Pickup Artist Bootcamp Reviews: Melbourne, Australia

By Admin

You don’t have to go far Down Under to find some hot Australian ladies. The ABCs of Attraction team is coming to Australia’s hottest venues to teach new boot-camp alumni the skills, tips and techniques they’ll need to start picking up more attractive women and gaining more closes. The one-on-one attention, immediate feedback and specific tips all add up to a priceless experience that will help you improve not only your PUA skills, but that apply to your every day life.

Not convinced an ABCs Bootcamp can help you? Check out just a few of the reviews from our ABCs of Attraction forums:

“The skills we learned were powerful, incredible, and most importantly APPLICABLE. Not just for meeting women, but for every aspect of life, business, work, friends etc. Gareth shared some of the power behind his incredible social skill set. The ability to work a room, make people feel good, enjoy themselves and have a good time. The ABCs social principles are SO incredibly powerful, yet so incredibly easy to understand.” -Skeezy

“Committing to the bc has improved my game greatly from the day I placed the deposit. The bc itself has made me a better man with a drive for gaming success. I have also discovered solutions to many of my sticking points. I can now confidently let go of all the other gaming materials I’ve been reading and just work on my ABC’s because I believe no system is better than another but as long as u stick to one and be consistent and PRACTICE then it would be gold (Also, why not stick to one that is simple and easy to remember . I also learned the valuable lesson that you learn game to get out of the game and go on with your normal life once this issue has been fixed. (It made me appreciate my job and my current friends more as a result).” -d3rek

“JT, it was an honour to learn off you. Many times I’ve seen you in action and see how much balls you have. I’m glad that you’re one of the positive asian role models out there that shatter the excuses about being asian and height, especially within the interracial racial relationship context between AM and WF.” -Lord Shamino

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