Best PUA Workshop in Dallas, Texas

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Dallas is known for super-sizing everything. When JT Tran and the ABCs of Attraction come to Texas, that reputation is going to be challenged in a big way. The cowboys are about to be roped and hog-tied with their own lariats as the Asian Playboy rides in as the newest sheriff in town with his best PUA bootcamp in Dallas.

Personalized, one-on-one attention, insider PUA tips, and practice in actual club situations will help you learn the skills you need to increase your closings, up your game and bring beautiful, sexually attractive, high quality women into your circle with this best PUA workshop and seduction bootcamp.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these PUA bootcamp reviews from our REAL students at the best PUA workshop in Dallas:

Watching JT and Gareth work was an education unto itself as well as an inspiration. To the untrained eye, they were just a couple of partiers but they had full situational awareness and were assessing and coaching the students and myself throughout the night…

-AZN Clark Kent

Since I am a really shy person and had horrible approach anxiety, I needed somebody to show me the example and push me into the field. This seduction bootcamp was exactly what I needed…

Overall, this seduction bootcamp made me more confident with approaching… 

I would recommend everyone to take this best PUA workshop, especially if you need somebody to push you into the field.


I took the Dallas seduction bootcamp as a first step toward making some major changes in my lifestyle, and all in all, I believe this was well worth my time and money…

I found that the most useful aspects of the best PUA workshop were getting practice with doing approaches, including direct openers (props to John for pushing me) and getting specific feedback on the image that I project to others, including fashion and hair… taking the best PUA workshop opened my eyes to what is possible and equipped me with some tools that I could start to use on my own right away. I could easily envision many of the skills I gained from the seduction bootcamp spilling over into other areas of my life in a positive way over time. Overall, I highly recommend the best PUA workshop for men at any level in their pickup skills, but especially for those that need that extra push when it comes to approaching women.


The past summer was a period of extraordinary personal growth and learning for me, and it was due largely in part to the teachings and guidance of Dallas’ own Asian Playboy. Thanks, bro.

-Groove (Dallas)

PS. I’ve tripled my number of lays since taking his program.

You will learn an arsenal of tactics, techniques, and tools for each of the steps that, combined with proper calibration and your own style, will tighten your game. The body language exercise and observation tips they gave alone was huge.

-Boy London

Wow! What a weekend! My first seminar. It was totally money…


The seduction bootcamp was basically a life changing event. People just do not respond to me the same way after the boot camp as they did before… The massive positive changes in my personal and emotional maturity I experienced that was because or is related to the Boot camp is way too much to write in the space of one post. These days not only do I have the confidence to go for the girls I truly want but I also have set a whole new standard in all other aspects of my life, from how I approach my career to how I carry myself.


If you’re going to the BC this weekend good for you! If not I suggest you get your ass on a waiting list with these guys!



There is no perfect time to improve yourself. Life is about having fun. If you’re having fun you can become who you desire to be and enjoy life. This experience is about that process. It needs to carry forward, but I can’t think of a better way to start.

ABCs of attraction is international and I’m here to prove it! Ladies here I come!!!!!

-Johnny Malibu

“I think that this was a good, inexpensive way for us to get to know the experienced and talented instructors we have here. What a great resource. I didn’t have anyone to help me get started. I just had to do the research, watch the videos, and get out there and try it. I can’t imagine how much faster it would have been had I someone to bring me along.”

-Warrior Scholar

…one week has passed since the seduction bootcamp, and I am beginning to see the changes in my life. I’m beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, JT has given me all the tools I need, and now it’s up to me.

First and foremost, JT is the real deal. He definitely knows his stuff, and girls react very positively to him when he flips the switch on. He also really takes care of his people.

-Space Pirate

Overall this was a great experience. APB has a keen eye for picking up the subtleties. I don’t know a better in field PUA in Dallas so I was ecstatic that he’d do this for me for dirt cheap. I am now completely aware of my weakness as well as my strengths. Thanks to APB for your effort and enthusiasm in this process.

-Danger’s Field

Texas is about to tip its hat to the newest sheriff in town, JT Tran the Asian Playboy, and his crew. The ABCs of Attraction is going to blow into town and blow your minds with the new skill sets you’re about to learn at this best PUA workshop in Dallas. So are you ready to learn the tips and techniques that are going to help you get more women, close more sets, and improve the quality of your life in all areas, not just getting more action?

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And when you’re ready to join these guys and change your life, check out the best PUA bootcamp in Dallas, Texas!