Do White Girls Like Asian Guys?

By JT Tran

One of the biggest concerns of many Asian men in dating is whether or not white women would be interested in them. The belief that Asian men are or are not suitable partners for white women stems from the media, differences in culture, lack of social experience, and a whole host of limiting beliefs.

The truth is that the external factors have little to do with why there are less Asian men dating white women. In fact, there are a lot of reasons for why White women would be interested in dating Asian men.

First off, a man’s attractiveness is defined by who he is, how he presents himself, his lifestyle, what he stands for and what he does. Factors outside of one’s control like race and height are only one small piece of a man’s identity.

Additionally, there are matters of preference and compatibility. Sometimes, a woman may not be attracted to you for reasons out of your control. Luckily, there’s a lot that’s in your control to win over the women you want.

As an Asian man, you’re posed with the decision of whether or not you’ll let race affect your results with women. Part of being a confident and attractive man is embracing every aspect of who you are, including your race. Or as I like to call it:

“Be successful because you’re an Asian man, not in spite of it.”

Most Asian men have very positive attributes that come from being raised in an Asian household. One of these attributes is an emphasis on hard work. This often leads to adult Asian men leading very successful career paths. While having a good career doesn’t attract women in and of itself, it’s certainly a major factor in leading a lifestyle that women are drawn to.

The problem that Asian men run into is that while they’ve spent all their time working towards their career goals, their social lives suffer. White women spend a lot of time socializing and have a lot of experience when dealing with the opposite sex. For this reason, Asian men feel intimidated to really make a move on a white woman because they lack the social experience to make anything happen.

Meanwhile, men of other races have spent much of their lives socializing with women that they appear to be more successful landing dates. The only real difference is social experience.

It’s not so much that Asian men aren’t able to attract White women, it’s that their social experience with them is so limited. This is why a lot of Asian men seek out help from dating coaches. They make a pretty good living, but they’ve realized that being well off doesn’t translate to attracting women. These Asian men have to take the same dedication they used to achieve their career goals towards building social experience with the opposite sex.

Another thing that Asian men do that makes dating White women more difficult is that their social circles are predominantly Asian. If someone were to look at your social circle and dating history, it would probably look like you’re not interested in dating White women. While you may have a desire to date a white woman, your actions speak otherwise. It’s hard to blame white women for not including Asian men in their dating pool when Asian men seemingly don’t include white women in theirs.

So why don’t Asian men approach white women more often?

It’s because that same attribute of being respectful to others causes Asian men to think they’re intruding or being rude when showing interest to white women. There’s this guilt that showing your sexual interest towards women is a bad thing.

What ends up happening is that Asian men date within their social circles or go online where it’s safer to meet women. Of course, the downfall to playing it safe in the dating world is that you miss out on so many opportunities with beautiful women.

This idea of playing it safe is something that’s taught to Asian men at a young age. This is a large reason for why many Asian men are successful at their careers.

However, playing it safe isn’t the sexiest thing to a woman. Acting on instinct and demonstrating dominance is a much more successful way to get the sexual interest of a woman.

Culturally, Asian men are taught a lot of things that help them lead comfortable lives.

It’s when an Asian man takes more risks, becomes more dominant, learns to socialize, and overall takes a more active role in his life when he becomes more attractive to all women. It’s more powerful when Asian men develop alpha attributes.

There’s this idea that Asian men are passive and weak so when an Asian man exudes confidence and sexuality he’s unique. Women are attracted to power, and there’s a lot of power in going against negative attitudes towards Asian men.

Women desire a powerful man, one who isn’t afraid to act on his instincts and live to his true potential. Many Asian men have a lot of things going for them, so when they challenge themselves to become more daring the impact is much greater. There are Asian men who White women find sexy, and these Asian men embody the essence of what it means to be attractive.

Alternatively, white women would not be attracted to Asian men who don’t approach them, work on their appearance, or develop an active social life. In fact, any man who isn’t proactive about dating would have a hard time attracting women.

Your race has less to do with attracting white women than what person you choose to be. While being born Asian may have a significant impact on who you are, learning to take the positives of being Asian can benefit you in the dating game.

White women would and do date Asian men. Asian men seem to have more baggage when it comes to dating white women so it’s only when an Asian man gets rid of limiting beliefs and adopts healthier beliefs that he attracts an abundance of beautiful women.

Apart from being a sexier and confident man, many white women agree that hapa (mixed with Asian descent) babies are extremely cute.

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