guys.  It shows that they have the balls, daring, confidence, and STATUS to be with women like this.

But more than the superficial raising of “status”, is that it creates a powerful feedback loop. By being with a strong, confident woman who enables you to higher levels of success, you in turn become even more powerful, strong, successful and confident Asian man.

Strength breeds more strength.

The other unspoken suggestion to the world is that unlike some guys out there, they never had to use race or anything else as a bargaining chip to secure a mate.

Asian Men, It’s Time You Not Only Started Dating OUT, But Also UP!

These ‘Alpha Women’ are drawn to men with charisma, influence, and status.  I know that a lot of you reading this aren’t there yet, but we all start at the bottom and there’s nothing wrong with that (I did too)!

It’s actually an exciting time, when you’re hungry and motivated to get to the top.

So start now – with the ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp, you can nab yourself a strong, powerful, high-status woman that these Alt-Right dweebs secretly want, but outwardly despise (these guys are really confused, can you tell?).

And by being with an Alpha Female, you can also counter and negate the secondary under-cutting effects of beta male white guys hooking up with (often equally eager) Asian women.

Side-step this oblique assault on your Asian masculinity, and play it smart.  Raise your own prestige and status with a beautiful, powerful, and strong Alpha Female as your partner.

So make the decision today: invest in yourself with the ABCs of Attraction, and build the traits that attract high quality women, like confidence, charm, and charisma.  Stop letting external things like ‘fate’, racism, and ‘society’ control you.

Remember friends: don’t be on the defense – only losers get caught with their pants down.  Get on the offense, and get the better of society.

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Invest in yourself as a person and as a man.  Learn how to be the man that women want to be with, and the men want to be.  Take charge of your life!

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Yours Sincerely,
JT “Asian Playboy” Tran