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Rugged mountains, beautiful landscapes, and attractive women mark Denver, Colorado. Sophisticated ladies know that when the Asian Playboy comes to town, they’ll be meeting the best fun-up artist extraordinaire! Want to get in on the fun and learn from the best? Sign up for an ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp today!

Don’t  believe me? Check out what our boys had to say about their roarin’ good time sweeping the ladies off their feet in the Mile High City with the best dating bootcamp Denver has to offer:

“Gareth – he is the man! Let me tell you why.

I would say I am good looking, good height, have a decent job, and have interesting life experiences (traveling, bar-tending, etc). I have dated white women in the past and have had white women tell me how cute looking I am. Nonetheless, I am not dating anyone right now. What is the PROBLEM here?

Gareth saw what my problem is; it is simple: I wasn’t approaching! It wasn’t about my look, about my ethnicity, about my height, race, or anything. It was about ME. I simply wasn’t doing jackshit! I was somehow trapped in this perpetual delusion that I can just sit on my ass and wait for them to come to me, which is complete bullshit. I am glad Gareth woke me up from my dream of self-indulgence.

Gareth took me by my hand and made me understand my weaknesses throughout the entire bootcamp.

The next day, we went through some more course materials, and Gareth gave me a new opener to use. The night-out was great. We had a lot of fun and I made some approaches. It was a fun weekend overall. I liked it when he said “you need to trust me because I know what I am doing.” That is exactly what I needed, someone I can totally rely on and learn from. I trusted everything he said, and I learned a LOT from him.

Gareth is really good at pinpointing my weaknesses. He told me to focus on my problems and stop being so analytical about the routines. He also showed me how fun interaction with women can be. “It is not rocket science,” he said, “if a field-tested routine does not work for you, MAKE IT WORK. If it works for others, it will work for you.” He also told me that I should live in the moment and get myself out of my own head. Everything he said was right on point. We did not waste one single minute during our training time together. He was very concise and to-the-point.

Gareth’s teaching was a total revelation for me. Two years ago I took a bootcamp with Love Systems (the Don, Braddock, and da Hunter) but I never had an instructor like Gareth. That particular company’s instructors charged me thousands of dollars and their instructors were flirting with women themselves (one of their instructor even jacked a student’s set…No kidding!). I am soooooo glad I took a bootcamp with the ABCs of Attraction.

Gareth opened my eyes to a whole new different realm. It wasn’t about picking up women. It was about becoming a more interesting person and to exude the excitement and fun that women want from a MAN. It was about becoming more dominant and confident that creates this incredible passive value and character in you that make you become a man. It was about becoming a star in your own world so that people will start to treat you like one. It was an awesome lesson of life. Gareth taught me ALOT in 3 days.

From now on, my task is to bust my ass for a few months. I know I’ll give Gareth a call when I get stuck at some point in the future. But for now, I will have to do my approaches and get burned. When I get burned enough, I will be good enough to do another bootcamp!

Gareth, thanks man!!

Kevin, thanks for being so helpful in setting up this bootcamp for me.

And JT-thanks for sharing your awesome program. The “letters” are all stuck in my head now. Gareth must have repeated them a million times during our training time together.”



Doing a boot camp with APB seriously change your entire perception on pickup.

An online gaming buddy of mine told me about this book called “The Game” a while back. After reading The Game, I took a left at the fork of life and found myself being involved with a group of guys who participate in this game of pickup. I would go out with them and watch them approach sets while I stood around in the ‘circle of lamers.’ After a while, I got a bit frustrated, the guys would try to give advises but there was no structure, one day I decided I need some expert advice.

After two months of waiting for my boot camp scheduled date, I was finally on a flight to Dallas. When I go to my hotel, I was scared to death and excited at the same time. I wasn’t sure what the hell was going to happen.

4pm on Thursday, I got a called from APB telling me he is downstairs in the lobby. I went downstairs to get him and the training started. We went over the sticking points I sent him: approaching, opening, following up conversation, story telling, creating dhvs stories, projecting vocal tone over loud environment, and kinoing. The last thing we did was making cheat sheet. I felt really comfortable with the whole session but when he said, “alright, get dress and let’s go.” I started to panic (internally). This was it, this is what the whole day of talking came down too.

“OMG, what the hell am I doing here” was running thru my head, “I’m going to die!! I can’t do this!”

Our first venue is right next to my hotel. We walked around the place a bit, APB introduced me to some of the waitresses he knew and then headed out to the patio. I sat there looking thru my cheat sheet hoping he won’t tell me to open any sets just yet.

Next thing I know, “single set behind you, open her … umm wait until she get off her cell phone.” She was on her phone for a bit so I decided to use the restroom. Once done, I walked up to my target, executed my routine. At first, she wasn’t into it so I kept on going with my stories after stories after stories; finally she broke down and started to engage the conversation.

First night out, I opened a total of 4 quality sets, which is more then what I’ve open back home.

The 2nd night out was pretty bad but with some good results. I got blown out of my first 3 sets so my confidence level was going down, then we got racial slurs thrown our way, blew myself out of a really hot set. I opened a total of 5 sets but at the end of the night, I wasn’t proud.

I didn’t approach a mixed set consisting of 4 guys and 3 girls (The guys were beta looking but I guess I was even more beta then they were), had APB demoed 3 times, and didn’t run any direct game. Needless to say, I was very upset with myself.


The 3rd night, I plan to make up for my lamest. I opened a total of 7 sets. I could have of done more but my approach anxiety was still pretty high.

Overall experience: I had a great time and felt like I was in Hell at the same time. Every time I came back to APB for debriefing the he goes, “2 set to your left, Go.” “3 set to right, Go.” “2 set behind you, Go.” “Open the waitress.” “Open those two sets over there.” Ahh damn you! Will you let me take a break! Regardless of this, I miss having him around. He kept on pushing me into sets but now, I have to push myself.

Note: Watch out when he goes into Morpheus mode …


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