What is the E Phase? Evaluate, Extract & Escalate!

By JT Tran

“Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.”
– Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC

Over the years we have had thousands of students complain about how mystifying the seduction process is and how difficult it is to find out where one stands with a woman. These students have either taken programs with other companies and been left in the dark, or have simply been unable to continue struggling on their own and have discovered that there was a larger image they just weren’t getting.

It is with this, original confusion in mind that we generated the holistic structure of the ABCs of Attraction. Which is a simple, progressive timeline that applies both to individual interactions, as well as the entire frame of a relationship and it is broken down into 6 phases: A through F (the simple, but comprehensive ABCDEF structure).

In this series of articles, I’ll describe these phases and the main elements of each, explaining them all and what parts make up each.

The penultimate fifth phase is E: Evaluate, Extract & Escalate!

Now that you’ve built attraction through the comfort and connection tactics that we discussed, and you’ve gone above and beyond the regular man by showing your sexual interest and slowly turning her on in D Phase, it’s now time to figure out what we want and to finally TAKE IT.

  • The first component of E Phase is Evaluate.
Always know where you're going to ISOLATE your girl!

Always know where you’re going to ISOLATE your girl!

Yes, of course we’re here to meet women and make connections with them, and by now you’ve probably figured out whether or not you like this girl, but let’s look a little deeper. Ask yourself- nay, force yourself to EVALUATE– these important questions before you cross the Rubicon, the Line of No Return:

  1. Is this the type of girl that you want to have a carnal night of ecstasy with?
  2. Or is this girl a little more to you?
  3. Could this be the type of girl that you could see yourself spending a portion of your life with?

While women are inherently sexual creatures, it is often very difficult to turn a one-night stand into a girlfriend. Women have a very powerful sense of self-worth and, whether rightfully or not, relationships that start out based on sexuality often stay that way because the complications that develop from turning something sex-based into something value-based are many.

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to turn a sexual relationship into something lasting, but it is difficult. Now is the time when you have to evaluate if you want to risk it or whether you should call on your great Inner Strength (a key concept of each phase of the ABCs of Attraction) and reserve an orgasm (or two) so that you can show this girl you’re boyfriend material.

  • The second component of E Phase is Extract.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to take this girl home with you tonight and enhance her most intimate desires, then you better get moving! Extraction is all about LOGISTICS and LOGISTICS IS THE MAN’S DOMAIN!

Once you’ve seeded the extract and you two have decided you’re over whatever scene is going on around you, feel free to give her the great ABCs extraction excuse designed to spike BT while getting the job done.

Here is a Field Tested, APB-approved Extraction Excuse.

This is called “Options Extract” (like running the Options Route when you’re in the field) and one I use almost exclusively.

It goes something like this…

  1. While sitting down with her, look her in the eyes, and smile warmly.
  2. Ask, “Do you want to hear the options you have for an amazing night tonight?
  3. She will, of course, respond in the positive.
  4. “First, we can blow this Popsicle stand, have an amazing conversation over this incredible bottle of wine I just bought, listen to an aboriginal music CD I brought all the way from Australia, and look over my picture book of my travels and adventures across the world…”
  5. I pause while sipping my drink, heigtening the Sexual Tension as I look into her eyes.
  6. She will look at you, astounded and in awe, waiting for your next suggestion.
  7. “…Oh, I’m sorry! That’s you’re ONLY option!”
  8. She will laugh and you can whisk her off into the night!

This is what we call Upselling The Extraction.

“Beginners think WHAT to say to a girl.
The Average think
HOW to say it to the girl.
EXPERTS think WHERE to take the girl.”
– JT “the Asian Playboy” Tran

It’s all about how much fun going back to your place and giving her plausible deniability regarding why she’s actually going back with you (She knows it’s not just about your marble collection).

Generating Verbal Attraction (one of the key components, again), describe the trip or the reason you are going back to your place in great detail, emphasizing every possible positive aspect and, since her BT is way up from all the gaming you’ve already done, she’ll jump at the chance for an adventure!

  • The third component of E Phase is Escalate.

I can’t really be more straightforward than to say that in order to have sex with her, you’re going to have to escalate, sexually. Now is the time! You’ve got her home or whichever place the deed will be done at and now it’s time to make it happen. You’ve already done some sexual kino in the D Phase and used Sexual Leading Questions to arouse her. This is just the extension of both.

In Escalate, we use all the makeout tips and sex skills we’ve all read in men’s magazines and please her beyond belief.

Of course, this stage is the hardest for some guys. It takes a lot of Physical Confidence, one of our key components, to finally break through, and it’s where the rubber meets the road! Inevitably, you will run into LMR (Last Minute Resistance), to which we have 3 primary Anti-LMR tactics, namely:

  1. Pre-Emptive Anti-LMR
  2. Hot Anti-LMR
  3. Cold Anti-LMR

This is where we make good on all the fantasies that we had at the beginning of the sarge and, for some; this is what we have been waiting for our whole life!

You’ve done it! That’s it! That’s why you went out in the first place. However, there is still much to be thought about, and we’ll handle your Future in the next F Phase.