5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Dating Coach

By JT Tran
5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Dating Coach

5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Dating Coach

Admitting that you need help is a very emotional moment for a man to recognize in himself.

And admitting that you need assistance in one of the most deeply personal pursuits, namely the search for love, romance and sex, is a profoundly vulnerable, and scary, moment.

It’s not easy for a proud man to admit he needs help and so when you start looking into how to choose a dating coach, like what you should be looking for in a dating program or training service, it can be confusing.

And that’s not even including screening out the incompetent, if well meaning, lackwits or worse the “fly by night” scam artists who are looking to prey on vulnerable men.

So how does a man like you, who has decided to get over a recent breakup or divorce by finding his next girlfriend or his next fling, go about hiring a legitimate dating coach?

Questions You Should Ask About Your Dating Coach

You’ll probably ask yourself questions like:

  • Is there a dating coach near me?
  • Is he actually any good with women?
  • How much does he cost?
  • Is he trying to teach me sleazy PUA tactics?
  • Will he try to teach me useless and trite mainstream dating rituals?
  • What guarantees can he give me that I’ll get results?

And those are all good questions. But those aren’t the most important ones. First of all, no coach can guarantee results. Coaching is a service and every client is a unique human. These aren’t widgets made in factories with 0% variance.

You’re you and you’re an amalgamation of infinite variables. Not a widget that can be refunded back to the factory if it fails specs.

So there’s no such thing as “100% guarantee” and if someone tells you there is, run very far and very fast away because he’s about to scam you. But speaking of refunds, I made an easy to use infographic that will make choosing a dating coach easy for you.

Here are Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Dating Coach:

  1. What is the REFUND POLICY? If it’s not clearly stated, assume that you have no right to a refund. Don’t just take their word for it or else you risk them taking your hard earned tuition money and ghosting into the night. I’m happy to say that over the past five (5) years I have not had a single client ask for a refund during a bootcamp. And if they did, I would absolutely comply based off our STATED REFUND POLICY at the ABCs Of Attraction (ie pro-rated refund by days attended).
  2. How LONG have they been in business? The vast majority of wannabe PUA gurus and dating coaches have failed over time. It’s a tough job with exacting standards and not for the weak of heart. And I’ve been professionally coaching full time since 2008 (even longer before that when it was just a part time hobby).
  3. Have they been INVESTIGATED? Many “dating coaches” and especially the PUA gurus have been cancelled and de-platformed because of the shady, and sometimes ILLLEGAL practices, in their program. I’m happy to say that I’ve been investigated by close to a dozen ASIAN WOMEN REPORTERS (Nightline, VOA, NBC, etc) who embedded themselves into my program and saw first hand how both effective, but also ethical my coaching was.
  4. What PROFESSIONAL DELIVERABLES will you be given? Some coaches will fly by the seat of their pants and only give you enough hours of coaching until they’re tired, or do their classes in public like a restaurant or hotel lobby like some hobo. And they won’t state their tuition costs because they intend to gouge you for all you’re worth. My bootcamps, on the other hand, are clearly defined events starting on Friday at 6pm and ending on Sunday at 8pm, with Premium Bootcamps at $2999 and includes: a Prebootcamp Homestudy Course, Coaching Intake Call, $500 worth of free products upon graduation, access to our alumni group Club Khan… AND a 200+ page workbook. Other unique programs have their tuition costs clearly stated on the ticket page. No bait or switch here.

Now that’s all well and good. And those are the most important business factors when hiring a dating coach.

But what you REALLY want to know is….

5. How Good Can A Dating Coach Really Make Me?

And the answer to that is pretty simple. How good you want to be, how good you can dream yourself to be, is exactly how much work you’re willing to put into yourself.

I tell all my students that if you half-ass a dating training bootcamp, then you’ll get half-ass results. But if you put in a 110% of effort in, you’ll get at least 110% out of it.

That’s just not me talking, the proof is in the pudding that you can see for yourself in the thousands of reviews from celebrity Asian TV stars to being literally the only dating coach to have ever officiated his own student’s wedding.

Here’s just a small list of what you can expect to either learn, challenges you’ll be able to tackle, or obstacles you’ll be able to crush:

  1. Conquer your approach anxiety. Never be scared to approach again.
  2. Don’t know how to approach? Now you do.
  3. Don’t have an opening line? Now you’ve got ten.
  4. Don’t know how to appear confident? Easy peasy.
  5. Have bad fashion? We can fix it.
  6. Have accent? No problemo.
  7. Fear of white or black women? Fear no more.
  8. Fear of men? They won’t be a problem.
  9. Fear of clubs? Nothing to be afraid now.
  10. Fear of daygame? Easiest place to find a relationship.
  11. Fear of dying alone? You’ll find the love of your life.
  12. Fear of being judged? Fuck them.
  13. Don’t know how to be funny? Double fuck them.
  14. Don’t know how to be fun? You’ll be the life of the party.
  15. Don’t know how to carry a conversation? They won’t be able to stop you from talking.
  16. Don’t know how to form an emotional connection? You’ll know how to meet your soulmate.
  17. Don’t know how to be masculine? Masculinity will ooze from your pours.
  18. Don’t know how to be approach a single girl? You’ll know ever angle.
  19. Don’t know how to approach multiple girls? They’ll be eating out of your hands.
  20. Don’t know how to deal with men? Jedi Mind Trick them.
  21. Don’t know or afraid to be sexual? She’ll be throwing herself on you.
  22. Don’t know how to kiss? The A-B-C Kiss will solve that.
  23. Don’t know how to get a number? Use smartphone technology.
  24. Don’t know how to ask a woman home? She’ll order the Uber for you.
  25. Don’t know how to make out or turn her on? There’s no erogenous zone left unturned.
  26. Afraid of poor performance in bed? She’ll beg you to continue.
  27. Don’t know how to ask her out? She won’t shut up.
  28. Don’t know how to reduce flaking? She won’t stop text you.
  29. Don’t know if want a one night stand or serious girlfriend? Why not have both?
  30. Scared of rejection? Rejection should be scared of you.
  31. Scared of racism? I will personally fuck up those racists for you. With joy.
  32. And much, much more.

So if you’re an Asian male looking to date American women regardless of race, then look no further than USA’s #1 Asian Dating Coachâ„¢.