Text To Sex: 90 Minute Bit Torrent Bootleg Videos?

By Gareth Jones

I know we’ve been giving a lot of attention to our Text To Sex product launch what with free video and ebook report giveaway, but you guys have been demanding MORE FREE SCHWAG! And who am I to deny my fans and loyal followers who have helped build up our community and put the fiery spirit in our men’s movement, so…


“Unbeknownst” to me, the Melbourne Lair created a secret bootleg copy of my T2S lair speech which is just a tiny sample of the full day of T2S seminar. You’re thinking, “OH SHIT, ALL THE GOOD STUFF IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED!”

And you ‘d be right AND wrong. You see, while 90 minutes of me- Gareth Jones- talking about T2S is always sheer genius from my Rapid Sextcalation Ladder to Cocky Funny Text Openers. But it STILL pales in comparison and barely touches any of the REALLY GOOD STUFF in the official Text To Sex product with:

  • Over 6 hours of video
  • Workbook,
  • Ebook
  • Transcripts
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Audio guide on getting phone numbers
  • Bonus videos by Sarah Ann on the woman’s perspective on dating do’s and dont’s.

In other words, even though I know your brains are about to explode from all the incredible information from the bootleg videos, the actual Text To Sex product will still:




So we took the 90 minutes of bootleg T2S videos and were able to put up on YouTube, but I don’t know how long we can keep it up! Watch and download this 90 minute event before it gets taken down at our official ABCs of Attraction YouTube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe!).

Text To Sex: Who Is Gareth Jones? (Melbourne, Australia part 1)

Text To Sex: Purposes of Calling & Texting a Girl (Melbourne, Australia part 2)

Text To Sex: Myths & Text Routines to Avoid (Melbourne, Australia part 3)

Text To Sex: How Long Do You Wait Before You Text Her? (Melbourne, Australia part 4)

Text To Sex: Cocky Funny Text Opener (Melbourne, Australia part 5)

Text To Sex: Emoticons in Flirtexting (Melbourne, Australia part 6)

Text To Sex: Gareth’s Famous “First Text Opener” (Melbourne, Australia part 7)

Text To Sex: The Rapid Sextcalation Ladder (Melbourne, Australia part 8)

Text To Sex: Facebook Game & Online Dating (Melbourne, Australia part 9)

Maybe you’re asking why we would even allow anyone and everyone to see. Logic dictates that we should guard our secret methods carefully, so why are we letting everyone on the internet view who we are, what we do and what we’re about for free? Isn’t that just a little…crazy?

That’s what makes us different than other PUA bootcamp companies, namely:

  1. You see, we feel that beating around the bush and bullshitting our faithful readers is out of the question.
  2. We like to speak plainly and do things pragmatically — we are who we are and we have nothing to hide.
  3. We want to show the world we’re not like other companies that want to nickel and dime honest customers.
  4. We want to let everyone know that we teach a holistic approach to dating, where confidence is a man’s opener, charisma is his routine and self-esteem his peacocking.

We pride ourselves in telling the world that we are simply the best and we have the speaking events, media praises and testimonials to prove it.

But proof is in the pudding, here’s what one of our happy customers had to say about his Text To Sex and Practical Day Game purchase:

“The way the resources are lay out, the way it’s presented, the way it tells you what to do in such an easy manner is priceless! I cannot express how happy of this product I am. It is absolutely everything I have been looking for. Structure and knowledge in such an easy to use and understandable format. Note: I said easy to USE! The way they presented the resources, I dare say, matches university standards! This could easily be a university course worth thousands of dollars! Ok guys, this is going to sound like a sales pitch but seriously, for the minimal price you pay for all that valuable knowledge… Worth it any day!”
— SuitedCC (Happy Text To Sex and Practical Day Game customer)

Take the opportunity to be the first to watch the videos and get a feel of how we run things at ABCs of Attraction, our products, and our bootcamps!.

We are confident that, after understanding more about us and what we do, you will be certain that we are not like the other companies waiting to swoop in and swindle you out of your money. Instead, we are a legitimate, professional company with seven years of experience that truly wants to see you succeed.

So let us know what you think of the bootleg videos and feel free to share it with everyone and even put it on bit torrent or rapidshare!

And when you’re ready to have your mind completely blown away by the most revolutionary system when it comes to using your phone to sweep a woman off her feet and seduce her, then get your Text To Sex digital training course now!