Sydney, Australia Pick Up Artist Bootcamp Reviews

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Raise your hand if you’d love to take an ABCs of Attraction patented pick up artist bootcamp, but you don’t want to take a week off work and then spend $1500 in airfare and $1000 on a hotel room just to do it? We can’t blame you, that doesn’t sound like a great deal. But what if you could be like everyone else? What if you could take an ABCs of Attraction pick up artist bootcamp in your own town?

What if… the pickup came to you?

Stop asking yourself “what if,” because the ABCs of Attraction is coming to Sydney, Australia! There’s nothing we love more than a vivacious Aussie girl and her sexy accent, and that’s why we’re happy to introduce another review list from our satisfied Australian clients. Don’t know what to say to that beautiful girl? Tired of spending your weekends alone? Want to improve your social life?

Then check out our Sydney PUA bootcamp!

But don’t just take our word for it when we say that our pickup artist instructors can turn any Asian man into the maestro of female interaction. Check out these real Australian student reviews of our patented ABCs of Attraction bootcamp:

The course has helped in me be successful in having a couple one nighters due to following the de parts. I believe he course is not an instant change but does give you some powerful insight which you ‘incept’ can be life changing.

“Mad props to J.T and Gareth!! These guys really changed my world view and they sincerely want to help us become better people. I would seriously recommend this bootcamp to people who want to make a change in their lives.”

“The bootcamp is a fantastic experience. I found that I have picked up so many pieces of advice that it has really completely changed how I am living my life now- in positive ways for the better. ABP has no doubt achieved a certain level of mastery on this topic. I would recommend it for anyone who wants help in breaking out of their shell..”
-Obi One

“JT, thank you for changing my life around!!! I know there’s still a lot of hard work ahead of me to develop my PU skills but now I feel confident of finding the girlfriend I’ve always wanted.”

“Committing to the bc has improved my game greatly from the day I placed the deposit. The bc itself has made me a better man with a drive for gaming success. I have also discovered solutions to many of my sticking points. I can now confidently let go of all the other gaming materials I’ve been reading and just work on my ABC’s because I believe no system is better than another but as long as u stick to one and be consistent and PRACTICE then it would be gold (Also, why not stick to one that is simple and easy to remember . I also learned the valuable lesson that you learn game to get out of the game and go on with your normal life once this issue has been fixed. (It made me appreciate my job and my current friends more as a result)”

“In fact, this boot camp changed my outlook on life. It gave me a new perspective on how things work in bars and nightclubs. The ABC structure really resonates with me, as it allows me to demonstrate my personality without coming off as fake.”

If you’re prepared to get a handle on your approach techniques and give yourself the option to approach ANY woman, ANY time, ANY where, then you can’t afford to miss out on one of our amazing bootcamps. Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about gaming women and give yourself limitless opportunities?

Then check out an ABCs of Attraction Sydney pick up artist bootcamp today!