Dating Market Value Quiz for Asian Men #SWAGTEST

[UPDATE: Our S.W.A.G. Test for Asian Men is getting slammed! Please be patient if you don’t get your test results immediately as the script is processing like mad with the influx of test takers. In the meantime, read more about how and why we came up with the Sexual Market Value Quiz with expanded info here.]

After teaching over ten thousand Asian men to be successful in the realm of confidence and dating, I’ve been able to see a pattern of traits and behavioral patterns of Asian men (whether you were born overseas or in America) that either increase or decrease their dating market value as a man, especially within the context of either fighting against or unconsciously conforming to emasculating stereotypes, and correspondingly how women react and treat him.

Dating market value (or sexual market value) is a soft measurement of how women perceive you as a potential dating or sexual partner, especially with respect to your competition (other non-Asian men who don’t have the same kind of negative stereotypes that we do). Are you marriage material? Boyfriend material? or “let’s just be friends” material?

This 40 question quiz is specifically calibrated for Asian men because most dating market value tests are written by and according to white guys. They don’t account for things like accents, cultural and physical differences (yes, these things can impact women’s perceptions of you) because we’re a minority and Asian features aren’t a problem for white male privilege. When it comes to rating Asian men, dating market value calculators just don’t go far enough to cover our unique traits and mannerisms nor does it take into account the differences between Asian men born overseas versus immigrant Asian Americans.

So be brutally honest as you answer these 40 questions. The more real and honest your answer, the more accurate your score and how you rank in the eyes of women will be. And from there, you’ll know if you’ve “got it made” or where you need to work on in order to be a more successful, confident, and romantically happy Asian man.

Your score and rank will be automatically emailed to you once you’ve finished.

Dating Market Value Calculator for Asian Men

Note 1: This is for calculating your dating market value in relation to other non-Asian women, it will still apply to Asian women with some few differences (like how Asian women will understand why you live with your parents and not give you negative points, but every other women will judge you harshly).

Note 2: This calculator only takes into account your passive value with some lifestyle and social aspects taken into consideration. This is about the value your first impression gives her and NOT the long term relationship or sexual value, although many of the questions you answer are implied and carry over into that form of value. It also does not factor in (though some questions do) your technical skillset like conversation, banter, or “Game.” This is for that first (or near first) impression women have of you and on which line you fall under in their mind: Are you dateable? Or not dateable?

NOTE 3: There are some answers that could go either positive or negative depending on the girl that you’re interacting with. For example, wearing colored eye contacts will turn on some girls while freaking out others. Same thing what happens with peacocking with items from Hot Topic and such. In this particular calculator, we just made it a positive, but be aware that those items are polarizing to women and can swing you either way. Then there were some items where (like body or facial hair) it didn’t matter either way, just that if you had facial hair, it was trimmed and not a scraggly rat’s nest. It’s the Polarizing Effect where you want people to either hate you or love you, but you don’t want them to feel lukewarm towards you.

Check your email for the score. Be sure to white list our email and check your spam so we can review your score, why you got the score that you did, and what you can do about it.

For an expanded background and explanation of the Dating Market Value Quiz (or S.W.A.G. Score) with more detailed information, click here. #SWAGTEST

  • Chris X. Yang

    I’ve tried sending my quiz results multiple times…but it doesn’t seem to be working

  • theasianplayboy

    Hey Chris, we actually hit the limit today. We literally broke Google Apps as there’s an email limit that can be sent out per day, lol.

    Anyways, I think I see your score. Email us at which address you used for your test and we’ll send you the score.

    Otherwise, I believe the script should process tomorrow (hopefully) unless it gets slammed with more test takers.

  • Chris X. Yang

    Haha, it’s a quiz with a great hook, so no wonder it’s so popular. Thanks for your help and guidance, Mr. Tran!

  • fairness09

    Thank you, APB. I’m actually one of your alumni and I used to do so well, I had two white girls in my arms back in my college days. However, over 5 years after I took your bootcamp and I hit a deep funk and things have been even harder ever since. I got to get back “on the wheel” again

  • fairness09

    Your quiz confirmed exactly what I already thought about myself

  • Katie Pebbles

    Hey Fairness09,

    Thanks for the note Alum! Congrats on the success that you had post bootcamp….sounds like it’s time to jump back on the horse! We have a lot of alumni’s that come back to re-polish their skills and get that same momentum going again… is one our students who did the Apprenticeship Program! When you keep up the hard work it will pay off! Check this out!

    Do you remember this feeling after your first bootcamp?

    “To anyone who is considering bootcamp, seriously, this is THE transformational experience and something you will look back on and consider it as the turning point in your life.” -Steve Suzuki, ABCs Alumni

    If you are ready to get that feeling all over again and reset your game and your mindset, check out our programs page!

  • Jack

    Is there something wrong with the test? I came here because of the ad telling me how a short deaf bald asian scored chicks. Then click the links and you get sent here for the test and all answer are mandatory (*) and there’s no check box for bald, checked on more and there’s stupid stuff about clothes, yes clothes are hell to get fitted right so I go to a specialist, cost more but heck with alterations and still not fitting it’s worth it to pay more. Damn stupid test with lame answer choices, how about a last on with n/a or other or something that can be checked off without your limited choices that’s not even close to my answers.

  • sakiski

    Funny how I scored lower when I have glasses on. I thought women love glasses!? What’s the point of going PUA if people discriminate you like this?

  • Mike

    What is the score from 1-100? 1-20? 1-50? Lol