Where to Pick Up Girls in: Dallas, Texas!

The Asian Playboy in Dallas

The Asian Playboy in Dallas

Dallas, or the Big D as it’s known, is my hometown. It’s been a few years since I lived there, but we visit several times a year so we still have a good feel for the pulse of the city and Dallas has some of the finest looking Southern belles around and a really fun place to pick up girls in this edition of Where to Pick Up Girls.

There is a darkside to Texas, but I’ll save that tip for last.

OPENER TIP: The girls are tough on indirect openers (assuming you’re going to the upscale places I like to go to), but respond really well to confidence, masculinity and direct openers. Physicality and Kino are really important in this city and staff everywhere seems to be really trite and entitled, be direct to get what you want.

PROMOTER TIP: There are tons of promoters and Dallas TRIES to do the Hollywood Velvet Rope, but doesn’t pull it off except for the really exclusive clubs. 12inchpimps is probably the most consistent DJ / Promoters who usually work really good venues.

Friday Night

Liar’s Den (2710 McKinney Avenue): Multi-level bar with dance floor, beer pong and hangout areas. Very casual with cheap drinks and no dress code. Dress down if you intend to spend the night here. Dancefloor upstairs. It didn’t fill up until 11pm, but it was raining. Would be packed early, otherwise.

No cover. A few restaurant-style booths to isolate in, but mainly bar-oriented layout. Smoking patio was empty (because of the rain), but decent crowd of girls in the upstairs ‘dance floor’, accessible only from outside. Loud as hell, drink prices are the same. Crowd gets wilder as the night goes on.

Ocean Prime (2101 Cedar Springs Road): Loaded with cougars. Super hot, older crowd. Huge place packed at 10pm. Dinner crowd turns to drinks. Women are on the hunt here. The Two Bars get bustling about 10pm and the crowd is rich and refined. Dress nicely (jacket or sportscoat) and you can waltz right in.

Not ideal for a full night (though the two bars at opposite ends of the building can serve as a majority), Ocean Prime starts earlier than every other place. Very expensive, light lounge music and hard to escalate in private, the two bars offer plenty of seating once the dinner crowd rolls out and should make for a great sarge.

NEIGHBORHOOD TIP: There are several party areas in Dallas. You’ve got Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum, Greenville, Addison and more. I tend to stick to Uptown and Downtown as I find those areas to be more upscale. Deep Ellum and Greenville cater more towards the college and indie crowd.

Saturday Night


Gareth Jones and JT sarging in Dallas

Gareth Jones and JT sarging in Dallas

Plush (1400 Main Street): One of my favorite venues in Dallas, this place stretches the gamut. Three floors: indie bar basement with cheap beer and occasional old school hip-hop performance. Loud music, jeans and t-shirts, packed and sweaty. Only two isolation booths, but great for high-energy approaches.

Ground floor is a top 40 club with high-roller bottle service tables and gogo dancers. Highly visible and really loud club atmosphere keeps the bar crowd out, though the entrance is the same. Classy bar, but expensive drinks and no comfort couch access, unless you bought a table. Third floor has a bar and many restaurant-style booths. Bring girls up here to isolate and to watch the club crowd below. Drinks and music are the same as the ground floor, but the crowd seems to be a calmer group. Great place for escalating.

If you go, dress nice and expect to deal with bitchy bouncers. No cover but doesn’t get started until 11. If it rains, the crowd won’t be there until 12, and it’s great for a Friday night, too.

The Ritz-Carlton (2121 McKinney Avenue): My older client and I went over to the Ritz on Saturday and found it teeming with hot cougars. Expensive drinks and luxurious atmosphere (strict dress-code if you want to fit in) but the teeny bar gets packed. Outside lounge is quiet and well-lit.

This area will be best to isolate in, but it’s difficult to find a quiet corner. The whole venue is a great place for practicing routines or scoring cougars. Girls are a bit bitchy, but can be broken down easily. No cover, of course, but it is a bit social-circle oriented, so a more advanced gaming style is necessary (I.e. Don’t come here to practice your openers). Packed even on a cold, wet night, I bet this place is great year-round.

AFTERHOURS TIP: Temptation Afterhours at Jaguars (formerly Eden at 2151 Manana Drive). This is a strip club that turns into a raving afterhours. Huge venue with multiple rooms, a stage, and dancing area. The dancers stay later and people show up after they stop drinking at 2:00am. Beware, while a lot of hot chicks show up, it can be very shadey and douchey.

