Where to Pick Up Girls in: Detroit, Michigan!

By Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones, world-traveled (and crushingly handsome) Certified Instructor for the ABCs of Attraction, back again with places to pick up girls! In our Where to Pick Up Girls article series, we’ve been through Orlando, Denver and Dallas and a few other cities and now I think it’s time to spread out a bit to the north with a few places I’ve been.

This time I’m here to tell you about the city I did my most recent travel abroad to (at the time of this writing, anyway), Detroit, Michigan!

GENERAL TIPS: Though it was raining most of the time, we had a ton of fun in Detroit and met some pretty cute girls. Expect a cover everywhere you go in the city, so it’s a pleasant surprise when you don’t have to pay and then party-hearty. The clubs and bars we went to weren’t formal at all, but I was still getting a ton of positive attention for dressing nicely, so I recommend the same. As always, be safe when you travel and have some fun for us!

Friday Night:

Boogie Fever (22901 Woodward Avenue): 21+, $10 cover. Super Eclectic mix of people. 21-50 with all types of groups: Bachelorette parties, birthday groups, young girls out on the town and older cougars, extra-marital couples and every kind of guy out there. This place is a huge melting pot and, aside from one or two 9s, the quality was pretty low.

Bar in the middle of the room, booths for isolation behind and big dancefloor in the middle. Also, a area of tables where they serve appetizers (??) and people sit and watch the dancefloor. Super casual attire (plain t-shirts and hats were allowed in) and, though it was raining when we showed up, there were still people and it got fairly busy at midnight. Would even recommend going early. Terrible music (vintage dance tunes: Prince, Rick James, INXS, etc).

Talent was pretty low, but a good place to go for an easy sarge. All sets opened well.

Saturday Night:

Dirty Martini (42705 Grand River Avenue): 21+. Downstairs was a a bar off a restaurant that seemed to be pretty small and empty all night. Upstairs was a different story $5/$10 cover (can’t remember!). Though, it might’ve been luck, we walked in to a club filled with women! There was a birthday party there and I think we were the only two guys in the club. Ratio stayed great all night.

Top 40 dance music and much more clubby than anything else in MI. Sets were tough to open, but staff was cool and drinks were cheap. Upscale dress is encouraged and there were quite a lot of people. Three main areas; lower bar and lounge with tables (all reserved) and the majority of the traffic. Up the stairs was the dancefloor which was SUPER loud. On the other side, on the way to the bathrooms was another, quieter bar great for isolations and crabby girls that just want to sit by themselves (ugh!).

This place stayed hoppin’ all night but the DJ was a jackass (“All the ladies that have requests, come up to the DJ booth! Only Ladies!!!” huge fail).

Sunday Night:

Tonic (29 S. Saginaw St): This was an 18+ club that we were supposed to go to, but when we drove by the line, it was all fat, tired looking teens and goth kids trying WAY too hard. They played top 40 and the DJ was also terrible, talking over songs and playing ¼ tracks (they were streaming it on the radio). Skipped this one. Enter at your own risk.

Rosie O’Gradies (279 West 9 Mile Road): 21+. No cover. Casual/bar dress. The only Industry Night in Detroit that we could find. They were doing a bartending competition that brought a ton of people in from neighboring bars and we found out that was pretty much the only place to go. Laid out like a restaurant, so they had a row of booths visible to a section of high-top tables and a bar in the middle.

There was also a stage and I’m told bands play there frequently (there’s also Karaoke!). I imagine this could get loud, but you can resort to the second row of booths in the back, back. Smoking patio is a chained off section of the parking lot. Though, they weren’t playing much music when we went, the drinks were cheap and DJ wasn’t a jackass. HUGE plus in Michigan.

Hot off-duty waitresses and bartenders were tough to open, so go indirect and escalate asap.

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