Friends with Benefits

By JT Tran

Hey, happy camper!

You must be happy, because you’re doing well enough to start considering “Friends with Benefits” relationships.

While this a great milestone in your development as a PUA, there are definitely ways that you can mess this up.

 Contrary to popular belief, Friends With Benefits relationships are NOT the easiest form of relationship.

They are not the easiest to maintain, they are not the easiest logistically, and, in some cases, they are not the easiest emotionally.

All Friends With Benefits relationships have a beginning, a middle, and an END – either by ending completely or turning into some other form of relationship such as an exclusive relationship – and you need to know how to deal with all three of these parts, and how to manipulate the duration of each part in order to get the most out of your Friends With Benefits relationship.

And yes, Friends With Benefits relationships are FLEETING. They are not nearly as stable as monogamous relationships, or even open relationships. They DO END… The trick is to make them last as long as possible to get the most bang for your buck…

…No pun intended 🙂

So, in the spirit of getting it on with friends, lets get to work.


The Beginning: The Tricky Part

The hardest part – at least logistically – of starting a Friends With Benefits relationship is the beginning. How do you have casual sex without making her feel like a slut, and how do you handle any objections to not going exclusive if they arise?

 This requires superior gamesmanship, and a high level of sexual expertise.

Lets look into it a little bit deeper:

  1. Non-judgmental – The best way to avoid triggering her ASD in non-monogamous relationships is to simply be non-judgement. Make it clear through words, actions, and emotions that you don’t judge women who enjoy recreational sex. You understand their feminine desires and needs, and you’re here to take care of them 😉
  2. Replication value game – If you want a no-strings-attached relationship, your game should be based around augmenting your replication value. You don’t need any survival value to be Friends With Benefits with a hottie. None at all. So don’t focus on that, or she’ll start getting feelings for you and thinking of you as boyfriend material. No bueno.
  3. Good at sex – This is what will keep her around. Since your relationship is purely sexual, you absolutely MUST be giving her a sexual experience that she gets nowhere else. Perfect your sexual abilities. I recommend the Sex God Method by Daniel Rose. Google it. It will seriously change your sex life.
  4. Handling objections – You need to be an Ace at handling objections. All that this requires is extreme congruence, and being unwilling to compromise. If she objects to being a Friends With Benefits and wants to go exclusive, then it means that she LIKES you, so she’ll probably stay with you either way. The decision is up to you. Use your power for good.

This stage is where all the backbreaking work takes place. If you’ve made it past these 4 steps in your Friends With Benefits relationship, then you’re headed on to the middle of the Friends With Benefits relationship, which is, by far, the best part.

The Middle: The Fun Part

 This is the FUN PART. This is where you reap the rewards. No hassle of having to seduce her or handle objections, and the dreaded end has not yet come. So, does that mean that you can just sit on your ass and enjoy it?

Well… Kind of.

Actually, yeah. That’s pretty much all that you have to do.

But, for the sake of your convenience, I’ve included some tips that can only serve to make this a more enjoyable relationship.

  1. Decide what you want – Do you want to just fuck her, and never have it be anything more? Or do you think you actually like this chick? Or, are you still just on the fence?
  2. IF you just want to fuck her – Then just fuck her. Keep it all replication-based. Don’t go super deep with your connection. You should be her fun, light-hearted party friend who she bangs after a night at the club. Nothing more. String this out and see how long you can make it last.
  3. IF you want to date her – Start deepening your connection (more of the “C” phase), as well as displaying all of your survival abilities and characteristics (protector of loved ones, intelligent, status & wealth, etc). This will cause her to see you as more than just a piece of meat, and she will start to get emotions for you.
  4. IF you are still on the fence – Do step 2, and make it last as long as you can until you are forced to decide.

Pretty simple. Most importantly, enjoy yourself.


The End: The Predictable Part

Friends With Benefits relationships WILL ALWAYS END. It’s a fact of life. Whether they end entirely, or just end by turning into a closed relationship – or whatever else might occur – you have to be prepared.

Here are the most common scenarios that might occur:

  1. She meets someone – If you are NOT deepening your connection or displaying survival value, (AKA, if you just want to DO her), she will eventually meet somebody else who DOES do those things for her.As much as women love sex, the need to feel appreciated and they need to feel a connection with at least one man in their life.If you don’t provide this for her, she will eventually seek it elsewhere. And, if she’s hot, she’ll find it.When this happens, she will most likely just stop returning your calls, slowly but surely.
    Your response should pretty much be “Oh well, that was fun while it lasted. Time to find somebody new.”
  2. You guys step it upYou mutually decided to take it to the next level, whatever that level may be. This will ALWAYS be a result of you building a connection with one another, and can be catalyzed by demonstrating survival value.If this becomes the case for you, congratulations! Enjoy your relationship 🙂


While Friends With Benefits relationships are fleeting at best, they can be very enjoyable.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that they’re rewarding; they’re not! But, they can definitely be a lot of fun.