What IS an Asian PUA?

By JT Tran

Yes, we are Asian. And yes, we are interested in learning how to attract and date women of a higher caliber. But we are MORE than just Pick Up Artists that just so HAPPEN to be Asian.  There’s more to just being an Asian PUA…

Or should I say, there is a DIFFERENCE between an “Asian Pick Up Artist”, and a Pick Up Artist who just so happens to be Asian.

You see, calling ourselves Asian PUA’s doesn’t truly reflect the nuances of what we do and teach.

Rather, it is simply a label that people can easily understand.

But you are so much MORE than that…

Or at least you SHOULD be.

You don’t JUST want to be successful with women… you ALSO want to be a successful Asian man, through and through. You want to violate the social order and stratification of Westernized civilization, which is an inherent necessity in become a successful Asian man.

So let me break down the differences between being a PUA that happens to be Asian, and truly being an Asian PUA, so that you can figure out where YOU fall, and where to go from here.

The Differences

I want to preface this by saying that a LOT of the things that I am going to say about PUA’s that HAPPEN to be Asian describes them as selfish or self-interested. PLEASE do not misinterpret this… It is NOT a bad thing.

Rather, it can BECOME a bad thing if it stays like this forever. Instead, take this as my clarion call and challenge to YOU to do better by yourself. To rise above yourself to be your BEST self.

When people start out, it is almost a necessity for them to be selfish and self-serving in order to grow in the ways that the need to. As they mature as PUA’s and as people, they can start extending themselves to assist their fellow Asians and the world in general.

That disclaimer being said, lets continue on to the differences between an Asian PUA and a PUA that just so happens to be Asian.

    1. Taking vs. Giving– A PUA who just so HAPPENS to be Asian (lets call this PUA “Dan” from now on, for simplicity) is there to TAKE what he wants. Whether it be women, more confidence, or tips on social dynamics, he just wants it all for himself.The Enlightened Asian PUA (lets call this PUA “Jack” from now on, for simplicity) has the luxury of being able to GIVE constantly. He has already gotten the base knowledge and success that he needs. Now he can increase his own success by sharing his with other, less successful people.


    1. Teaching vs. Learning– Dan is a knowledge junkie. No matter what is being said, Dan wants to soak it all in. Afraid of missing any knowledge, Dan pays close attention whenever he is out sarging with a professional, and consumes product after product.Jack has already learned everything he needs to know. While he is obviously not a perfect human being, he is stable enough that he is able to share knowledge with other, newer guys without detracting from his own experience. He can help better the game of those around him.


    1. Women-Focused vs. Improvement-Focused– Dan is excited with all of the new power that he has in social interactions. He lets this excitement get to him, and starts centering his life around women. He is successful with one-night stands, but can’t seem to make a woman a steady part of his life.Jack used to build is life around women, until he realized that HE was the source of value. Now, he spends most of his time building his life to be as awesome as he want it to be, including hitting the gym, working towards promotions at his job, and generally living the life that he wants to live. While he retains all of the skills with women that he acquired when he made them the focus of his life, Jack finds that he is now able to keep attractive and interesting women in his life, indefinitely.


    1. Internally Conscious vs. Socially Conscious– Dan is focused on himself. He wants to “fix” his game and learn new ways to make girls like him.Jack is over the phase of trying to get every girl to like him. Instead, he now focuses the time that used to spend on women on bettering his personal environment as well as the environment of society as a whole. He seeks to act as a ROLE MODEL for anyone who believes that having as successful life (including dating life!) as a Asian is not possible. He wants to be that beacon of light for his Asian brothers.


  1. Selfless vs. Selfish– Dan is INHERENTLY selfish. His primary motivation is to get hot girls AKA to fulfill is OWN desires.Now, there is nothing WRONG with this per se. In fact, the first several years that I was in the community, up until around the time where I started teaching others, I was of the SAME MENTALITY.Believe it or not, you actually HAVE to start out with this mentality. You HAVE to focus on yourself at first before you can expand to focus on others. Otherwise, your efforts to help others will be not only completely hypocritical, but also entirely unproductive.Jack, however, is more focused on GIVING BACK to others, whether it be restoring a woman’s trust in men, or striving for the betterment of his fellow Asian men in society.

The bottom is that, in order to consider yourself an Enlightened Asian PUA, you need to be focused OUTWARDLY, constantly striving to better the world around you, be it through promoting positive Asian representation in media, breaking Asian stereotypes for each and every person that you encounter, or even helping your Asian brothers overcome any self-limiting beliefs that they might have.

The Progression

I don’t expect you to be “Jack” right away. In fact, as I already stated, most people MUST go through that phase when first entering into the world of pick-up/self-improvement. The important thing is knowing when you are ready to switch over from being selfish to being self-less. Do it to EARLY, and you’re setting yourself (and those that you prematurely attempt to “teach”) up for failure. But, do it too LATE, and you’re just being a lazy ass.

No pressure or anything 😉

If you recognize yourself as being more of a “Dan” character, ask yourself what you need to do to get yourself ready to start helping out others and extending the branches of your success.

If you see yourself as “Jack” already, just keep doing what you’re doing!