How to be Funny Around Women

By Katie Pebbles

One of the best ways to gain the attention of a woman is definitely by being funny, as this always manages to create a bond between you and her. However, being funny when you are near a woman can be hard especially if you are shy for example, and this is why we have compiled a list with some of the best ways that you can be funny around women.

Be different

If anyone ever asks, “How are you today?”

Just deadpan and say, “Terrible.”

Gets a laugh 100% of the time.

You can follow up with some ridiculous reason when they ask why with being a virgin, being sober, etc.

I haven’t had a single girl not laugh at this. It’s all in the delivery and how unexpected the answer is to so such a rhetorical question.

Be in the moment

It’s important to stop focusing on memorizing a joke, because most of the time this will just bring tension between you and the woman.  With rehearsed routines you will most likely over think what you are trying to say and not tell that joke ‘right’ making things more awkward than anything else. Instead, a very good idea is to just be yourself and make up some jokes on the spot, in other word be in the moment. Just ask her a serious question, allow her to respond and then bring a humorous twist like making a funny face for example or even calling attention to how boring that question sounded and you should get a giggle. This definitely eases the tension and allows a woman to open up to you, because more than 95% of all women want to be with a guy that knows how to make them laugh.

Don’t take yourself too seriously with the joke

Using knock knock jokes for example, or any other type of jokes that involves bringing yourself in to the spotlight can be a good idea, because it shows that you have the power to make jokes about yourself without being serious about it. And let’s face it, women want to have someone funny near them, because there are moments in life when your funniness will help them go through everything a lot easier.  That said, avoid using self deprecating humor, because you may end up pointing out some of your weaknesses that she hadn’t even noticed which will leave you looking insecure, not funny.

Being animated

A very good idea is to always be animated, use hand gestures and just stay positive about everything. When you are animated, things will start to go your way. Don’t go over the top and become too animated, because this will transform you into a clown and that’s definitely something you want to avoid. Instead, be natural and use your hand gestures like you normally would, without going over the top.



Be knowledgeable

Instead of using the normal jokes that everyone does, try to create jokes that are new, but which make sense. Document yourself on various topics and find the funny ideas in them. Being funny requires you to have intelligence, to be educated, and always bring up new stuff. Be it the pop culture, current events, sports or science, all of these can be used efficiently in order to create jokes, so be creative. Remember that you need to know what the woman likes, her hobbies, or on trend topics in order to tailor your jokes accordingly.

Listen to what she says

You need to continually talk with her in order to see the reaction she has to your jokes. Remember to be playful and to listen continually, as this will allow you to change the joke on the spot and give any twist you want. This is very helpful.  If you notice her reaction and it seems that the joke somehow fell flat, call attention to the fact that it was less than funny so that you can laugh at yourself and she can laugh with you.  This will definitely bring the energy level back up and show off your confidence.


Speaking of confidence, just like in any type of interaction with women, you want to show that you have self-confidence. Women want a man that can show support for them, so be confident when you make jokes, and avoid being shy. In the end, a woman, even the really hot ones, are normal people like you and me, so you don’t have to treat them in any other way than you do with your friends! Open up with her and you will find her doing the same with you.  By being willing to be outside of your shell and raise the energy level, you will find that she naturally wants to spend time around you.  Women in general want to have a great time and being around a confident man who knows how to be silly will give her just that.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do in order to be funny around women. Be playful, learn to not take yourself too seriously and always try to ease the tension, because that’s exactly what women want! You may come across a little rusty at first but with the tips here, you can easily overcome even the worst attempts at being funny.  As time moves on, it will become a more natural part of your conversations with women which should allow you to spend more time with the women of your choice.  Follow these simple tips and you are bound to get the attention of any woman on the planet!  Need practice before trying out the real thing?  Click here to find out how to come across as a total natural.