The Alpha Asian Mindset Reviews the Asian Playboy PUA’s Free CD

By JT Tran

The Alpha Asian Mindset and its author James Chan, a police officer, takes time to review our Advanced Audio Guide, “Exposing the Myth Behind Why Asian Men Can’t Date Women.”

The Alpha Asian gives his honest and candid appraisal of this FREE advanced CD offering from the ABCs of Attraction:

People tend to talk themselves out of playing a game, because they think they can’t win.  They would rather lose by not trying at all.  In the dating game, Asian men aren’t being defeated by other men or by women.  Asian men are defeating themselves.  They would rather save face, be unhappy and bitch about the situation, because being a bitch is easier.
-The Alpha Asian

Right from the start, you know that James Chan will not only give you his honest review, but he himself walks the walk and talks the talk of being a true Alpha Asian Male with integrity.

As stated on his book cover:

An Alpha Asian is someone who lives his life based on self-determination and duty to his community. An Alpha Asian is someone who lives his life on his terms. Being an Alpha Asian means being the best version of you.

His views of what it means to be an Alpha Asian and what it embodies, from being a leader, a lover, and a provider to his community dovetails nicely with what I think it needs to be, namely:

An Alpha Asian Male is:

  1. Athletic: He plays competitive sports like football, basketball, and other full contact activities.
  2. Creative: He plays music, writes, draws, and is non-traditional nor a conformist.
  3. Physical: He understands his body whether it comes from dancing or working out.
  4. Sexual: He enjoys sex and believes women will enjoy it with him as well.
  5. Cultured: He understands where he came from and why it’s important.
  6. Multicultural: He is open to other cultures, whether it’s America to Europe to Ethiopians.
  7. Compassionate: He is compassionate and caring to his fellow brothers and sisters.
  8. Assertive: He is a leader and will speak up and act out when appropriate.
  9. Dominant: He will take charge, from the board room to the bedroom.
  10. Courageous: He understands fear, embraces it, and then moves forward despite it.

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