How Short Men Can Attract Tall Women Tips

By JT Tran

Society constantly sends the message that short men are inferior to taller men. This idea that taller men are better than short men can really hurt the self-esteem of a shorter guy who believes this notion. If you’re a short guy, there are ways to attract women regardless of your height.

You have to accept that you’re short and there’s very little you can do to change that. But here’s the important principal:

If you can’t change it, EMBRACE IT.

Acceptance empowers you. Once you accept that you’re short, you can focus on developing other aspects of yourself to be more attractive. Start going to the gym if you’re out of shape and hire a trainer. Develop some fashion sense and make yourself look good.

Take an improv class so that you can think quicker on your feet and be a better conversationalist. There are all kinds of ways to be more attractive, but you can only start once you get over your insecurity.

Height only makes up a fraction of what women find attractive in a man. In fact, some women may like your height because it’s a unique aspect of who you are.

Women like the whole man, not just singular parts. With that being said, you should never be afraid to date taller women. The biggest insecurity of short men is to date a taller woman because they find it intimidating and it makes them feel inferior.

Attracting a taller woman is no different than attracting a shorter woman. You still have to build a connection, handle her insecurities, and stimulate her senses. Short men have missed amazing encounters with beautiful women because they were too bashful to make a move.

Your height is as much a part of you as your eye color or race. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Desiring any other situation is futile, as modern science hasn’t found a way to make you taller. Being awesome for your mind, humor, actions, values, and personality is what attracts women to the point where height becomes a non-factor.

Own your strengths and flaws, and you’ll be better off for it.

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