Spice up your sex life with these Valentine's Day sex tips

5 Naughty Tips to Have Great Sex with Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Spice up your sex life with these Valentine's Day sex tips

Spice up your sex life with these Valentine's Day sex tips

Gong Hey Fat Choy and Chúc Mừng Năm Mớ  (for my Vietnamese brothers)! It’s a happy Chinese New Year to you!

But you know what other big holiday is coming up for you, my man? It’s the dreaded holiday of lonely hearts… VALENTINE’S DAY!

Have you ever heard that Valentine’s Day is a bullshit holiday made up by the Hallmark and flower growing cooperations?

Well, I can assure you that whomever you heard those negative comments from is either single or had really bad Valentine’s Day sex last year.

Even though girls will talk down on the “special day” deep down inside they all crave a passionate lover to be with. So even if your girlfriend says she doesn’t want to do anything special for Valentine’s Day, she’s lying.

If you’re single, this is the perfect month to hook up! Hopefully most of you by now have a girl in you in your life but if you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time to look into taking a dating bootcamp.

For those in long term relationships, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to rekindle your sex life and use it as an opportunity to pave the path for a year of amazingly great sex. Almost all relationships stale after a while so this is the perfect time to rekindle your love life. And thus, I give you “5 Naughty Tips to Having Great Sex with Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day!”

1. Choose Where You Want To Have Crazy, Monkey Sex!

Think back on the last ten times you had great sex with your girlfriend, was it always in the bedroom?

If so, you definitely need more variety in your lives, and no, switching positions simply isn’t enough. On Valentine’s Day you can suggest you two go to mall. Talk about how all the couples are going to have crazy, great sex tonight, and that she’ll hear all the wild stories tomorrow from her friends and co-workers.

Then when she’s trying on naughty lingerie, simply go into the dressing room with her. There’s a chance that you’ll get caught, but that’s just part of the excitement, the worse thing that’ll happen is they’ll ask you to leave the store so don’t worry. Your girlfriend will also reject the idea and push you out saying “no no” ignore this, and push your way in and lock the door behind you.

  • Stand behind her and start to undress her while she looks into the mirror.
  • Kiss her neck to turn her on and whisper into her ear how sexy she looks.
  • Run your hands up and down her torso, from her stomach up to her tits, and tell her how naughty you two are.
  • She’ll worry about being caught, but that just adds to the excitement, just agree with her and say “I know baby, we’re so bad, but I want you now.”

And start making love to her inside the dressing room. Make it a quicky though! She’ll love you for it.

I once had great sex in a Banana Republic dressing room just like how I described it above and it was really exciting for the both of us, and definitely added variety into our sex lives.

Other places you can have sex can be as wild as in public, or as safe and private as a hotel room, but either way, as long as you’re not in your bed, variety is added into your relationship. On Valentine’s Day simply rent a hotel room near your restaurant and fill it up with red balloons and place a red rose on the bed. You can also have champagne on ice with two glasses.

By being spontaneous and taking her to the hotel after dinner instead of back home, your girlfriend will be excited and have a great story to tell her friends about what an incredible lover her boyfriend was on Valentine’s Day!

2. Be More Assertive and TAKE CHARGE!

Have you gotten comfortable in your relationship? Does your girlfriend start planning on your weekends for you?

If “Honey, don’t forget we’re going to my sister’s potluck on Saturday and you need to pick up a roast chicken, and then on Sunday let’s go watch the new Hugh Grant movie” sounds familiar then you are surely too comfortable in your relationship and need to spice it up a bit.

An easy way to do that on Valentine’s Day is to be the assertive one to make all the plans. Tell your girlfriend:

  • Where to be
  • What to wear
  • Don’t ask her what she wants to do that day.
  • Tell her to meet you at a certain restaurant at a certain time.

She’ll complain and ask why you can’t just pick her up or hang out earlier that say, stand your ground and say:

“Baby, you’ve been such a good girl this year, I have a surprise for you, just meet me there at eight.”

3. Show Her Your Primal, MALE Side

“I want you to wear that little red dress that you know I love, make your honey happy and make sure you’re freshly waxed that day, since you won’t be wearing any panties to dinner.”

If she’s not used to you being this way she’ll laugh or argue, but it is extremely important that you stand your ground, with a sly smile on your face and not argue with her.

