3 Hacks to Overcome Approach Anxiety FOREVER

By Captain

Do you have Approach Anxiety?

Are you frustrated at how it’s stopping you from meeting the women you want?

And do you want to overcome Approach Anxiety so you can finally start achieving your goals in love and life?

It’s Captain Daniel Hyun here and I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is this: You’ll probably NEVER get over your Approach Anxiety. That’s because even the best ones out there – the guys who are most successful with women – still have it, too.

The good news? The good news is like just like the pros, you can have Approach Anxiety AND still
approach women, have a good time, and overcome your fear of rejection COMPLETELY.

How exactly do you do that?

In this quick 4-minute video below, I show you a three-step process I use to beat Approach Anxiety. Check it out right now:

Have you seen the video?

If you have, then surprise, surprise – even pros like JT Tran and I still have Approach Anxiety. We still feel that crushing nervousness in them when they see a hot woman they want to meet.

But what does I, JT Tran, or even Jeff Khan do when we feels that nervousness?

We do the first of the three steps I outline in the video, and that is to accept and embrace
Approach Anxiety.

The Mistake Most Guys Make About Approach Anxiety

See, here’s the problem: Most guys try to DESTROY or CURE their Approach Anxiety. They try to ignore it, or fight it, or pretend it doesn’t exist. You might be trying to do something like that right now.

The problem is, of course, that it’s standing in the way of what we KNOW will make us happy – and that is to meet new women and have good times with them.

But that doesn’t work, because Approach Anxiety is a part of you and me. It’s something Mother Nature has hard-wired into our brains, and it’s meant to keep us safe and happy.

You can’t destroy something that’s part of you or try to cure it, instead you use it as FUEL and STRENGTH so you can OVERCOME your obstacles and make you STRONGER.

So I do what all of us should – and that’s to accept and embrace the fact that we have Approach Anxiety… and then approach women anyway with that FIRE IN MY BELLY.

You’ve heard it before, right?

Courage isn’t about not being afraid – it’s about being afraid and doing it anyway.

And that’s pretty much how you “beat” Approach Anxiety – by being courageous about it.

By BEING your own HERO.

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety’s Underlying Fear

And speaking of courage, that brings us to the underlying FEAR behind Approach Anxiety: The fear of rejection.

Hey, we all have it, right? We’re all afraid of the idea that when we approach a woman, she rejects us, and people will laugh at us and hate us.

But is that what really happens?

Nope. In fact, people care about themselves about 10 times more than they’ll ever care about you.

They’ll see you get rejected, then they’ll forget about it. Some of them might even congratulate you for making the attempt.

And that’s the wisdom behind my second step, which is to stop caring what other people think.

And lastly, I suggest having no expectations for your approach. When you approach a woman, don’t want her to like you, or give you her number, or go on a date with you.

Instead, your goal is to have a conversation with her. That’s it. Because what you’re doing is checking her out to see if she’s someone worth spending your time with.

If she is, then great! But if she isn’t, that’s okay – you tell her, “Hey, thanks for your time. Nice meeting you. Bye,” and then you move right on to the next woman you want to check out.

Simple, right?

That’s how you overcome Approach Anxiety – not by killing it, but by embracing it and making it work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST you.

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