PUA Bootcamp Reviews: San Francisco, California

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The hottest clubs in San Francisco can NEVER recover from the damage that we do when we have our ABCs of Attraction bootcamps!  We’re really happy for our San Francisco guys who take a program and get mad results.  As of this writing, the last PUA Training bootcamp had a student who’s roommate bought him a bootcamp, and he got LAID on the second night, in addition to giving a ridiculous shirtless lap dance!

Our San Francisco chapter grows larger and stronger with every student who graduates.  We even have a team of guys that are out there constantly working hard and picking up gorgeous women.  The ABCs of Attraction forum is filled with field and lay reports from the San Francisco area, so why aren’t you a part of it?

 Not convinced an San Francisco, California PUA Bootcamp can help you? Here’s some reviews from our ABCs of Attraction San Francisco PUA bootcamps:

“Hey guys. first off, i would like to thank Johnny and Showtime for a life changing experience. you guys gave me the tools not just to get girls but more important improve my life.Thank U.

“The bootcamp was amazing!!!! the best part was that it pushed me to go out of my bounderies and do things i wouldn’t do at a club. and the results: i got a few nombers and kiss close. I GOT A KISS CLOSE!” -Akuna

“In summary, this bootcamp was worth every penny. I’ve always had a hard time putting all the material that I learned together and never had a clear direction. With this, I’ve learned so much and I can finally say I’m on the right path. There were so many things that changed like body language, technique, etc. Another great thing about the ABCs model is that it adapts to everything. You can go direct, you can go indirect. The BLP I learned was so useful in not only escalating with the girl, but also helpful in taking care of cock blocks and friends. I didn’t even worry about group dynamics for the most part unless it got huge and I had a protective AMOG to deal with. I did more mixed sets in this bootcamp than I’ve ever done in the past 7 months. I can talk about the things I’ve learned, the things I’ve accomplished and all that, but it doesn’t equate to what I got out of the bootcamp. I mean I don’t know what else to say except that I feel so powerful I can’t describe it with words.” -Juggernaut

“What I learned during the lectures was strong and powerful but pales in comparison to what I experienced in the field. To have

knowledge is one thing, to know they work through demonstrations is another, to experience their effectiveness myself… well that is a completely different realm of reality.” -Breeze

“I was more than skeptical when I started…. I was really satisfied with my day game bootcamp. I just wish I had taken it before. I got invaluable advice and it really changed my view of relationship between men and women” -Bill


“I’m 24 years old, Canadian-born Asian. I came into this bootcamp with basically zero romantic experience with women, and no knowledge of game….  Our instructors were the Asian Playboy himself, Mike Smooth, and guest appearances from Tommy on 1st & 2nd night, with 7 students in total. The program was very effective for beginners: it opens the door and kicks your ass through it.” -Helot

“I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp. Mike, JT, and Tommy were awesome instructors.” -gsxr

“The knowledge and skills I got from the course was invaluable, and I encourage anyone to save up and invest yourself through one of ABC’s programs. It’s an investment that will have amazing returns!” -FlyBoyMoss

“I always found it hard to believe when folks on this forum would say, “This weekend changed my life.” But it’s true. Imagine being a freshly minted carpenter. You have your tool belt (all of your passive and active attraction traits), you have the materials in front of you (women who you’ve always wanted to talk to), but now you have the blueprint (ABCs). Johnny/Mike/Eric – thanks for giving me the map. Looking forward to where the journey takes me.” -justanotherguy

” I got to see Johnny in action from beginning to the end. I already saw him #close 2 other girls, but this one was in all out in the open. I just sat and watched. Johnny’s girl was a total hottie and her friend was a HB9.5 who was just dancing in front of me. And I was thinking, “Shit, you’re blocking my view. I’m the JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!” I saw his movements and how slow and fine they were. I saw him apply so many of the things that I learned today it was ridiculous. I saw his commitment to the set. The girl walked away from him and most guys would eject, but Johnny waited a minute and she came back. She was actually pulling toilet paper off HB9.5’s shoes because it got stuck. He told me he knew he had her, so it was fine for her to leave him because he knew she was coming right back. It was definitely a sight to see. .” -Juggernaut

“Never did I think that 3 days can be TRANSFORMING to one’s life. It changed my view on women and relationships, just like opening a window to another world. Johnny cares a lot about us. He was congruent, alpha, and friendly. It is INSPIRING to see him in person… Even more inspiring to see how he attracted super hot white girls in the clubs. What I like most about him is that he does what he preaches. His demo in class with Mike or Eric, our handsome coach and wingman, was 100% the same as what he did on hot chicks… Do well in the class, you will perform great in the clubs. What a promise!” -mingjin207

“For me, I had to spend money to fly over to USA from Europe, however, the bootcamp was totally worthed it. I wish I would have joined this earlier. This bootcamp enabled me to see how many stupid mistakes I have had in the past with woman…. these are the skills you should get it earlier than later! Guys, when you think about this 10 years later, the cost of the bootcamp is NOTHING in our life, but the skills we got is EVERYTHING (almost) in my life, to have better relationship with Woman, and also, to be a better MAN, in all aspect of life!” -benofear

