The Right Way To Getting A Woman’s Sexual Consent

By Sarah Ann

Whether you’re going for a one-night stand or you’ve been seeing a girl for a while, there’s a proper way to get sexual consent from a woman. Knowing how she’s feeling about you, how to properly determine that she’s giving you consent and what you do about those feelings are the determining factors in whether or not you have sex with her. At some point, your relationship with a consenting woman has to get sexual, so here are some key factors to getting sexual the right way.

The woman you’re pursuing has to be comfortable with you. No matter how much time she’s spent with you, if she feels uncomfortable, you’re definitely not going to have her consent. This comfort is both emotional and physical. For one-night stands, some women get comfortable rather quickly. They’ll demonstrate this comfort by giving you kisses, hugging you, and just generally being close. Additionally, they may feel compelled to tell you personal things about themselves to build an emotional connection.

Sexually, a woman will generally move slowly towards having sex. If she hasn’t kissed you or made out with you yet, or even minor signs of consent like willingly holding your hand, then she’s probably not going to have sex with you. If you’ve gotten to the point to where you’ve made out with the girl and you find yourself alone with her, you can move your hands around to where you’re touching her erogenous zones. If she stops you, then stop what you’re doing and back off from where she was hesitating. You will continue to make out with her, give her a massage, or do anything that feels good outside of touching her private parts until she gives you the go ahead signal. This is to demonstrate that you value her comfort and that you know how to lead.

The key is to always LEAD, but to maneuver and calibrate to the situation based on her signals to you, whether they’re verbal or non-verbal cues. And to never ever respond in an angry or upset manner. You must always be understanding, yet leading, until she decides to give you an affirmative to move forward.

After taking a step back and doing other things to turn her on and making her comfortable with you, you should move forward again. Usually, a woman will allow you to touch her when she’s ready. If you’ve paid attention to her signals and have lead properly, she should be turned on enough to where she’s reciprocating the sexual touch.

Lastly, you should continue to move forward sexually to where you’re able to get her clothes off. If she stops you, continue doing what she’s already comfortable with until she lets you move forward. If you keep doing the right thing, you’ll have had sex with the woman you’ve been pursuing.

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