How to Attract the Girl of Your Dreams

By Johnny Wolf

by Larissa B. and Johnny Wolf

Finding your romantic partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. And maybe you’ve even started taking the first steps to making yourself ready to meet her by taking self-improvement classes or reading articles on how to approach the girl at the bar or really impress the girl at your office.

So much effort and energy (and sometimes even money) is spent on impressing her but the results seems far short from what you expected. All of a sudden you realize that approaching her just isn’t enough. Maybe you still get stuck in the friend zone or the conversation doesn’t go anywhere and you keep going back to square one.

Are you are tired of playing games and exhausted from the endless chase that leads to nothing more than a friendship?

Here are a few tips on attracting more potential partners in your life:

Tip 1: Passion Is So God Damn Sexy – Get Some!

Multiple scientific studies show how we gravitate towards passionate people. We find that these people energize us, makes us happy and most importantly- we find them

uber attractive.

The problem most people have is that they lack passion in their life and therefore, well lack attractiveness. Get Relationship Ready is a course that shows you how to find your passions as well as use them in order to attract and keep potential future partners.

From Johnny: “When I lived in LA, my hobbies included learning about pick up, going out to bars, and not much else. I wasn’t in love with myself or my life. I wasn’t passionately attractive. As soon as I started putting other things above my desire to date or meet girls, women started coming to me. Trust me, no girl wants to date a guy who doesn’t have a life outside of pick up.”

Tip 2: Get Your Head Straight and Check Your Attitude.

So many people suffer from one ugly disease that just shouts out the world:

“I am not ready for love or affection.”

This mental fog that we have is called a scarcity mentality. Ever find yourself saying- how did he get so lucky and meet a sexy smart girl like her or If only I had more money in the bank I would be able to impress her.

Let’s be honest. It is not your lack of lack of money in the bank that scares people off but rather your lack of a positive mindset. Relationship Ready gives you simply easy guidelines on how to attract more into your life by acquiring an abundance mentality.

From Johnny: “I used to think other guys have it easier, maybe if I was richer, taller, whiter, had rock star hair, a different car, or something else then I would attract more women into my life. The fact is, if you are trying to impress girls, you are not attracting girls. By being naturally attractive, they will come to you.”

Tip 3: Look In The RIGHT Places.

We know how utterly exhausting it can be going from bar to bar or nightclub to nightclub in search of meeting potential partners. The sad part is that most of us leave the bars lonelier than we walked in. It might have worked when you were 16 but these techniques don’t do you justice any more. You deserve a whole lot better! You have to evaluate your attempts to meeting someone. How often are you meeting new people? How many of them are met in a social setting thats speaks of your character and personality?

In Get Relationship Ready, we want to give you new ways of meeting people that will increase your chances of actually meeting a partner. We are not talking about a rat race in a bar or an online date search- but effective and fun ways of meeting new people and meeting your match.

From Johnny: “Stop looking for women at bars, clubs, or on the street. It’s stupid. What’s the point of getting 20 phone numbers if all of them flake out? Stop wasting your time, follow our course, start attracting women to you instead of going out looking for them.”

Hope to see you guys inside Relationship Ready.