Just simply say, “If you show up wearing panties I’ll be very disappointed in you, and I’ll make you take them off in the restaurant, see you at eight.”

Remember this, all women want a strong alpha male. And especially your girlfriend!

The more strong and independent your women is in her every day life, such as a woman who is a high powered attorney or a women’s right activist, the more they secretly want to be dominated by an alpha male in bed. Stand your ground and be the man in the relationship, if she shows up to the restaurant wearing panties, give her two options:

  • Either you’re going to rip them off of her in front of everyone
  • Or she can take them off herself and hand them to you.

4. Give Her an Adventure so She Can BRAG About You to Her Friends!

In many long term relationships the sparks start to dwindle off and couples start to act more like best friends than they do passionate lovers. If you haven’t done anything to sweep her off her feet in a while, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do it.

Every girl shares her experience the day after at work, school or amongst friends and if you can give her a good story to tell, she’ll love you for it.

Here’s an adventure she can tell her friends: a surprise picnic!

One year, I was with my girlfriend who I had gotten really comfortable with, every weekend she would have to drag me out of bed and beg me to take her somewhere instead of sitting around at home all day.

So for Valentine’s Day I decided to do something spontaneous and romantic. I woke up really early to go “pee” and stole her car keys. I filled her trunk with a blanket, and a picnic basket filled with fruit, cheese, and wine. Then I quietly put her keys back and snuck back into bed. When we both woke up a few hours later, she asked me what I wanted to do today, and like always I acted like I didn’t really care or want to go out.

She was definitely disappointed, but then I suggested going for a drive.

We took her car and I randomly suggested that we go for a walk around the lake. She loved it, and while standing over looking the water, I said: “This is beautiful, the only thing that could have made it even better is if we had a blanket or something to sit on.”

She agreed and was yet again, disappointed…until I said, let’s check your trunk to see if we could find anything. She said that she was sure there wasn’t, but I made her check anyways.

She was extremely surprised and happy when she found the romantic picnic that I had planned all along.

5. Make Love to Her Body AND Her Mind!

A way to add a lot of emotion into your relationship during great sex is called soul gazing.

It is as simple as looking into each other’s eyes during amazing sex, and holding it for as long as possible. On this night, to add more emotion into your relationship, you want slow, sensual love making.

While looking into her eyes:

  • Tell her how beautiful she is
  • How much you love her
  • Tell her that you feel extremely close to her
  • Tell her you feel like you two are one


Make this the best Valentine’s Day and have the greatest night of passionate love making and great sex ever, and start now. Everything mentioned above can be done on any day of the week and not just once a year. Do yourself a favor and start patching up whatever is missing from your love life today.

If you don’t have a girlfriend or sexual partner yet, don’t worry. We still have a few weeks to go and every girl is on the hunt right now to have a boyfriend by valentine’s. Check out 4 Romantic Date Ideas for the Valentine’s Day PUA to ensure your V-Day is a GOOD DAY!

Last year when it was first released on my blog, 90% of guys that took that advice and reported in that they had the best sex of their lives, so don’t worry, we have you covered!

  • Megan_nicole

    this is an AMAZING article!

  • Arianna En

    Somebody give this guy a medal.

  • Arianna En

    Somebody give this guy a medal.

  • ssasd

    but she does not want to have it

  • ssasd

    but she does not want to have it

  • Fyshalyssa

    Wowww i am praying very hard My Man will do this !!! Or i will do this. Surprise !!! Gheeezzz

  • Fyshalyssa

    Wowww i am praying very hard My Man will do this !!! Or i will do this. Surprise !!! Gheeezzz

  • Lebtripmusic

    The primal male thing……..I say nasty shit to my girlfriend like “Why don’t you come over here and put this dick in your mouth!”,”Put that Pussy in my mouth”….She absolutley loves that shit!

  • Lebtripmusic

    The primal male thing……..I say nasty shit to my girlfriend like “Why don’t you come over here and put this dick in your mouth!”,”Put that Pussy in my mouth”….She absolutley loves that shit!

  • Mikeguzman36

    Haha same here, my gf thinks its hot when i command her! Then shes always down

  • Mikeguzman36

    Haha same here, my gf thinks its hot when i command her! Then shes always down

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