Multiple Relationship Management

By JT Tran

Angels descend, halos of bright white sunlight stream in through the stained-glass windows, and birds chirp their congratulations as an ancient, worn tome floats gently down from far above, coming to rest on the gnarled oak podium before you.

You open the first page and see the following article:

Multiple Relationship Management

So you’re ready for open relationships, eh?

That’s pretty nifty.

I thought this day would soon come. We have been waiting for you.

The birds were a nice touch, don’t you think?

Anyways, I’d hate to keep you waiting any longer. I think it’s time that you learn about the do’s and don’ts of open relationships.

If you made it past the security guards, the poison-dart traps, and that one needy chick who was really, REALLY trying to lock you down for herself, then I would say you’re definitely ready for this knowledge.

Lets take a look PAST the epicness of multiple relationships and focus on the logistics…

The actually “how-to” of seeing multiple girls at the same time…

As well as some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

You’ve made it this far, brave countryman. Don’t stop your quest now.


The Usual Suspects

 There are certain types of guys that women are WILLING to share. These gentlemen are few and far between, but, with the right knowledge of their behavior and lifestyle, you can emulate their success.

While there may be more, I myself have noticed two distinct types of men that are able to have open relationships:

  1. The Badass– This dude is a badass, plain and simple. He is ALL about replication value. He is dominant, aggressive, does what he wants, and looks out for himself first, to the point of coming across as an asshole from time to time.He doesn’t spend money on ANY of the girls that he’s with. In fact, he might not even HAVE the money to spend; I’ve seen a lot of this type of guy who are flat-out BROKE, almost unable to even provide for themselves.But, they have survival value. Out the asshole.These people are usually fighters, promoters, criminals, and sometimes comedians.The truly look out for numero uno, and they’re usually just out to have a good time.
  2. The Playboy– This is the jet-setting, millionaire type who actually seems to develop somewhat of a relationship with each of the women that he is having sex with at any given time. Since he is slightly more balanced as far as survival vs. replication value than his Badass counterpart, he actually tends to provide for the women that he’s with.It’s not supplicating; his wealth is generally so massive that it’s not a big deal to take care of his little bunnies. He actually ENJOYS it.Think of people like Richard Branson, Salman Rushdie, and – possibly most notably – Tiger Woods.They like taking care of girls, but at the same time, they’re not pussies.

Lets see how we can use this to our advantage…


Exploiting The Naturals

 Seeing as these are the two most common types of men that successfully have multiple relationships on a consistent basis, the best solution for US is to EMULATE the traits that draw women to them, and that assuage the psyches of these women so that the don’t object to the man seeing other people.

For both, you need a CORE of having SOLID GAME, which you can get through taking an ABCs of Attraction Program.

If you’re filthy rich, go for number two (not millionaire rich, more like billionaire rich).

However, for most of us, option 1 – the badass – will be a much more suitable choice.

 However, we DON’T want to be assholes…

So, while retaining some semblance of decency and common courtesy, how can we make this work for ourselves?

  1. Replication value – Not only do you not want girls incorrectly thinking that they’re going to get anything out of you other than sex, but augmenting your replication traits (confidence, dominance, sense of humor, social proof, etc) will attract tons of women to you. If you want to date multiple girls at once, then you obviously need 10x that many girls interested in you in the first place.
  2. Pre-selection– Always have tons of girls around you, fighting for your attention and approval. In addition to simply being fun, this will give new girls that you meet and attract a reasonable justification of why they can’t have you to themselves – “He’s got all these girls all over him, I’m lucky that I even get to be with him at all…”You need her to feel like YOU are the source of value if you want to maintain multiple relationships.
  3. Adamantium reality– You can NOT let ANYBODY shatter your reality, or even move it a single centimeter. You are doing what you want to do. Nothing is WRONG with wanting multiple relationships.You WILL get challenged on this, from your girls to the general public alike. If you show any sign of incongruence or hesitation, your entire harem of girls will simply fall apart. They will see (or even SENSE) the weakness, and they will either try to go for exclusivity, or just leave you completely.
  4. Total abundance – You need total abundance if you want this to work. You will lose girls – probably even ones that you REALLY LIKE – by refusing to stop seeing the other women in your life. Some girls will just NOT be okay with you seeing other women, and you have to learn to accept that. Unless the girl is SO SPECTACULAR that she makes you CHANGE YOUR MIND about wanting open relationships, you will need to learn to let her go, and to be okay with it.

Open relationships are definitely one of the most complicated relationship scenarios, especially when emotions are involved. However, if you have what it takes to handle it, they can be very fun, and actually very rewarding as well.