The 3 Essential Suits All Asian Men Should Have To Look More Attractive And Fashionable

By Captain

What kind of suits make Asian men look more attractive? As an Asian man, you have certain advantages over men of other races in the dating game. Women immediately see you as smart, hardworking, charming, gentlemanly, and interesting. And by wearing these three essential suits, all Asian men can be made to look more attractive, confident, and appealing to women.

The key is to develop a fashion sense that highlights these traits AND fit right into the environment or event or date location you’re in.

And here’s the good news: By having only six essential items in your wardrobe, you’re pretty much covered for 95-98% of all possible dating and socializing environments you can think of. Asian men have never looked more fashionable and handsome than in a suit like these.

Here are those essentials:

#1: The Black Suit

Make no mistake. You MUST have suits in your wardrobe. Suits are the universally-accepted signs of hard work, success orientation, and good taste in men. Women love suits because they make you look sexy, capable, and dominant at the same time – all traits they unconsciously look for in potential lovers.

The first suit you should have is the black suit. It’s the most formal of all suits (usually reserved for big events like weddings, reunions, and black-tie events), and you should get both the black blazer and matching black trousers at least. If you’re up to it, get a vest, too.

Suits are best when tailored to your specific measurements and preferences, but it’s okay to get a black suit off the rack and have it altered to fit you perfectly.

#2: The Blue Suit

Secondly, you must have a blue suit. For the most flexibility, get a navy blue one. Blue suits are more flexible than black suits, and they can be worn on less formal events, like conventions and cocktails.

The navy blue blazer is particularly flexible – you can mix and match it with khaki pants, dark jeans, or even the trousers from your black suit. It makes for a sharp-looking sports coat when you wear it over your more comfortable casual clothing.

#3: The Gray Suit

Thirdly, you should also have a gray suit. Light gray suits look sophisticated, but if you’d like flexibility and functionality, go for a darker charcoal grey. Like the blue suit, the gray suit is very versatile, and the pieces can easily be mixed and matched with the other items in your wardrobe.

Here’s a good combo to consider: Wear your gray blazer over a brightly-colored shirt and dark jeans. It will look like a stylish sport coat that will turn heads at parties.

#4: The White Dress Shirt

This is the “staple” shirt you’ll wear under your suit blazers. If you rarely wear suits, then one white dress shirt should be enough for you. You’ll need more, though, if you wear suits more often or if you like white dress shirts so much, you’d wear them everywhere.

White goes well with any of your three suit blazers, plus it highlights any tie you wear really well. Dress shirts are extremely flexible and can be worn with jeans (for your daily trips into down) or khakis (for trips to the pool or beach).

#5: A Pair of Black Shoes

For the purposes of dating and socializing, you’ll only need two pairs of shoes. Your first should be a pair of black leather shoes. They’re what you always wear with your black suit, and optionally wear with your gray suit. Make sure the pair you get fits you perfectly and looks good when shined.

#6: A Pair of Brown Shoes

Your second pair should be brown leather shoes. They’ll match your blue and gray suits perfectly, but it’s considered “taboo” to wear them with a black suit – so avoid doing so.

Adding to Your Wardrobe

By mixing and matching these six essentials suits with your usual clothing in your wardrobe, Asian men like you can find enough combinations to cover ANY date or event that comes your way.

Later on, as you get more experienced with dating women, you might want to add a few items to your wardrobe. For instance, if you’re at home in the after-dark party scene, then you might want to get some brightly-colored dress shirts. Or you might get a fourth suit, this time brown or khaki. Or you might realize certain accessories make your most attractive physical traits pop.

It’ll be up to you eventually. But you must start somewhere, and these six essentials will get you started just fine. Wear them, get used to them, and then supplement them with other items later, as your tastes and desired results in pickup become clearer to you.