Can A Bootcamp Change My Life in Three Days?

By JT Tran

In my nine years as a pickup artist, I’ve heard a lot of interesting questions. JT, what do I do about Asian stereotypes? JT, how can I talk to a girl? JT, how can I make myself look good? JT, JT, JT, what do I do?

And then the other day I heard this one: JT, can a bootcamp change my life in three days?

We all like to shop around for the best PUA workshop and do as much research as possible before we invest our money in something. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m an Asian super saver and I hate feeling like I wasted my money on something. So it’s only natural that a guy who is thinking about a bootcamp would ask himself whether or not it’s worth it.

So CAN a bootcamp change your life in three days?


Three days sounds like a short amount of time, but with the right coaching material, three days is all you need. I won’t lie and tell you that three days of the best PUA workshop will turn you into the next Mystery come Monday morning. Anybody who tries to sell you a bootcamp with that kind of promise is swindling you out of your hard-earned paycheck.

Any good bootcamp is supposed to give you a great foundation that gives you room for limitless levels of improvement.

At our best PUA workshop, we give you three days of class instruction and three days of in-field observation. We don’t just lecture you on what you should and shouldn’t do just because we like the sound of our own voices; we get out there and watch you in action so we can help you correct yourself where you need improvement. There are numerous self-help books out there, but there’s nothing like an outsider’s perspective to actively tell you exactly what you need with first-hand experience. We make sure that your best PUA workshop CAN change your life in three days.

You can’t beat the fact that we bring our wing-girls, real women, to the bootcamps with us. Who would pass up being able to actually practice the lecture techniques on a woman?

You’ll walk away from our three-day bootcamps not only with knowledge of incredible techniques that myself and my coaches have honed over years of experience, but also with the tools to recognize when you’re doing something incorrectly after your best PUA workshop. THAT is the key to self-improvement. You can learn every technique in the world, but if you never learn what it is that messed you up in the first place, you’re only going to end up chasing your tail.

I’ve seen my students go from stuttering, blubbering messes to dominant men who can command the attention of a room. I’ve seen them use our confidence techniques to dominate job interviews. I’ve seen them get girlfriends, become engaged, and get married. I’ve seen them do complete turn-arounds and become men I could truly say I was proud of after a mere three days at the best PUA workshop.

But don’t just take my word for it. If you’re still asking yourself if a bootcamp can change your life in three days, here are some PUA bootcamp reviews about our life-changing, three-day bootcamps:

To those who are still hesitant to sign up for a boot camp, I feel like it was one of the best moves of my life. Honestly, there is only so much you can do without seeing it in the field, being taught by a master, and practicing it under his/her guidance. As an analogy, you can’t just read a textbook on how to perform heart surgery, and then the next day waltz into an OR and totally own it. You need to observe and train under a skilled surgeon first. Pickup is the same way!


I can sum up the material that I learned over that weekend best with one word – powerful…. I’ve been out a few times since the boot camp and see huge differences in where I used to be and the person I am growing into.


I took this course after a life changing realization that I really need to get out there and meet some girls, I identified the problem but I needed to know the basics: The What, The How, and The Where. And that’s when I stumbled upon The ABC’s of Attraction….

APB’s bootcamp was amazing, I learned the basics and more advanced stuff in 3 days compared to a year of reading for 6 months…. The APB team pushes you to your limits and makes you break em to become not just a better PUA but to become a better MAN. PERIOD.

-The Masked User

“In summary, this bootcamp was worth every penny. I’ve always had a hard time putting all the material that I learned together and never had a clear direction. With this, I’ve learned so much and I can finally say I’m on the right path. There were so many things that changed like body language, technique, etc. Another great thing about the ABCs model is that it adapts to everything. You can go direct, you can go indirect. The BLP I learned was so useful in not only escalating with the girl, but also helpful in taking care of cock blocks and friends. I didn’t even worry about group dynamics for the most part unless it got huge and I had a protective AMOG to deal with. I did more mixed sets in this bootcamp than I’ve ever done in the past 7 months. I can talk about the things I’ve learned, the things I’ve accomplished and all that, but it doesn’t equate to what I got out of the bootcamp. I mean I don’t know what else to say except that I feel so powerful I can’t describe it with words.” -Juggernaut

Sounds to me like those guys changed their lives in three days.

Ultimately, any bootcamp is a jumping-off point for you to take charge and completely change the rest of your life. The key thing to ask yourself is this: Do these bootcamps give me enough tools to where I will have limitless room for improvement, or are they only temporary fixes that will leave me stagnant?

The ABCs of Attraction coaches hate nothing more than seeing a bootcamp that fails its students. The best PUA workshop teaches you how to fish for women so you can feed your dating skills for a lifetime; other bootcamps merely give you a fish for the night.

That’s why my coaches are so passionate about taking you guys in the field for REAL training, not just classroom theory like some pickup artists. It’s like taking a chemistry class; nothing beats going to the laboratory.

I’ve got the tools, you’ve got the drive to succeed, let’s make this happen and change your life for the better.

See you in class!