Sunday Night

Sherlock’s (9100 North Central Expressway & 5100 Belt Line Road): This is a typical small-town bar outside of Dallas. A lot of PUAs use it as training ground as there are a couple in the DFW area. It’s the Saddle Ranch of Dallas. HUGE place.

Cheap drinks but bar atmosphere. Bustling by 9 on Sunday with a band in the back room (HUGE place). Tons of tables and casual atmosphere. Great places for isolation (if it’s not all full) and easy, sociable atmosphere. Casual, bar attire and friendly vibe. Go here for an easy night of meeting average-looking women. Easy parking.


6 foot tall blonde models love short, 5"6 men like The Asian Playboy!

6 foot tall blonde models love short, 5″6 men like The Asian Playboy!

Mantus Ultralounge (1520 Main Street): Just like it sounds. A classy ultra lounge that’s slow until 11:30pm. Expect to grease the bouncer or buy a table if you don’t bring girls (I know the owner personally), but be prepared for super hot chicks and big, bro-ish dudes once you‘re in. Seriously, look at the picture to the right, really hot girls, but expect massive AMOG action.

Small place, club dress, expensive drinks, but the only ultra lounge happening on Sunday. No place to isolate unless you got a table, but the hotties flock to it if you do. Lots of bros packing the small common-area (dance floor, if it weren’t so busy) and huge waits for drinks. Douchy staff and tons of alpha dudes. I recommend finding a homebase first just to catch a breather every once in a while, if nothing else. Don’t plan on isolating unless you show up really early. VERY loud.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ghost Bar (Victory Park Ln)
  • Black Finn (4440 Belt Line Road)
  • Lift Lounge (2404 Cedar Springs Rd)
  • Social House (3699 McKinney Ave) – Monday
  • Lemon Bar (3699 McKinney Ave) – Tuesday
  • Plush (1400 Main St) – Saturday

WEATHER TIP: Dallas is tough when it rains (or when it’s unseasonably cold, like my last trip) but, like any city, there is always one place busy. I highly recommend swinging around in a car and checking out capacity before committing to one area. All in all, it’s a fun city.

RACISM & AMOG TIP: Dallas is a great place, but don’t wander too far off the beaten tracks because this is still the South and there’s a good chance you’ll encounter racism and prejudice. Stay in the cities themselves. Asians have a reputation for dealing in drugs, so avoid those areas and avoid dressing scrubby unless you want to be lumped in with that crowd. Expect to get cockblocked by the overly aggressive Texans if you’re with an attractive girl.

If you’re curious as to what the Best PUA Workshops in Dallas are, then check out all the reviews. But otherwise, if you’re ready…

What are you waiting for?! Take your Dallas PUA bootcamp today!

  • Quick update… the Liars den on McKinney Ave shut down for financial reasons. Really surprising because there was strong social support from local kick ball teams and recent graduates. Will be curious to see what happens in the future at this location. The layout and location had serious potential.

  • Wanted to add some more inputs:

    Plush – Top floor has stripper poles for your entertainment always fun to sexually escalate the conversation, there are stairs on the far side that are rarely used where you can isolate and kiss close, there is also a 2nd spot in the right corner with 3 steps leading on to the stage with stripper poles to sit down and not be noticed. Also know that the bathrooms are located on the basement bottom floor. There are about 8 doors for private unisex bathrooms that you can also pull your girl into.

    Ritz-Carlton – cougars and yes always packed. You can almost always bounce them over to the Hotel Zaza where the dragonfly bar is. Strong social circle game, cougars, and people with $$$ or looking for someone with $$$.

    After-hours tip: This is social circle game and industry people. Faces you see out every night. Also for after hours try AMPM. If you’re more in the mood for food lot of people hit a breakfast place called Buzzbrews ( 2 locations: Lemon Ave., and Central Expressway ). There are also numerous Cafe Brazil’s around town. I prefer the latter.

    Sherlocks – Addison – there are numerous locations around the metroplex. This one is the best. They do a rock and roll karoke night with live band which is fun. This has been local PUA training grounds for a long time. I find it easy to pick up women here.. quality of said women is hit and miss… but, what do you expect from a bar venue.

    ** Try Chaucers just right around the corner. It’s a sushi bar that has a clubby feel and has picked up again lately. It used to be a go to spot for me 5 years ago when I was a new PUA. It was on fire. It died and seems to have life again. They have decent drink specials and free underground parking, so when it rains… this is a good place to walk in still looking good. It’s too small to consistently game sets.. but, you can get in and out quick and to one of the many other venues in the area.

    Mantus – Huge industry night on Sunday. Large roided corn feed brethern in full display. If your worried about fitting in… not the place for a newbie.

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