Modern Asian Man Report (1 of 3)

By JT Tran

Download the Modern Asian Man report

Download the Modern Asian Man report

Welcome to the first part of your gift package from the JT “the Asian Playboy” Tran and the ABCs of Attraction.

Click the image on the left to download the “Modern Asian Man” report which you can use to get you started immediately.

They say dynamite comes in small packages so the MAM Report is sure to blow you away as it contains a mere fraction of the full and explosive 200+ page book I Did It My Way: The Modern Asian Man’s Guide to Complete Social Success.

Start by reading the report and you’ll soon see that the useful techniques it contains will start to give you results almost instantly!

And when you’re ready, click NEXT to access the next part of your free bonuses and gifts:

  1. An advanced, 60 minute audio CD about the myths surrounding pickup, race, and direct game, and…
  2. The exclusive, never-before-seen infield video of Asian Playboy where he’ll give a play-by-play breakdown of his 5 minute kiss-close so you can start working on getting the same results immediately too!