How to Become Popular

By JT Tran

So… You want to know how to become popular, eh? You want people, men and women alike, to be drawn to your charisma and charm. You want people to invite you to cool events, tag you in pictures, and look up to you… and women to go to bed with you.  But how do you achieve this?

Becoming popular is easier said than done, and, while the art of being popular is broader than “Game” itself, these two skill sets heavily intermingle. If you can learn game, you can learn to be popular in general. Take my supple yet firm hand and allow me to guide you down the path of popularity so that you can become one of the “cool kids”!


The Psychology Of “Popular”

Think about “pop” music or “pop” culture. These are defined by a small but influential group of people who decide that the certain music or media is “cool”. Once it reaches critical mass (which is 3% of market penetration, according to Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point”), it starts to spread like wildfire.

Another way of saying this is that popularity is all about an initial good idea that is given the good grace of the band wagon effect. It is just mob psychology, manipulated to your advantage.

This is why, in high school, if you were popular, you were good to go for the remainder of your high school career. However, if you weren’t popular, you were pretty much destined to stay that way. That is, unless one of the popular (AKA, influential) kids decided that you were cool, which exposed you to at least 3% of the kids in your group that ALSO decided that you were cool. If that was the lucky case, then TADAA! You probably became popular.

Read on to figure out how to become popular like this lucky fellow today!


Qualities Of The Popular

 The most important thing about being popular is possessing the character traits that popular people have. Because exposure to the 3% means nothing if they won’t like what you’re giving them. These character traits aren’t really things that you can fake; they have to become a part of who you are. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it will definitely help you start on your path to becoming Mr. Popular.

  1. Non-Reactive – This is extremely important. If you are reactive, how are you going to be popular? People need to know that they can rely on you to ACT and NOT to REACT. If you establish a reputation as un-reactive, you will be that much closer to becoming popular within your friend group. You can start on this by making sure that you don’t seek reactions from others, and by taking a deep breath every time something happens that would normally effect you. Cool people don’t take life too seriously, and realize that threats – even those aimed directly at them – aren’t that big of a deal.
  2. Non-Judgmental – Being judgmental is probably the #1 fastest way to kill your cool. Nobody wants to hang out with a judgmental character. If you can succeed in making people feel comfortableand socially validated just by basking in your glorious presence, then they will FLOCK to you. So few people succeed in being truly judgmental that those rare few who do are constantly in high demand. If you’re level headed enough to take life in stride and stray from judgement, people will be that much more likely to gravitate towards you.
  3. Leadership – People NEED leaders. Different social castes exist for a reason, and each role needs to be filled. Think of it as a pyramid, with the lowest caste having the most people, and the highest, most elite caste having the fewest. Another way of saying this is that some people are meant to be leaders, and others are meant to be followers. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), most people are NOT meant to be leaders. Which means that most people who are reading this aren’t really supposed to be popular anyway. However, if you feel that you have the capacity to lead others, that the only prerequisite to becoming popular. People gravitate towards this BECAUSE of their inherent need to be led. Take advantage of it 😉
  4. B-Phase – Popular people are usually naturally really good at B-Phase (banter, buying temperature, be in the moment). If you look at most popular people, they have the ability to pretty much pump other people’s buying temperature on command. Everyone is always reacting to them, instead of the other way around. If you want in-depth help on getting your B-Phase to a high level, my best advice would be to take a bootcamp. You can check out details and dates here: programs
  5. Dominance – Cool people aren’t pussies. Cool people are comfortable in their own skin, and confident that their way is right. You don’t have to be hard-headed, and you certainly shouldn’t overcompensate, but if you want to be cool, you should work on eliminating any submissive tendencies that you might have.

As you can see, being cool is based on a strong, confident, and fun-loving personal foundation. However, it takes more than just a good personality to become popular…


Market Penetration

Market penetration is the term used in sales and branding to describe the percentage of the populace that is aware of a certain product or service. In terms of being cool, it is your exposure to people in a certain social setting.

If you’re in a club and can get 3% of the people there to think that you’re the shit, then you’re good to go. Likewise, if you can get 3% of the people in your social circle to think that you’re a really cool guy, the rest will follow. “Market Penetration”, as it applies to us, is all about exposing your genuine self to the most people possible so that you have the greatest chance  of becoming popular.

In conclusion, popularity is merely an idea. While it does require a solid and genuine foundation, it is facilitated by mob psychology which is – lets face it – generally pretty retarded. The keys to success in the area are to develop yourself as a person, expose yourself to as many people as possible in as genuine a way as possible, and detach yourself from the outcome, because in the end, it’s really not that important.

Just remember: Use this knowledge to your advantage, but never let the knowledge use you.