The Asian Playboy is coming to Vancouver

By JT Tran

The ABC’s of attraction and the Asian Playboy have been causing a stir in the pickup community for quite some time now. Billed as the only holistic form of pickup up, The Asian Playboy aka Jerry Tran has garnered the reputation of being one most popular pickup artists and was voted The World’s Greatest Asian Pick Up Artist. Now you can be part of the experience and witness what he does best at one of his 3 days boot camps that will hit Vancouver on July 9th 2010.

What can be expected?

When you sign up for one of The Asian Playboys boot camps you can expect to get an extensive 30 hours of training over the course of 3 days and 3 nights which include seminars and field training at local clubs where you get to hone the skills that you have learned from the seminars. Your performance at the club is then honed and critiqued; giving you the best odds at bringing your game up to an A game. You also get interactive drills, phone consultations and a free Bootcamp Workbook. The three day course runs just under $1000 dollars Canadian which is quite reasonable for all the material you will be receiving.

Worth checking out

While this program is meant for Asian men it is believed the guidance that is taught will work for men of any ethnicity or age. So if you are new to the pickup community or just want to brush up on your game meeting and seducing women this may be one to check out.

You can check out more about the ABC’s of Attraction and the Asian Playboy at