Text to SexSM

By Admin

What’s the first thing you should text to a girl when you get her number? Is it better to contact girls through Facebook, a text, or a phone call? How do you ask a girl out over the phone? How soon is too soon?

Take a survey among your guy friends or even anybody you meet in the streets and you’ll get 20 different answers to each question. But how many of these guys have actually tested what works and what doesn’t? Who can tell you why that smoking-hot girl from last weekend never called you back?

Fortunately for you, we’ve actually tested the material and we know exactly why that smoking-hot girl never called you back. After years of painstakingly testing our phone game to perfection, we’ve developed a set of perfected, insanely precise phone game skills that will enable you to game girls so well, you’ll even be able to make THEM come to YOU and skip the first date entirely. 

With our innovative Text To Sex material, you’ll be getting a product that is so packed with incredible material, you’ll find yourself able to talk to any girl, secure a date even if you only got her number, sexually escalate, turn her on so much that she can’t resist you, and even get n00dz. That’s right, you’ll even learn how one of our coaches refined his phone game so well that he had a collection of photos from over ONE HUNDRED different women.

If you’re tired of not being able to use your smart phone to run smart game and get you the women you deserve, then you’re ready for Text To Sex.