“The Girl’s Game” From Mehow: A Wing-Girl Review

By Sarah Ann

Ever since the end of the hit series VH1’s The Pick Up Artist, many PUAs have tried and failed at resurrecting another reality show based on pick up. Naturally, I’m behind this 100%. I really believe in pick up because I’m a huge advocate of guys trying to take control of their dating lives. As a wing girl for the ABCs of Attraction, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles “behind the curtain” that many guys experience on the road to getting their dating lives in order, and mainstream reality TV is a great way to get the message out about the positive side of pickup.

So, you can imagine it was with great anticipation that I sat down to watch Mehow’s new webseries The Girl’s Game on the Yahoo Network (check it out on Saturdays).

You might recognize Mehow as the PUA behind such products as 10 Second Sexual Attraction, Get the Girl, and Infield Insider. Without a doubt, the PUA known as Mehow is also known as one of the leading pick up artists on the scene today, guiding men everywhere to their seduction dreams.

But Mehow’s webseries is a different take on pick up altogether. The primary focus here for Mehow is dating advice and pick up for WOMEN. I’m a huge fan of this side of pick up as well. A lot of women think that they are God’s gift to dating and shouldn’t be required to do any work; it’s not difficult to imagine why, when classic dating advice cultivated an environment of dating that revolved around women. This tends to make a lot of the female population entitled, boring, and lazy.

I was particularly interested in how Mehow’s dating advice on pick up for women would translate to a female perspective as the primary focus of his whole career is based on giving dating advice and training males to be better with women. If Mehow was so good at getting men to improve their dating lives with women, could his dating advice and pick up for women crack the female dating code?

The first episode of Mehow’s show focuses on the phone and text game side of pick up for women. I liked the format of the show because the dating advice features real women and the short air time of under five minutes leaves plenty of time for you to absorb a few short tips and actually use them rather than a long, drawn out process. The dating advice Mehow gives is spot on. He makes sure to give the reasoning behind his dating advice so that the woman will understand the way men think. At the same time Mehow gives insight into how a guy thinks about things so that women can see the other perspective. Often times, guys engage in just as boring text conversations as girls are stereotyped to do. It’s safe to say that both parties are guilty of this type of behavior. My favorite piece of advice, and this is advice that I’ve given to students as well, is to give the guy every opportunity to be fun and engaging.

There was only one point where I slightly disagree with Mehow’s dating advice and pick up for women, which is to wait to text back the same amount of time it took the person to text you back. For example, if you send a text and they don’t get back until twenty minutes later, you’re supposed to wait twenty minutes as well. This has been a long standing rule in the pick up industry, but I think it’s a bit misleading. I totally understand that you don’t want to be jumping on top of your phone, texting back a girl in lightening speed, because it comes across as needy or that you were waiting around for her to text like a sad puppy. But in this day in age, it’s with almost 100% certainty that everyone has their phone on them at all times and that phones are checked regularly.

The problem with the time constraints of waiting the amount of time they waited is that you might run out of time all together. If the other person is at work and doesn’t check their phone for two hours, by the time you get back to them two more hours later, the window for planning to meet up that night will have passed. For all you know, that person might have been interested in hanging out with you but, upon seeing that you’re not texting them back, they could secure another date in your place. Who knows? Twenty minutes is one thing, but anything beyond I would say a half hour and you just need to respond.

Beyond that, I also liked that Mehow shared dating advice on how to get a guy to call the girl. People rely too much on text these days so it’s nice to see that people might pick up the phone and actually share a conversation together. Here’s a great tip for mastering phone and text game. This is applicable to both men and women, just as Mehow’s dating advice is. In our ABCs of Attraction bootcamps, we always stress the importance of being dominant! This applies to your voice and body language. When you’re on the phone, the only thing you have going for you is your voice so make sure to sound confident and dominant! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met a guy out and given him my number, only to be disappointed by lackluster voicemails and “wishy washy” date planning. Nothing kills attraction quicker than a guy who sounds nervous and whiney on the phone.

Girls: if you want a guy to ask you out, DON’T be whiney and needy. Guys: if you want to ask a girl on a date, commit! You need to call and confidently ask her out. Have a specific plan for where you will be going and let her know what to expect. There’s nothing sexier than a man in charge!

I look forward to seeing more episodes of Mehow’s The Girl’s Game. I hope I find his dating advice and pick up for women as entertaining as I do applicable. There’s far too little dating advice out there for the female side of population aside from what I consider to be inflated and misleading Cosmo magazine statistics. Maybe his show will also help flip the popular opinion on the pick up industry. It would be nice for people to understand that pick up can be used for good rather than evil, and Mehow does a great job of translating specifically mainstream PUA advice into helpful dating advice and pick up for women. It’s incredible that something like this can be done once you consider the intricacies of pick up in general. For all you ladies and men alike, take five minutes and check out The Girl’s Game. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!

And if you just can’t figure out what’s going wrong with your game, check out one of our world-famous bootcamps and we’ll kick your ass into dating shape!