How Johnny Wolf Got Rich

By Johnny Wolf

I think it’s time that we ring in the new year with some incredible resolutions that will completely change everything we ever thought about ourselves. Some of you are going to resolve to go to the gym. Some of you are going to resolve to get a new girlfriend. And some of you are going to resolve to get better jobs and find out how to make more money — I’m here to tell you how I did just that.

But let’s kill the kumbaya BS right here and now. I’ve always hated gold diggers and still do. I’ve also always known that girls are attracted to wealthy men but I have been trying to cheat the system and use game to build attraction in other ways instead. Part of me has always been proud of being smart with my money. My friends considered me frugal, but I liked to think I was good at saving.

But here is the biggest piece of dating advice I can ever give you, the truth about women, money, confidence, and generosity:

If you try to use money by itself to attract women, you will either just get used or come across as a jerk who expects women to service him just because he has money. If you are broke but have game you can still get girls.

But you are lying to yourself if you say you intentionally want to be poor.

I finally admitted to myself that I was sick of taking shortcuts and I wanted to become wealthy. I needed to know how to make money. But it wasn’t just for the money, it was for the freedom, and I thought that starting an online business would give me both money and freedom (more about that in a moment). The turning point was when my best friend at the time told me he was going to Sweden for the summer. When I asked him why, he said “dude, because Sweden is amazing during the summer.” He had found my soft spot. Beautiful Swedish girls are my kryptonite.

I decided to set a goal, and I put in as much work and time as it took to find out how to make money through an online business and become wealthy; not only that, I wanted to figure out how to use my money to my advantage. It wasn’t easy, especially since I had less than $200 in my bank account when I started. This was just a few months ago back in June. Now my life is completely different and so is my bank account balance. I still don’t let girls use me and I don’t like gold diggers, but I found out how to make money and use it to attract women — WITHOUT being used.

But first, what is all of this money good for?

How to Use Money to Revolutionize Your Social Life

Spend your money on getting in the best shape of your life. Being physically fit is the easiest way to make women want to have sex with you. Use your money to hire the best personal trainer and take expensive CrossFit classes if that’s your thing. Studies have shown that people who invest in a personal trainer progress much faster than those who go about it on their own, so don’t skimp on yourself. Not only will you feel better, but the women will reward you later. I used to cycle between being out of shape and being seriously in shape before I realized I needed to stop making excuses; I later joined a CrossFit gym and the ladies started joining me in bed. I’m in the best shape of my life, and I couldn’t be happier.

Buy the healthiest food. Hire a nutritionist. Spend double on pasteurized meats and organic vegetables. Learn how to make a green smoothie instead of drinking a soda. Eat a handful of nuts instead of downing a bag of chips. Don’t sell yourself short. Eating healthy makes you look good, feel good, and gives you tons of energy, all things that women are attracted to. I realize that it’s tempting to eat McDonald’s and take the easy way out, but if you’ve got the money to spend, this is where you want to spend it.

Use money to automate your life. Freeing up your time by paying for laundry, house cleaners, personal assistants, etc gives you time to relax and spend time with beautiful women.

Be generous with your friends. The rule to buying drinks, meals, or gifts for girls is only do it if you regularly do it with your male friends; dishing out gifts and luxury only on the women you’re trying to sleep with is a sure sign that you’re being used for your money. But true generosity is attractive, especially when you have enough money that it really is no big deal to pick up a round of drinks or everyone’s dinner. Not only do women see that you have the means to entertain them, they also see that you’re the kind of guy everyone wants to be around.

Buy fitted clothes. Ever since I started getting dress shirts made from a tailor custom I’ve felt like a million bucks every time I go out. You don’t need to buy designer clothes, but everything you wear needs to be fitted correctly and clean. Wearing pants that are too big makes you look sloppy; wearing pants that are too small makes you look fat. But there’s a big difference between being good-looking and looking good, and dressing to impress is the first step to looking your best.

Do fun stuff. Now that money isn’t holding me back, any time someone suggests a fun activity, vacation, or trip I jump on it. Your life will be attractive the more fun your life is and the more experiences you have. Invite girls along to do these things as well. Nobody wants to be with the kind of guy who sits in the background and doesn’t know how to show a girl a good time, but everyone wants the man who is the life of the party. Be that man.

“But Johnny, how can I use my money to better my social life if I don’t have any in the first place?”

I know what that’s like. Believe me, it can be hard to convince yourself to get a personal trainer when you’re having a hard time just scraping rent together and your idea of a fancy dinner is throwing some tuna in your ramen. But if you’re like me and you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, here are a few things you can try on your journey to figuring out how to make more money:

How to Make More Money

You could try to get a raise or a second job, but those things both require more time. You want more free time, not less of it. I would advise anyone wanting to become rich to start their own business and become your own boss — online businesses are a quick way to do this. You can start whatever business you think you would be good at just as long as you figure out an exit plan so it doesn’t suck up your free time for the next ten years.

Personally I decided to get into online business so I could be location independent and travel while I was learning how to make money. I was down to less than $200 in my bank account with no real source of income. I didn’t want to teach scuba diving or pick up full time anymore because both are very stressful and at time frustrating professions. I found myself looking how to live as cheap as possible, and dreaded the thought of looking for another 9-5 job. I decided that I wanted to build an online business and have the freedom to be able to work wherever I wanted to in the world from my laptop.

I learned all about eCommerce and Dropshipping through and used his system to build my first online business with Shopify as the backend. It took me exactly 2 months to start making sales, but since then I have been making more money with my online business than I used to with my 9-5 job. Best of all, taking the skills I’ve learned from the course I’ve replicated it into new niches which potentially will double or even triple my current income by the end of next year.

I went from being almost broke to making thousands of dollars. Changing your career path can be a scary choice to make, but you’ll thank me when you make the leap.


Even after paying off all of my credit cards I was still left with over $15k in my bank just from the past few months of starting my store. It’s insane to think that when I started this experiment I had less than $200 in my bank account, was living in a shitty shared apartment and was trying to live as frugally as possible. (Although it just goes to show you that you can still get girls WITHOUT being rich 🙂

I Made Over $10,000 In Just 2 Months

Final Thoughts

Having money won’t instantly get you good with women — you’ll still need basic approach, comfort and sexual escalation skills — but being in shape and having money has worked wonders for natural attraction, confidence, and passive value. I can easily teach guys how to approach, open, kino, AMOG, and close during a three-day bootcamp, but teaching a guy with no passive value how to attract women is the hardest part, and using your money wisely can greatly increase your passive value.

Do yourself a favor and dedicate yourself to the things you know women are already attracted to. It may not be fair, but women want to sleep with rich guys. Become a rich guy.

There’s one small caveat — if you don’t want to use your money the wrong way and you don’t want women to take advantage of you, you need to learn how to game women properly at the same time. The best thing you can do for yourself, the best investment you’ll ever make in your future, is taking one of our exclusive three-day bootcamps, where your own personal pickup trainer will kick your ass into shape and show you everything you’ll ever need to know about beautiful women.

Are you game?

Johnny Wolf