The Sex God Formula

By JT Tran

It finally happened. You met a beautiful girl. You took her out on a wonderful date. You had a great time. She came home with you, you had a great night, and the rest is history… or is it? Getting a girl into bed is one thing. But can you get her back into bed a second time? A third? Can you make her beg you for more?

For a lot of men, this isn’t the easiest of tasks. Maybe you’re a virgin. Maybe you aren’t a virgin, but you’re inexperienced. Or maybe you were with one girl for so long that you just don’t know anymore how to please different women. Whatever the case, you want to know how to become good in bed and making a girl beg for more is sometimes more complicated than it already seems.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. It doesn’t require any expensive pills, creams, or pumps that just don’t work. It doesn’t require any crazy toys. It doesn’t require positions that even porn stars have trouble pulling off. It doesn’t even require you to be hung like a bull moose, and you don’t have to look like a European male model for it to work. All it requires is you, exactly as you are while reading this, and a little bit of know-how from the masters.

So what is it? The Sex God Formula, your handy guide to making women ADDICTED to you in bed.

Women are complicated. Female orgasms are even more complicated. But with the Sex God Formula you’ll learn the tips and tricks used by world-renowned pickup artist JT Tran to make women beg him for more every time he rolls into town. You’ll learn what REALLY turns women on, and you’ll learn how you can use that to turn her orgasm from a guessing game into an exact science you can repeat OVER and OVER again.

You’ll also learn the answer to the proverbial question: is it the size of the boat, or the motion of the ocean? (Hint: even a rowboat can make it to London.)That’s because the answers in this book are designed to work for ANY man, with ANY woman, to make ANYONE go from being a bedroom zero to an orgasmic hero, as soon as he puts the book down.

If you want her to be a repeat customer, you want to deliver a superior product. And if you want her to look forward to sleeping with you on a regular basis, you need to know how to deliver MIND-BLOWING orgasms consistently. Sex God Formula will give you that – for only seven bucks.