Seduction Bootcamp Reviews: One on One Training with the 12 Weeks of Fury

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For some PUAs, a one-on-one day-game workshop just isn’t enough time with our ABCs of Attraction coaches. Even the very popular weekend seduction bootcamp, with its lectures, practice sections, drills, and actual field experience leaves them wanting more one-on-one training. For those students who want to experience deep, lasting life change, and who are ready for it, the ABCs of Attraction coaching team offers an extensive one-on-one training opportunity that no other PUA coach can: The 12 Weeks of Fury extended seduction bootcamp program.

For students who’ve completed the 12 Weeks of Fury extended seduction bootcamp program, there is nothing like the experience. One-on-one time, individualized, personal attention from coaches who will help you meet more sexually attractive women and take more beautiful, hot women home with you, that’s what the 12 Weeks of Fury extended seduction bootcamp program is all about.

I WAS A VIRGIN. Yes, you heard it from me. I never had sex with a girl till the girl I romantically connected with on the second night of the bootcamp…

After going out and improving my social skills with JT, Gareth and other fellow people, I acquired enough social skills to romantically connect with girls….

I feel great, I met more people than I ever have before, people tell me I’m a fun interesting guy to hang out with (usually girls, and they keep wanting me to date their friends)….

Did I like the program? Yes, I recommended it to my friend.”


How does the 12 Weeks of Fury extended seduction bootcamp program differ from the other ABCs of Attraction training programs? It’s a more concentrated dose of the same high-quality training, over a longer time period to give attendees more time to develop and absorb what they’ve learned. With more sessions and more personal interaction, our coaches have more opportunities to get to know the participants and address their strengths and weaknesses on a personal level. Students have more opportunities to practice under our coach’s watchful eyes, and to refine the techniques that will make them more successful at picking up sexually attractive women.

I found the boot camp to be a grand unifying theory (for those of you familiar with modern physics). Having come in with tidbits of knowledge but really no coaching to put it all together, it was an enlightening experience to learn about bantering, fractionation, compliance tests, and when to apply all these steps. The reality is that you’re not going to learn about this stuff almost anyplace else. None of those love advice columns you read, friends who claim they can help you, watching movies and TV, etc. will give you a sensible technique to proceed with…

The most important lesson seems to be a much fuller, richer understanding of the female psyche. I am now much more perceptive of female attention and have been looking at my interaction with women in a whole new light…”


The price of the 12 Weeks of Fury extended seduction bootcamp training is small compared to the many benefits and life-long changes you’ll experience. Our coaches are not just teaching PUAs how to pick up girls and get a lot of tail, they’re instilling confidence, life skills, and changes that will last for years to come. This isn’t just about closing sets and collecting one night stands. These are the skills you need to date high-quality, sexually attractive women and to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

“I love it. I love the price, the personal attention and quite frankly, I am honored to be one of the first graduates of this program. The camaraderie is amazing. These guys are not just PUAs who want your money, they are your mentors, your brothers and even lifelong people you want to befriend.” -David

 If you’re ready to make some major changes in your life and a weekend bootcamp just isn’t enough for you, then check out our 12 Weeks of Fury extended seduction bootcamp program and we will introduce you to the world as a whole new man. Interested? Then check it out here.