How to use Social Proof

By JT Tran

Hey guys, today I want to help you out by giving you a powerful, yet simple tool that you can go out and use TODAY to instantly help you get those elusive girls that are hard to game. That tool that I am giving you is SOCIAL PROOF. I’m sure you’ve all heard that term time and time again, but no one has ever told you HOW TO USE IT. Now before I teach you how to use this powerful tool, I want to take a moment and explain what Social Proof is – and no, it’s not exactly a PUA routine, although it is mentioned quite a bit 😉

Here’s the definition of Social Proof:

– Social proof, also known as Informational Social Influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.

In layman’s terms, this means we look at others when we are unsure of what is good or bad behavior in a given situation. By now I’m sure I’ve piqued your curiosity, good, because this is a very powerful technique that if used correctly will make you one BAD, BAD MAN. Now that you understand what it is you’re probably wondering,

Well how does this apply to pickup, and how can I use it?”

Since you asked, I’m going to answer. Buckle up ladies and germs because it’s time to get started.

Pickup and Social Proof

Social proof applies to dating because if people are looking around to see what the correct mode of behavior is, that means they are looking at other people to see how they are supposed act. How does this apply to us? Well, when you are being observed by other people having positive interactions, they will 1 want to have an interaction with you and 2 they’ll respond to you positively because their looking at everyone elses’ responses to your approach.

Entering the venue – Yes, Social Proof takes effect from the moment you step into a public gathering. Here’s how: when we walk into a foreign environment the first thing the majority of men do, is look around the space like a predator on the hunt; Refrain from doing this. The reason being is, evolutionarily we had to always be on the lookout for predators as well as other males from different tribes. Basically we’re hardwired to do it. When you enter a room, do the opposite and scan the area with your eyes. It makes appear confident, self assured, and comfortable. Here’s an added bonus, everyone else thinks you own the place. You’re probably thinking how does that affect your social proof? Looking around makes you look nervous and defensive. It lowers your perceived status, and makes you look weak.

Approaching – This is extremely important as it shows you have social alignments. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had that experience where we have been the guy or know someone who knows everybody; that’s who you want to be.

When hanging out with this guy everyone’s collectively wondering the same thing, how in the F*** does he do that?

(See, even you are thinking about him positively). This is the essence of social proof. When people continuously see others reacting to you with a smile, they’ll do the same. It doesn’t even matter what PUA routine or opener you use to approach.  Remember, we look to others to determine how to behave.

Merging – Here’s another way to build your Social Proof. Merging is simply introducing different groups to one another. Merging is really powerful because the more it’s done the more socially in demand you become. It also creates a frenzy of people fighting for your attention. Most guys don’t realize that when you are the man who is introducing everyone, you never run out of people to talk to, and others will invest to keep your attention.

Entourage – This is where you go out with a large group of attractive women. Having an entourage allows you to open women without them being rude to you, and attracts them, because women trust the decisions of other women. The girls think, “If they like him, I should like him to”. It also gives deceives people into thinking you’re hot shit because all men can agree, that having a bunch of attractive women in your life is easier said than done.

Table Service – Guys have asked me time and time again whether it is better for them to buy a table or to share one with a promoter. Plainly put, having a table is a status symbol and does make you look better overall, however buying a table changes your perception from higher status to that of a client. An example to explain the point is stripper gaming. Think of it this way, the majority of men go to strip clubs and buy dance, the act of purchasing turns you into a client. These women earn a living by you giving them money for pleasure, so it’s to be expected that she is going to want to get as much out of you as possible. See the problem? You want them to fuck you not try taking you to the cleaners. (This doesn’t mean when you go to a club that the girls are going to pimp you for cash, even though they can. However, it does mean that the way she is going to treat you will be different). Basically one shows your wealth, the other shows your social influence.

General Managers – In every venue there is someone who’s the man to meet; the General Manager is that person. They’re the ones who make the club run the way it does. From the bar, to the door guys, to promoters, even all the way to booking DJs and music, they control it. GM’s are crucially important especially in exclusive clubs scenes like LA, Vegas, NY, and Miami.

The best way to befriend these guys is, go to the best club in your area on an off night. 9:45 to 10pm is your best bet to meet them as the club isn’t busy, and you can meet/chat with the door people (They’ll introduce you to the GM). GMs have to come out and check on things as it’s their job. Once you have met all the door people they will introduce you to the GM (You want to ask them what’s the manager’s name and what he looks like). Once introduced, be friendly and tell him how you were recommended to the club by a friend of yours who frequently gets table service there (They only remember really high end clients so even if you lie they can’t tell). Compliment him on the decor of the place, and how you had an amazing time when you came last; he’s more likely to make a mental note to remember you.

This benefits you because the next time you are at the venue he might buy you a drink or get you into the club which ups your value to all the hot bartender girls that work the bar. Another thing to remember is, you want to build deep rapport with him as just knowing him makes all the staff in the place will cater to you as well as makes all the staff remember you and give you preferential treatment (Free tables, bottle service, entry, quick club entry). It’s one thing to have a promoter walk you in but it’s another to have the GM come get you as the door, everyone takes note of that because the GM gave them their job and who wants to lose their job because they pissed off a friend of the GM. It is great when you have a friend like this because it can get to a point where your money’s no good and you get everything for free.

By now I’m sure I’ve opened your mind to seeing how powerful social proof is and how to use it to help your gaming efforts. Gentleman what the majority of people don’t understand is, game is first, and foremost rooted in psychology. Take a look the different studies and you’ll realize that every tactic taught, is based on those studies. I know your smart, so read up, find what you can use, and find your own unique way of breaking down dating to the core elements. Bruce Lee once said, “Take what works, discard the rest”, so don’t try reinventing the wheel, you’re smarter than that.