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I soared to the heights of pickup mastery very early on in my journey. Within about six months, I knew I was good. I wasn’t just good, but I was incredible.

I dragged myself out to clubs and bars sometimes as much as five nights a week – and at one point every night for forty days straight – because I was determined to become something incredible.

And boy did it pay off!

But as awesome as I was, something huge was missing. No pickup artist is ever 100%, and if a guy tells you he is, that’s a bald-faced LIE. Sometimes I would go out to the clubs, game a beautiful girl, and walk away with only her number. That’s still pretty good, right? Of course it is… until you try calling her back the next day and she brutally rejects you.


The truth is, I still had no idea how to talk to women over the phone or through text messages. So when I discovered that one of my friends was a proverbial phone game GOD who could game girls so hard, THEY would drive three hours just to come see HIM, I immediately started absorbing everything I could get my hands on. It. Changed. My. LIFE. I had so little phone game skill before that I would falter and trip over my feet like an awkward teenager when trying to talk to women the next day. I was a master at night, but on the phone I was completely clueless. Not knowing what to do or say can make a guy feel pretty lame and useless.

Not any more.

Fortunately for you, I’ve already gone through years of painstaking and brutal training to drag myself out of the ditch of loneliness and become one of the world’s greatest pickup artists, a true master of ALL facets of gaming women, and I’m ready to pass on that knowledge to you so that you don’t have to suffer and trip over yourself when talking to girls in book stores like I did.

Welcome To The World Of Text To Sex

In this incredible system, you’ll have access to over TEN YEARS of incredible information, all designed to help you transform yourself into the man you always wanted to be, but never thought you could be. You’ll be getting your hands on incredible transcripts, photos, videos, audio, tips, tricks, tactics, and never-before-seen SECRET material that will help you learn how to make those gorgeous women you meet at the mall SO interested in you, you’ll end up having to say no to them because you just won’t have time for that many women.

  • You’ll learn everything you need to know to approach, attract, and woo women.
  • You’ll gain confidence and mental strength you never thought you had.
  • You’ll master conversation skills, sexual escalation techniques, how to project your dominance digitally without the luxury of body language, and even how to start your very own collection of nudes
  • And most importantly, you’ll learn how to turn yourself into the kind of man who never has to spend his weekend without a beautiful date again.

And the best part about it? You’ll be able to learn all of this in the comfort of your own home. NO having to take time off work. NO having to buy expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms. NO having to stand up in front of a class full of people.

Actually, I lied, because it gets even better than that. For a limited time only, I’m offering a huge discount and this personal bootcamp in a box is available for only $297.

That’s right – everything you’ll ever need to become a better man for just the price of a week’s worth of Chic-fil-A breakfast biscuits.

Every minute you wait is another beautiful lady you’re missing out on, so hurry up and take advantage of this incredible opportunity while it lasts!

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His text to sex is the BEST online program out there… or… probably one of the only ones and he is best by default, but his templates and results are amazing and I am pretty eager to try them out

Johnny Mailbu

ABC’s Alum

The text, voicemail & call templates. freaking golden if u ask me. You just copy and paste and see results.

PUA Fusion

ABC’s Alum

For Text to Sex: This guy clearly is good. He knows all his stuff and knows how to present it in the most concise, clear and excellent manner. The skills I learned were powerful, incredible, and most importantly APPLICABLE. Not just for meeting women, but for every aspect of life, business, work, friends etc.


ABC’s Alum



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