“Overall, this was a great experience. After the workshop I found myself approaching more often and opening sets more frequently. It’s nice knowing that a guy like me now has choice.”-Mike Smooth

“I cannot express what the bootcamp was done for me. I am in a new city (for summer school) and I started out knowing only 4+1 people (housemates and their girlfriends) including an APB Alumni. If it was the old me, I would still only know these 4 people to begin with. Right now, I have made so many new friends, I can’t even count them. People are happy to see me. I am bigger than most Asian guys and 100 pounds heavier (lol), but I’ve had 3 girls tell me, “You’re not Chinese… There’s no way you are. The way you carry yourself, your body size, the way you’re talking to me so easily.” -Juggernaut

“Thanks to Johnny and Showtime for their guidance on what it means to be an authentic Value-giving Alpha Male to women, and also all those who took the BC together. It was an exciting time sarging with you all in-field and I look forward to more practices with you guys.
For anyone who is interested in the bootcamp, I recommend it because you will be drilled in a way that pertains to your current level. Be prepared to push your limits so you don’t waste your and the instructors’ time.” 

“Just a tip: bring a fast writing pen or a laptop to type in, there is a lot of awesome material to write down that you don’t want to miss!” -Sinc

  • “Most inexpensive bootcamp in the industry.
  • Best student : instructor ratio (2 or 3 to 1!)
  • Comprehensive debriefs
  • Caring instructors who are genuinely nice people.”

“Objective was accomplished, these are just some of the sets that I opened that night, Remember, I’ve never ever approached a girl in a club to start a conversation, let alone ask for a kiss, This was truly a ground breaking experience for me, My limiting beliefs is what they were ……. just MY beliefs and it was something I had control over. So, So much was accomplished that night and the nights to come. Peace.”-Apex

“JT is a great person to be around and is very good at what he does… . I have heard about other companies that just take your money and go out and party on your dime and don’t care about the students. This is not the case with ABC’s of attraction, you are the priority.” -Spaceghost

“All venues were high intensity and a good experience.” -mymeowcat

“My Favorite Parts – Going into the first night with a war-zone feeling, leaving the second night comfortable with exactly who I am, and learning, at a deep level, the ABCs structure. The structure, I realized, is a great guideline as I progress.” -Sinc

“It was fun, intense (in a good way) and most importantly it has brought results… If you have any problems in approaching women – take this workshop NOW.” -Viker

“The fundamentals of the ABC’s are not only about how to open sets, it’s about becoming a better person. It’s about doing things to improve yourself.” -Big B

“To improve your overall social skills, the bootcamp will give you a blue print to follow and a serious advantage over those who have not been exposed to it.” -jojobiz

“ABCs have the unique perspective of being Asian/Asian-American so they know what’s in your head and how you can get out of it.” -Rockstar27

“The bootcamp was AMAZING.” -SirKonstantine

“Before I took this bootcamp, I would always find an excuse to not open a set. But now that I took the bootcamp, the instructors taught everyone how to open every kind of set out there. Now whenever I go out all I see are sets and it’s hard for me to find an excuse not to open.” -wingwalker

“After the workshop I know I can do all this. You can read all about the theory of pick ups but you won’t get anywhere without practice. And practicing with someone like Andrew who can notice your strength and weakness is key. And most importantly, learning must be fun for it to be affective. And this workshop was just a blast.” -Mr Smith

“As a college student, making this investment wasn’t an easy decision, but I’m glad that I did! The instructors of the ABCs team really took care of me, and I got to meet awesome fellow students.” -AlphaZ

“I really feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck.” -collabo

“This was truly a ground breaking experience for me, My limiting beliefs is what they were ……. just MY beliefs and it was something I had control over. So, so much was accomplished that night and the nights to come.” -apex

“Overall, the bootcamp was a big success as we really bonded and root/cheer for each other! Two brothers even got laid on Day 2 and many K-closed. The experiences were simply unforgettable. I learned so much in these three days than I could have done by myself in months or even years. I definitely recommend ABCs to anyone who wants to lead a life of abundance and go for what we deserve in life.” -Steeze

“As I’m writing this post, I’m planning to throw a party in a few weeks with my bootcamp brothers and bring as many girls as we can to the party. It’s going to be awesome! I’ll let you know how it goes .  Take the bootcamp.” -MrSmith

“Well I had an awesome time at Johnny’s boot camp!” -Pimpdaddy623007

Are you ready to make a real change in the way you meet women? Are you ready to trade up and date quality women? Are you ready to close the deal with sexually attractive beauties, regardless of race or ethnicity?

Then it’s time to take a San Francisco PUA Bootcamp and smash through those limiting mindsets and prove to yourself that attraction is a learnable skill, one that you can master.

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