What is the D Phase? Dominant, Direct Intent, & Disqualify!

By JT Tran

“There is no such thing as a GOOD Asian PUA who is still running INDIRECT Game. None. Zilch. Nada.”
-JT “the Asian Playboy” Tran

Over the years we have had thousands of students complain about how mystifying the seduction process is and how difficult it is to find out where one stands with a woman. These students have either taken programs with other companies and been left in the dark, or have simply been unable to continue struggling on their own and have discovered that there was a larger image they just weren’t getting.

The simple, but comprehensive ABCDEF structure

The simple, but comprehensive ABCDEF structure

It is with this, original confusion in mind that we generated the holistic structure of the ABCs of Attraction. Which is a simple, progressive timeline that applies both to individual interactions, as well as the entire frame of a relationship and it is broken down into 6 phases: A through F (the simple, but comprehensive ABCDEF structure).

In this series of articles, I’ll describe these phases and the main elements of each, explaining them all and what parts make up each.

The fourth of these phases is D: Dominant, Direct Intent & Disqualify.

You’ve built comfort with a beautiful girl and have discussed many different things. Hopefully, you’re both becoming attracted to each other and building a substantial connection through exploring each other’s worlds through the C-Phase.

We have now reached the stage that separates the men from the boys!

You have to create SEXUAL TENSION and show her romantic or sexual INTENT. You display that you’re sexually attractive by reaching the Sexual Hook Point. We do this through the three components.

  • The first component of D Phase is being Dominant.

This component is VITAL to everyone, but 90% of guys will quail at this point. For Asians and other minorities, this is the single most important step in the process of seduction.

We as humans are driven by biological urges and instinctual needs. Giving way to these most primal of inklings and demonstrating your oneness with your desires as a man demonstrate several attractive qualities about yourself, as well as trigger several attraction switches within a woman.

To women, men are the biological be-all end-all, much like how we feel about women. Being timid is a sure way to kill attraction while being DOMINANT is more likely to generate attraction.

You have to take control and LEAD her, both through your actions as your isolate her as well as her mind as you explore the erotic undertones of your conversations and imbue SEXUAL KINO and FANTASY into her mind.

The more Physical Confidence, dominance, and manliness we can represent, the more drawn to us she will be.

  • The second component of D Phase is Direct Intent.

Being a good conversationalist is simply not enough. If you are not already in her “blueprint”, then you may not be automatically placed in her sexual dating pool.


You want to be attractive AND arouse her in order for her to see you as a potential lover. You accomplish this by activating one of her many Sexual Arousal Triggers (e.g. Erotic Thoughts). We can do this through many different methods (like sexual kino), the easiest of which are Sexual Leading Questions.

Much like Comfort Leading Questions (used in C to elicit the feeling of comfort), we now use Sexual Leading Questions to turn her thoughts sexual which, when done correctly, will initiate a sexual state in her mind. This is all about Verbal Attraction.

Building on your sexual attraction through wordplay and naughty conversation with questions like:

  1. What was your first kiss like?
  2. Are you dominant or submissive in bed?
  3. The Asian Fountain of Youth Kiss Close
  • The last component of D Phase is Disqualify.

This is SUBTLE part of the ABCs structure, because we have based our stack on the actual construction of an emotional connection, rather than on pure sexual escalation, which is what sets off women’s ASD (Anti-Slut Defense). When a woman feels as though she’s getting too turned on (almost irrationally so), her body will warn her that someone is doing this to her and that she needs to be on her guard.

Disqualifying yourself (by saying something like, “It’s too bad you’re not my type”) will allow her logical brain to step in and unhook the ASD, telling it that you’re not trying to sleep with her because she’s, “Not your type.

This is the part of the structure when Anti-LMR (Last Minute Resistance) tactics are introduced, as well. These tactics (disqualifiers in themselves) are designed to put her logical mind at ease in the same way we did with a general disqualifier before, but by addressing sex specifically (e.g. “I just want to tell you, I’m not sleeping with you tonight”) so that you can continue to build tension and sexual arousal, without her considering the consequences of the actions.

“If it feels good to YOU, then you’re doing it WRONG!
-JT “the Asian Playboy” Tran

You’re allowing your own pleasure to take precedence over her’s, which makes you a horn-dog. ALWAYS STOP FIRST! Whether it’s sexual kino or erotic undertones, YOU ALWAYS STOP FIRST!

The Inner Strength that this kind of selectiveness represents is, as always, a key component of this phase, and is not only a desirable quality to women, but creates more solidity and higher standards in all aspects of your life.

Once you’ve built a true connection and allowed it to sexually escalate by stating your intent and being dominant enough to enforce it, you need to decide what to do in the E Phase (Evaluate, Extract & Escalate), the next part of the seduction and our next article!