Will the Real Asian Pick Up Artist Please Stand Up?

By JT Tran

33% of the Seduction Community’s revenue is generated from Asian Americans. At an estimated 50 to 100 million dollars a year, that translates into $16.5 million to $33 million of gross revenue that white owned, non-minority companies make by catering to Asian Americans.

I can assure you with complete conviction and absolute sincerity that learning pickup techniques WILL work for you and other Asian men. If you put in the time, the effort, the blood, sweat and tears, learning the art of pick up will completely and forever change your life and hopefully for the better. I have proven this time and time again with thousands of men around the world and have had students achieve marital success to one night stands.

Unfortunately, I would also estimate that over half of the techniques and methodologies that mainstream seduction companies advocate as a “one size fits all” are completely and unambiguously wrong for Asian men. It beggars common sense to believe that “tall, good looking white boy Game” can be applied to those who are not tall, not good looking, and not white. Learning techniques and Game from a foundation completely different from your own as well as from someone who’s never been through the same things as you (whether it’s dealing with racism and prejudice to the disadvantage of being a short man) and, in fact, has had it easier, will ultimately lead you down the wrong path.

It will simply never work as optimally for you as it does for them. Imagine, paying $200 for a pair of really cool sneakers three sizes too small. Yes, you can still put them on and walk around in them, but as those too small sneakers pinch your toes and give you blisters, you’ll always know- gnawing in the back of your mind- that you should have bought the pair of sneakers that actually fit and are the right size.

So in the intervening years since I’ve single handedly carved an entirely separate subgroup out of both the Asian Community and the Pick Up Artist Community, new pick up artists who are Asian have sprung up. Some are the very pragmatic and calculating product of affirmative action within their respective companies who realize they need to put on an ethnic face to be more inclusive and multicultural so they too don’t miss out on the minority cash bonanza. Others are homegrown, whether in Asia or here in the United States, and start off like other minority owned startups.

Nothing wrong with that by any measure. I’m as capitalistically inclined and entrepreneurial as the next red-blooded American.

But I want to make a clear distinction between an Asian Pick Up Artist- a true dyed in the wool Asian Pick Up Artist as I define it- versus a Pick Up Artist who happens to be Asian. And despite what some of you may believe, I’m not actually pointing out specific people, I’m simply pointing out a trend (although I’m sure some people are going to be offended and assume I mean them specifically in some paranoid delusion of persecution).

A pick up artist who happens to be Asian is, at his core, a PUA first and foremost and whose desires come before anything else. This is by no means a condemnation at all. But these PUAs are in it strictly for the women, the excitement, and the money (if they’re professional). These PUAs are in it for their own self-gain. Again, not necessarily a bad thing but not what I would call an Asian Pick Up Artist.

To me, an Asian Pick Up Artist is different breed altogether. His goals are greater and more far-reaching. Like the niche I’ve carved out of two completely subgroups, we’ve taken our value system and created it our own. As you’ll notice with my new blog, I have a new tagline.

Social Change by an Asian Pick Up Artist.

What does that mean?

I realized while I was sitting down in an interview with ChannelAPA, as I was describing to to interviewer, that my motivation both past and present, the drive that continues to propel me to help all my brothers in need on 3 different continents in 2 months, trekking from Sydney to New York to London, was more than the pursuit of pussy and pay. Quite frankly, if that was my only motivation, I would have burnt out from the sheer physical and mental exhaustion it takes to be a professional pick up artist years ago.

Over the years, as the ABCs of Attraction have continued to achieve new heights and breadth of reach, that I had inadvertently been using my own company to create social change in our society. Don’t get me wrong, my company is still out there to teach effectively, maintain a high professional standard and make money like any other small business. but I had also been using the ABCs of Attraction to try and do some good in the real world.

I use the pick up arts as an instrument of social change for all Asian Pick Up Artists and bettering the plight of men around the world.

Upon self-reflection, I realized that unconsciously I was using the promise of success with women in order to create a generation of more successful, powerful, and confident, alpha Asian men. The bounty of beautiful women was simply the icing on the cake, the carrot and the encouragement to make men want to become more confident and change for the better.

To create a movement of social change and dating equality here in America and in other continents. To not simply confront the specters of racial prejudice in interracial dating, but to overcome them and provide solutions that our younger Asian brothers and sons might not have to face the difficulties that we did growing up as a minority. Studies have shown that when you stand up for yourself in the face of racism and deal with it in an ACTIVE manner, than Asian men experience DECREASED distress and MORE SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE.

As I lead men onto the dating battlefield weekend after weekend, it’s the fire that forges the mettle of a man and hammers him into something greater than himself. An Asian Pick Up Artist is more than just a pick up artist. Like the 10 Attributes of the Asian Alpha Male, the Asian PUA embodies the best characteristics so that he might one day be a role model for other Asian men who continue to cast about in the dark.

He is someone that leads by example, from the boardroom to the bedroom. He is there to help out his less fortunate brothers. He is someone successful BECAUSE of his culture, not in SPITE of it.

That to me is what I attempt to embody and convey to my students through my corporate philosophy.

That is what it means to be Asian Pick Up Artist. To put it succinctly then…

The Asian Pick Up Artist is someone who works towards social change for the greater good (while still enjoying the many fruits of his hard work and labor).