Top 10 PUA Blog Tips of 2010

By JT Tran

As a new year dawns, let’s look back at the best PUA blog tips from the ABCs of Attraction. What was your favorite article? Which one did you enjoy and learn from the most?

Well, according to the hard numbers, this is what you guys read the most. Enjoy taking a trip on the way back time machine!

  1. 15 Fun Tips on How to Kiss a Girl on New Year’s Eve! – Admittedly, the popularity of these PUA blog tips is more seasonal than anything, but it’s fun to see how many guys (and girls) are scrambling like mad to find either someone to hook up with on New Year’s Eve or how to get that kiss. It’s like the mad dash before Valentine’s too. Man, these holidays really get people worked up 😉
  2. Where to Pick Up Girls in: Dallas, Texas! – Ah, my home town. Our “Where to Pick Up” series became very popular with all the insider tips on the hottest places a pick up artist can find the most beautiful women. So this got a big boost when one of the Dallas news sites linked us, but it’s nice to see a lot of visitors chiming in about all the changes that’s been happening in my home town since I moved away.
  3. How to NOT Look Like a Random Creepy Guy – A very down to earth article, this PUA blog tip, received a lot of traction from guys who just wanted to be normal and cool. No one enjoys being THAT guy that all the girls find creepy.
  4. Where to Pick Up Girls in: Sydney, Australia! – One of my favorite places in the world, Gareth and I blew down the house at the latest Sydney, Australian PUA Summit. The pictures, field reports, and lay reports from this part of the world is absolutely priceless not to mention the best venue tips that a Aussie PUA can hope to learn.
  5. Where to Pick Up Girls in: New York City, New York! – William the Better Asian Man hales from the Big Apple. Home to the East Coast, cosmopolitan, more sophisticated beautiful women of the world, it’s also the headquarters of the East Coast ABCs’ chapter. Sophisticated socialite night and day game are the order of the day with these PUA blog tips.
  6. How To Have a One Night Stand in 5 Easy Steps – There’s only so much healthy relationships a man can handle. Sometimes boys just wanna be boys and girls just wanna have fun. Plan out your one night stand without performance anxiety with these tips!
  7. What is the B Phase? Be In The Moment, Banter & Buying Temperature – Bantering and fun conversation remain a sticking point for a lot of guys.  This is the phase of a lot of tactics and gimmicks (if you so choose), but remember the principal of being a FUN MAKER not a fun taker. It’s not about the gimmicks, it’s about being the most interesting, charming and fun man you can be. It’s about giving her a fun time so that she’ll always remember you.
  8. Where to Pick Up Girls in: London, UK! – Another fun city. I did get volcanoed in earlier this year, but on the next trip, I brought down the rain during Fashion Week. I even picked up a beautiful 19 year old model during the bootcamp. If it wasn’t for the cold and the expensive prices, I’d love to visit the UK more!
  9. Where to Pick Up Girls in: Orlando, Florida! – I actually went to college in Florida. Although I wasn’t running this bootcamp, I heard the boys had an amazing time. Watch out as the ABCs returns to Miami, Florida for Spring Break Madness!!!
  10. What is the A Phase? A: Attitude, Attract & Approach – Last, but not least, we come to the hardest, but least important phase in the ABCDEF structure, approaching the girl. Remember, attraction happens BEFORE you even talk to a woman. It’s about having the right mental attitude and being attractive before you even go in with whatever opener that you have. Because it’s not WHAT you say that matters, it’s HOW you say it.

So there you go, the Top 10 PUA Blog Tips of 2010! What was your favorite blog post and tip from the ABCs? What tips and blog posts do you want to see in 2011?

Have a safe and happy New Year’s!